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UFO Spotted over Houston; Caught on Video

10-02-15 - A Houston man shot a video of "strange lights" he saw about 2:30 a.m. on March 30, 2015. He reported the sighting to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) in May. Six months ago in the middle of the night, "strange lights" hovered over Houston for two hours, changing shape a few times before disappearing into the early-morning sky, a witness said. The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), posted it on its website as Case #65255. It happened about 2:30 a.m. March 30, according to the write-up the witness submitted to MUFON with his video. "At first I thought it was a star, but then I noticed that it was changing color," the witness said.

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Two Unknown Bright Lights Observed over Everett, Washington

10-02-15 - On the morning of 9/14/2015 @ 6:00am, I let my cat out (which I do every morning), I looked directly toward the eastern sky, towards a well-known plane manufacturing co. I saw a very bright light (directly above this plane manufacturing co.) that did not move, and up a little higher and more southeast, there was another bright light, slowly moving upwards. At first I thought it was stars, since it was still a little dark outside, but the sky was clear, except just below the "first bright light," was a "chemtrail" or should I say exhaust trail from a previous plane. So I asked my boyfriend to come and check this out.

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Low-flying Craft Seen over Sandown, New Hampshire

10-02-15 - I was lying in bed playing with my phone before I went to sleep, and the second I shut the phone off, outside my bedroom window coming up over the trees was what appeared to be a craft. I could not make out the shape of the body of the craft but this had a cluster of lights, white and then ones that seemed to change with multiple colors slowly pulsing - orange, greens, blues, reds, the lights were flying pretty slowly to the side above my house. It seemed too low for a plane, it was way above the tree tops but seemed low, when I watched it pass overhead, I grabbed my phone and tried to shoot video of it through the window and that’s when I noticed what appeared to be...

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Flight Attendant on SWA Flight 3357 Captures UFO on Video

09-29-15 - I was flying on SWA flight 3357 on Sept 26, 2015 and had just taken off out of St. Louis to Florida. About 15-20 minutes into our flight I noticed what I thought was another plane and all of the sudden whatever it was did a 180 without losing altitude or speed. I can only see two contrails but no object. I was shocked as I'm a flight attendant and have never witnessed anything like this before and my husband also saw it and he flies every week for the last 25 years and has never seen anything like it. I have shown many others, commercial pilots included, and they also have no idea what it could have been. The stills I have included are stills...

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FBI SHOCK: Has New UFO Museum Found Top-Secret Files Proving Aliens Exist?

09-28-15 - TOP FBI agents were spooked after staff at a new UFO museum allegedly found a secret memo proving aliens exist. Federal agents were apparently concerned over the opening of the Hakui Centre for UFO Research in Japan after museum workers stumbled across a document suggesting the FBI found three metallic, saucer-shaped objects. Each contained three-foot tall occupants, according to the memo. The US government then kept files surrounding the museum – sending conspiracy theorists into overdrive. According to the Journal Telegraph, the memo read: "An investigator for the Air Forces states that three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico... "

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Several Unknown Objects Appear over Essex Center, Vermont

09-28-15 - After about 10 minutes of star gazing on our deck my husband noticed three large stars off the horizon to the southeast. They were in a linear position. I ran in to get my camera, but the battery was dead. I found my cell phone and ran back outside. Before I could get the image to appear on my phone (objects always appear far away on my phone) a fourth light appeared above the other three. Then a fifth light, horizontally left to the others appeared. By the time I took the picture, only three lights were present again. For about five minutes, they would randomly appear and disappear. They did not appear to be moving, but my pictures show otherwise.

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Silvery Black UFO Reported over Corpus Christi, Texas

09-28-15 - I was sitting on the porch looking at the sky listening to the chirping frogs and rain dripping off of the roof. Then I hear a plane and it flies over our house extremely low to the ground. I look at the plane for a while and it flies off and then turns to the right and goes away. Then I see what at first I think is a herd of birds all together, but there isn't any space between them and they are in a triangular shape with one edge pointing down and flat at the top but it seems to turn and so I think it is maybe a large eagle. It is dark and hazy so it is hard to see, so I get up and start walking closer and it seems to be a shiny gray or silvery black color and starts to look like a disk.

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Video shows UFO or Drone Cause Horrific Fatal Car Crash

09-26-15 - A man has died after he collided with another motorist because it is thought they were both distracted by a UFO. A motorist in Russia has died and his passenger left severely injured following a road traffic accident, in which the drivers are thought to have been distracted by a UFO. The 60-year-old lost his life after his car collided with a lorry in a dramatic crash after the drivers are thought to have been staring at the object in the sky. The horrific event captured on video by the car behind’s dash-cam. Nigel Watson author of the UFO Investigation Manual notes said: “The UFO causing this traffic accident...

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Unknown Object: Multiple Witnesses in Paradise Valley, Ariziona

09-26-15 - Around 7:30 p.m. on September 14, 2015, one of my daughters and I decided to head-out for a walk with our dog. Literally within 3 minutes, a storm came from nowhere. As hard rain began to fall and the high winds caused all the trees around us to bend, we all turned back and headed for home. Upon our arrival home, my daughter and I ran into our home drenched. Laughing, we ran into my husband who had been watching TV. We tell him to run and look outside. It’s incredible how strong the winds are! Just as he looks outside, my other daughter phones me and she sounds frightened over the phone. “Mom, I’m scared… you won’t believe what I’m about to tell you...

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Three Lights in Horizontal Formation Observed over Ashtabula, Ohio

09-26-15 - Three lights in close proximity to each other seen hovering very high altitude over Ashtabula county, then disappeared. While driving home from getting gas in a neighboring town (Geneva), my Dad and I were about two minutes from our destination. We were heading east on State route 20 (north ridge road) about 3/4 (.075)miles from Sanborn road. We were talking among ourselves when I noticed a light in the sky. It was only a few moments later I noticed that this phenomenon was not just a single white light, but three smaller lights in a horizontal line configuration... At first I thought it could be a plane or helicopter.

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Brightly Glowing Object Videotaped over Illinois

09-24-15 - It was 1:30 am, and I was watching television unwinding from an evening job. Warm clear night, and I had my porch door open, where I occasionally step outside. Got tired of channel surfing so got up to poke my head out the back door. Walked to the end of the deck and watched a white light appear, first thinking it was an incoming jet. There's a nearby airport but flights usually don't arrive this time of the morning. The light grew larger and brighter but remained in its location. I thought maybe it was the moon popping through a slight cloud. No, it would've been far southwest that time of the morning. I was looking almost due east at something that purely baffled me.

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A Saucer-shaped UFO Witnessed by Many over Dibrugarh, Assam, India

09-24-15 - A team of NGO, while working for the flood victims in the Dibrugarh, District of Assam, India witnessed a saucer-shaped UFO in the sky on 4th Sept. 2015. It was a sunny day with thin cover of clouds. Reflection of lights was clearly visible inside the UFO. The object moved in different directions without making any sound. It created sensation among the local people who were mostly farmers and laborers. The members of NGO took many photographs in their cellphone and digital camera. I came to know about this UFO sighting from one of the eye witnesses. She captured a few photographs in her digital camera. I can share those to help the MUFON investigators.

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Multiple Unknown Objects Seen over Goshen, Indiana

09-24-15 - At first as we were driving home we noticed a triangular formation of bright orange lights. One was cigar shaped, the other two were circular. One of the circular ones started to alternate between circular and cigar shaped. It was almost like it was accelerating then decelerating, but it was very difficult to notice the transition as it was happening. After a few more minutes several more lights appeared in the sky with the same orange-ish cast to them. They seemed like really bright stars, but we've ever seen any stars that large before. They must have been pretty far away, or very high up in the sky...

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Husband, Wife: Separate Reports on Minnesota Sighting

09-22-15 - My wife and I were watching a beautiful lightning storm when we were walking our three dogs. Off to the left hand side of what had to be the most lightning I have ever seen come out of one cloud, was a black almost motionless object. The shape of it is hard to describe, but it was rounded on the top with pointed ridges on the bottom and points to either side. I would say it was akin to a cookie broken in half. Only after watching for a few moments thinking it was shrinking did we realize it was moving into this cloud. From my position in Gibbon, Minnesota, it appeared to be heading south-east toward the Klossner or southern Lafayette.

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