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UFO Depiction
Still Frame Photos of UFOs from Chile

08-02-14 - This video is actually a compilation of a number of still frame photographs taken of unknown flying objects in Chile. All of the photos were provided by 'Investigaciones Ovni Comite de Estudios de Fenomenos Aereos Anomalos Chile.' (Editor's Note: There are about 5 or 6 different locations represented here. The dates are not specified. A couple of the objects are given some analysis and filtering. This is worth a look, so check it out and see what you think. Your comments are welcome.)

UFO Depiction
Strange Sky Object Seen in Mt. Shasta, California

08-02-14 - I just witnessed an object in the sky in Mt. Shasta, CA. The location was at Lake Siskiyou camp resort. I witnessed the object from the beach looking out the window of my cooking truck. The object looked like a piece of mercury or metal drop in the sky. The object was reflective, but it wasn’t from lights coming from the object. It looked like it was reflecting the sun. The object looked out of place which caught my eye. I stared at the object for about 15 seconds. It didn’t move like an airplane or helicopter. It moved like a mouse on a computer screen but in a perfect straight line.

UFO Depiction
Chevron-shaped Light Moves over House in Missouri

08-02-14 - I saw a bright light through the trees while sitting on the back porch of our home at roughly 0500 this morning (07/16/14). It was as bright as the moon. At first, I had assumed it was the moon, although it would have been in an unusual position/location. It disappeared due to the leaves blocking my view. Then I saw it again in a clearing of leaves. Again, it disappeared. I stood up and watched it above the tree lines. I wanted to see the shape before I woke my husband. Already I was thinking “this is a UFO” due to its apparent shape and size and brightness. When I saw the shape, I knew.

UFO Depiction
Man Fights Off Alien Attack All Night (off-site)

08-02-14 - On September 4, 1964, three friends who were also all employees of Aerojet Corporation in Sacramento, California, decided to take a hunting trip into an area of the Tahoe National Forest east of Sacramento known as Cisco Grove. It was not rifle season yet, but that did not stop them, as they were all equipped with bows and arrows. The group consisted of Tim Trueblood, Vincent Alvarez, and the main witness Donald Shrum. It should be noted that all of the men were avid hunters, and had extensive experience in survival outdoors.

UFO Depiction
UFO Filmed over New York Parkway

08-01-14 - According to the publisher: A driver records a UFO over New York City; Summer 2014, July. A person filmed a UFO while driving on a parkway heading into New York City while holding a camera... (Editor's Note: This video is of some interest. It shows an unknown object in the sky to the right of the highway. Naturally, the film is a bit shaky, but not bad. The object is a dark color, and more or less an ovoid shape. Check it out and see what you think.)

UFO Depiction
No One Knows What's Causing These Mysterious Radio Bursts From Space

08-01-14 - Back in 2007, astronomers detected an incredibly brief, incredibly strong radio wave burst in And now, on the opposite side of the world, astronomers have detected a second blast of similar proportions. Meaning that A) the first one wasn't a fluke, and B) we have absolutely no idea what's causing them. This second ultrafast flash of radio waves was discovered by the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico, which had been putting out its feelers in hopes of discovering neutron stars. Instead, it got the second instance of so-called fast radio bursts (FRBs), which finally allowed astronomers...

UFO Depiction
Cylinder-shaped Object Witnessed over Lago Vista, Texas

08-01-14 - A large, cylinder shaped structure with bright lights on both ends, flew over our deck and disappeared in 10 seconds. We were out on our back deck to view super moon. We live high on a hill and have a panoramic view. We saw an extremely bright, white light coming toward us, moving east to west. We thought it was a helicopter, but commented it was moving too fast. Quickly, we saw a second bright light behind the first light. When it passed by the tree tops near our deck, we saw an entire structure. It was a long cylinder, as long as a large jet. It was silver in color and we could see no windows.

UFO Depiction
Merwin Area UFO Sighting

08-01-14 - Even though we are no longer doing field research, we still hear about strange objects and events and as we have stated before, we will share these on the Midnight Observer. The following sighting was sent to me on the morning of July 24th, 2014 via Facebook. The young lady that submitted the information to me also included drawings of what she saw. She was, at one time, involved in paranormal research herself. Following is the report as she sent it to us. "Okay, here is what happened to me last night on my way home from Church Bible study.

UFO Depiction
Unknown Objects Caught on Video in Tennessee Thunderstorm

07-31-14 - On July 27th, 2014, at approximately 9:20 PM, I was photographing a lightning storm that was coming through the Montgomery County/Clarksville, TN area. During my photography of this storm, I captured an object in several of my pictures that I could NOT identify. This object was NOT discovered until the next day (7/28/14) when I began reviewing and editing my pictures. While looking at my pictures, I kept noticing a star like object directly in the center of several of the pictures. Initially, I believed this to be nothing more than a bright star, dust, or something on the lens of the camera.

UFO Depiction
Chemtrails and UFOS - Possible Scenarios

07-31-14 - I am a Field Investigator in New Jersey for MUFON. Recently I was given case 57295 to investigate. It was a 17 year old sighting from 1997 of a large orb interacting with a jet spraying chemtrails over Mullica Hill, NJ. Two things about the report were startling. The highly polished silver sphere was the "size of a penny compared to the jet which was the size of a period," claimed the witness. One of the primary jets identified in chemtrail spraying is the Air Force’s KC-10a with a length of 181 feet and a wingspan of 165 feet. If, as an example, a period represented the length of one KC-10a and ten periods equaled the diameter of one penny, then the sphere in question would be an enormous 1,810 feet in diameter...

UFO Depiction
Ringed Object Photographed over St. Paul, Minnesota

07-31-14 - I was looking up into the sky, like I usually do when I’m outside. I saw what at first I thought was a plane moving pretty fast way up there, but something looked off about the shape. I went inside and grabbed my Nikon D3100 with a 55-200 MM zoom lens to get a better look. It was moving pretty fast, like think cruising speed, made no sound and was pretty high up there so it had to be a decent size. It was moving in a straight line, so is was not a drifting balloon; besides it moved too fast for that though I understand that wind speeds up there are not the same at ground level.

UFO Depiction
White/Silver Metallic Craft Observed over Cape Coral, Florida

07-31-14 - While sitting on our lanai facing north, this craft flew eastward very slowly at first. We could see a solid structure or lip on the top of the craft, and at the bottom of the craft. The center was either solid and reflecting the sun off a shiny metal surface or the center was without a solid shape and made of purely light/energy. We viewed the craft flying eastward for approximately 30 seconds... It sped up - probably double its original speed and it quickly disappeared. It looked as if it had a screen raised over it which made it invisible. No sound. There was no trail behind it.

UFOs over Stephenville, Texas
Archived Case of the Week - The Stephenville Sightings

MUFON Texas Senior Field Investigator and Assistant State Director Steve Hudgeons said field investigators from Waco, Fort Worth, and Dallas will be on hand to interview witnesses and complete sighting reports.

He said MUFON is interested in Steve Allen’s first-hand account of intensely bright lights and military jets over the Selden community last Tuesday night as well as other accounts.

"I have read the papers and have been sent several e-mails from people that have heard of this sighting and it looks as if there are a good many people that have either seen this or have heard about it," Hudgeons said.

"I will bring down a team of investigators and we will do a mass interview and then do a later follow-up with a selected group."

UFO Depiction
Unknown Object Caught in Photograph from Hyderabad, India

07-30-14 - I was in the train, which stopped in Falaknuma Palace Railway Station. I was looking at Falaknuma Palace on the hill, in the city of Hyderabad, and took 2 pictures of the palace from the train window in a span of 5 seconds using my Samsung Mobile Phone. The train was static at first, then moved after it got its signal. I did not check the pictures nor did I notice the UFO in the pictures for some time. Then after a month, while downloading the pictures I observed that in the first picture taken at 21 seconds past 1809 hrs (21 seconds past 06-09 pm)there was a UFO, which was missing in the next picture taken after 5 seconds.

UFO Depiction
Two Consecutive Nights of Sightings in Weldon Springs, Missouri

07-30-14 - I was outside smoking and drinking on Friday Night, just after midnight. I look up at the stars often and this time I glanced up to see three dim white lights in a perfect triangle shape move in a gliding motion a couple of hundred feet above the tree line.It was fairly quick and way too low to be a satellite; which was my first guess. There was no sound what-so-ever, even though I can hear airplanes passing by way above the altitude of what this "UFO" was flying. The moon was fairly bright, but the body of the craft was still pitch black, even though it was flying so low.

UFO Depiction
Unknown Object Seen Along with Plane in Michigan

07-30-14 - It was July 16, 2014, 9:25 pm, the reason I know what time it was because my father-in-law stated to my sister-in-laws that he timed them out of the yard chore that had been done at 9:25 pm July 16, 2014. During this initial conversation I looked up into the sky saw a plane coming from the south and the plane was clear enough for me to have stated sitting in front of the wing and the rear of the wing a few times in my life. While looking up at the airplane reminiscing about old times I noticed an oval shaped faintly lit orange object in the sky heading west moving about the same speed as the airplane I spoke of earlier.

UFO Depiction
Police Officer Explains Mystery Behind North York Lights

07-29-14 - Police officer explains mystery behind mysterious lights hovering over North York - Strange lights cause concern in North York. Several videos of colourful, flashing lights hovering over North York popped up on social media overnight, prompting musings about an alien invasion in Toronto. But a local police officer may have the answer to the mystery. A number of people on Twitter reported seeing the strange lights in the sky moving around the area of Yonge and Sheppard in the Willowdale neighbourhood. Many of the tweets included photos and videos.

UFO Depiction
Unidentified Light Reported over Felton, Delaware

07-29-14 - I was getting ready to go to bed at 11:15 pm and looked out the window at sky to see if it was cloudy or not. I saw a bright light coming in a northeast to southwest direction. The window was open as it was a nice night and we had shut the AC off. There was no noise from the object. It had no FAA required lights. There was just this white light. As I watched, a meteorite shot past in an opposite direction crossing the path of the light. The light passed out of sight over my house and there was never a noise. We live near an air base and I was in the Air Force.

UFO Depiction
Triangle-shaped Object Observed over Tulsa, Oklahoma

07-29-14 - At least one craft with very bright lights very low in the sky seen by 2 people in Tulsa. My friend and I were driving east and we saw an extremely bright light in the sky. It did not appear to be moving and it did appear to be twinkling so I assumed it was a star. I got out my stargazing app to see what star looked so large and close and there was no major star in that particular spot. We drove for about 3 more miles and eventually it seemed to make a triangular shape. For a few minutes it looked as if there were 2, but we aren't sure.

UFO Depiction
Decorated War Hero Photographs UFO over Swansea (off-site)

07-29-14 - "I awoke around 04.30 hours. It was very hot in my bedroom so I opened the window and noticed a strange, stationary object hovering above Swansea. I would say that it was over the Llansamlet area. The object made no noise and my first notion was perhaps it was an exceptionally large bird of prey however the object remained stationary for at least five minutes. I thought that it was strange and it seemed to have something hanging below it so I grabbed my phone and I took several pictures of it. The whole time the object made no movement and no sound."

UFO Depiction
Triangular UFO over Kassel, Germany on Video

07-28-14 - Kassel, Germany, June 26, 2014 - This video has generated almost no views the first few days since it was posted. Maybe it is just not a popular channel yet. Anyway, the video shows a small child at play, more than likely being filmed by a family member. Then the camera pans up to the sky and shows a very clear triangle UFO. It moves at a steady pace from left to right until it disappears behind a large tree. Yes, I am aware that this may be CGI. Take a good look and see what you think.

Note: All news items that appear on our front page are archived at Archived Files, 2014.

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