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UFO Depiction
Huge Spinning UFO Filmed outside The I.S.S then Feed Cut

07-24-14 - The publisher states: A man named Adam Langston from Boca Raton, Florida sent in the footage seen in video. The footage is from the ISS, and shows a huge, disc-shaped UFO spinning toward the station. But what happens next is even more interesting; the camera is cut to the inside of ISS where it appears the astronauts are viewing the object on a video monitor. Then the feed is cut until the object is gone. According to the publisher, the file has now been removed from the NASA site. (Footage edited for clarity by www.ufocasebook.com)

UFO Depiction
Drones Stretch the Legal Boundaries in the Sky

07-24-14 - FORT MYERS, FL - Drones are the talk among hobbyists and a hot commodity at Paradise Hobbies in Fort Myers. "These things are everywhere... really," said Chris Velez who works at one of the hobby stores. "And a lot of people see things in the night sky and think, oh my God it's a UFO or whatever." Velez says for about a hundred bucks you could own one too. Ads are popping up on radio. "Imagine seeing your neighborhood from a whole new perspective several hundred feet up. You may call them drones but paradise hobby simply calls them fun."

UFO Depiction
Triangle-shaped Object Spotted over Oxford, New Jersey

07-24-14 - I was returning home from work traveling north on SH31 in Oxford Twsp. Warren County in my work truck at approximately 2230 hrs. I was passing the Warren County Recycling center (County Dump) when I noticed an object come over the trees to my right. I leaned hard forward in my seat and looked up into my windshield near the headliner and noticed a nickel-sized (at arm’s length) perfect triangle shaped object with 3 steady lights, one in each extreme corner. The object, although dark out could be seen, possibly due to both overcast and ground light conditions.

UFO Depiction
What Was the UFO the Apollo 11 Astronauts Spotted en Route to the Moon?

07-24-14 - What was the UFO the Apollo 11 astronauts spotted en route to the moon? HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – Something was there, floating in space outside the window of Apollo 11, "out there close enough to be observed," as Col. Buzz Aldrin would say years later. The crew of Apollo 11, en route to the moon, encountered an unidentified flying object. That doesn't necessarily mean it was little green men in a space ship from another planet or the USS Enterprise or Mork soaring in from Ork. But something was there.

UFO Depiction
Strange Glowing Objects Leaving Clouds Cloaked Spotted over Chile

07-23-14 - In yet another strange Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) sighting, two glowing orbs were spotted hovering over Chile. The sighting is rare and interesting as the bright objects were seen leaving nearby clouds cloaked. The sighting was witnessed by two laborers at a mining facility on 18 July in the Atacama desert in Calama city. They captured it in a short video with the help of their cell phone. Check out the video of the rare sighting of glowing orbs, below. Similar sighting have been witnessed in several parts of the world in the past as well.

UFO Depiction
Are UFOs the Reason That Aircraft Disappear?

07-23-14 - TWELVE years ago, a reader sent in a story about the mysterious disappearance of a light aircraft over the Bahamas. Whispers at the time suggested that the plane had been destroyed by ‘aliens’, as a strange, blue light had been seen hovering near the aircraft shortly before it was last seen. My memory was jogged, back then, because the press reported that a similar object had been seen flying at terrific speed over Washington DC. Two USAF F-15 fighters were scrambled to intercept this UFO – again, a flashing blue light – but, in the words of one witness, ‘it left them for dust.’

UFO Depiction
Flying Disc Spotted over Jersey City, New Jersey

07-23-14 - I was living in Jersey City at the time, and I was coming from my second job at a video store, riding my bike, since it was only five blocks away, and as I was one block from my house. I saw out of the corner of my eyes, what I thought was a meteor because it was coming straight down at lightning speed, so I looked up and it was like an orange fireball when it was coming down. When it got to, I would guess 200 feet from the ground, it stopped and that’s when I saw that it wasn’t a meteor. It was a flying disk and it looked like it was a meteor because it was coming down on its edge, but...

UFO Depiction
Idaho Ham Operator Encounters UFO

07-23-14 - It was roughly around 10:45 pm. I was dead tired from a long weekend but I needed to water the garden. I have some ham radio friends who sometimes like to talk late at night, so I grabbed my handheld radio, clipped it to my belt, and attached my earphones to it. I went outside and noticing it was dark, I turned on the patio light in back. I first watered some potted plants and other plants in the flower beds (I chatted with a few people on the ham radio for the few minutes it took me to do this). I then went to my side-yard, uncoiled the hose and attached the sprayer.)

UFO Depiction
UFO Takes Off in Argentina Forest

07-22-14 - We have practically no information provided on this video. It is obvious from the title that a small group of boys/young men are horsing around in a forest in Argentina when they inadvertently witness a UFO taking off. One of the boys had his video camera rolling and was filming the activities. Finally, a couple of the boys notice a UFO in the distance. As they approach the scene of the action, the object begins to lift up and very quickly is gone into the sky. The video quality is very poor. We did what we could to clean it up. So, take a look and see if you...

UFO Depiction
Unidentified Object Photographed over Antioch, Tennessee

07-22-14 - I left my dog on the deck while I was inside cooking, as I normally do on beautiful clear sunny days. We are in the flight path of many planes and my dog usually barks at them flying overhead because they get relatively close. All the sudden I hear him barking unusually aggressively. I walked outside and heard no plane sounds, but looked in the direction of my dog's vision and there it was. It was hovering in the SE sky at around 6 pm CST and it seemed like the busy Sunday plane traffic had halted. It hovered for about 5 minutes then gained altitude to above a planes normal cruising altitude.

UFO Depiction
Multi Coloured UFOs in Formation over Austria

07-22-14 - Austrian officials say they are baffled to explain a UFO sighting in which dozens of people reported seeing between 50 and 100 objects flying in formation. The incident happened over the Aichfeld basin near the city of Knittelfeld in the southern Austrian state of Styria where eyewitness Juergen Trieb, 41, and his girlfriend Waltraud Kaliba, 40, managed to take this snap before the high speed objects vanished. Waltraud said: "At first we thought it might be some kind of natural phenomenon, but when we realize they were flying in formation and travelling around... "

UFO Depiction
Google Explains UFO Sightings over New Zealand (off-site)

07-22-14 - Sightings of numerous objects in the skies high above Hokitika and Greymouth yesterday appear to have been explained - by internet giant Google. Google spokeswoman Annie Baxter said it released another batch of wireless internet wifi balloons as part of Project Loon this week. The wifi balloons are designed to provide a network of internet coverage in places where reliable internet is hard to come by, in a worldwide trial above the South Island. Scientists based at Hokitika Airport for the past two months as part of an atmospheric study of jetstreams over the Southern Alps,

UFO Depiction
UFO Sighting: Damaged and Smoky UFO Sighted Over Melbourne [VIDEO]

07-21-14 - In a surprising sighting, a smoky UFO was spotted over Melbourne, Australia. The sighting was made on 10 July and was captured on video, which appears like a meteor falling from the space, at first glance. Opposing the object to be a meteor, some experts refer the strange falling object as space junk. But according to an expert, Scott Waring, the glowing tip of the UFO moves to the middle of the object, which no meteor or abandoned space junk is capable of doing. The object appears to Waring as an alien craft riding down hot and smoky after encountering huge damage.

UFO Depiction
UFOs in Cherry Hill: Seeing is Believing

07-21-14 - The only time Jan C. Harzan saw an unidentified flying object up close, he became a believer. It was 1965, and he was a 10-year-old in his bedroom in Thousand Oaks, Calif. "My brother came in and let me know he had observed this craft hovering 10 feet off the ground," right there in their backyard. When Harzan went out there, he said, "I saw a landing craft 30 feet from me." It had "no visible means of propulsion, except for a humming noise it was making." After about five minutes, Harzan said, "it slowly started to drift away and then shot off at an incredible speed."

UFO Depiction
Christian Family's Vivid Encounter in North Carolina

07-21-14 - My wife and I had decided to go and glean the fields for sweet potatoes, and upon loading the car and heading back home which was about a mile from home, right in the clear blue sky on the right appeared this huge craft in the sky. It was dark brown in color with windows going all around it; there was one woman standing in front of one of the windows as it hovered about a good two hundred feet above the trees. As we were riding in our car, I asked my wife, "do you see that?" and she said "yes, it was so huge and magnificent." I had never seen anything on this planet like it before...

UFO Depiction
A Red-Orange Thing, The Size of an Aircraft Carrier - 1988

07-21-14 - Grace never expected to see a UFO, the size of an aircraft carrier. Grace was working at a TV commercial film shoot in upstate New York. The various crews had just wrapped the shooting for the day. In Grace’s van there were ten members of the crew; everyone was anxious to return to their hotel in Middletown, NY. While driving on NY State Route 12, most of the crew members on the left side of the van nearly in unison remarked, “What is that?” In the sky was a reddish-orange object and it continued to get closer and closer to their van. At first none of the folks could really make out what it was they were looking at.

UFO Depiction
1967, The Falcon Lake Landing, Stephen Michalak

07-20-14 - An important UFO close encounter of the second kind comes to us from Canada. This amazing account details the experiences of Stephen Michalak of Winnipeg. Michalak earned his living as a mechanic, but was an amateur geologist, and while enjoying a few days off, he decided to do some prospecting. He tried his luck in the Whiteshell Provincial Park.

This area was by no means new to Michalak. He had spent considerable time in the vicinity of the lake there. Michalak had followed reports of quartz veins being found in the area around Falcon lake. There were also reports of silver being found, and Michalak was on the trail of the valuable metal on May 19, 1967. He had traveled by bus from his home town of Winnipeg to a motel on the Trans-Canada Highway the night before.

UFO Depiction
10 Creepiest UFO Abduction Stories

07-20-14 - UFO sightings and alien abduction are the absolute bread and butter of popular conspiracy theories. The concept that we are being watched by beings from outer space is completely fascinating, while the idea of them actually coming down and visiting Earth is downright terrifying. Some believe that stories of alien abduction are completely fabricated, products of circumstance, confusion, and lies. Thanks to popular media and some highly publicized flagship cases though, there is a growing worldwide following that considers the existence of alien visitations to be fact.

UFO Depiction
Hung-over - or Abducted by Aliens?

07-20-14 - ARE YOU just hung over from a night of hard partying - or were you abducted by aliens? Apparently it can be difficult to tell, based on this selection of questions that the Mutual UFO Network asks on a questionnaire to determine if you are "an experiencer." Have you awoken in bed to find beings in your bedroom? Did you move your body or cry out and then become paralyzed? Do you have memories of moving rapidly through the air under someone else's control when you were awake in bed and observed intruders in your bedroom? Are you aware of having been examined on an alien craft?

UFO Depiction
Plane Spotter 'Saw UFO Darting to and fro' in Wrose

07-20-14 - A self-confessed UFO sceptic believes he saw "something not of this planet" when he stepped out of his Wrose home yesterday. James Bacon had been checking a flight radar website and popped outside to see if a flight from Helsinki to Manchester was passing over his house at about 9.15 am. Instead, a white object that was darting to and fro caught his eye. "It was absolutely amazing," said the 59-year-old, of Haslam Grove. "At first I dismissed it as a bird. But it was the speed and the way it was flying that was a concern to me.

UFO Depiction
UFO Sighting: Giant Black Alien Craft Spotted Passing by Supermoon

07-19-14 - In a strange sighting, an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was captured passing by the lunar surface on the day of the super moon (12 July). The object was captured in a video, which showed a black circle moving across the moon. It appears that the user is equipped with some powerful tools for catching the object. "This is an interesting catch of the super moon seen this week. A black circle moves silently across the moon. This guy has amazingly powerful equipment that is catching this UFO. It doesn't look to be flying over the surface of the moon, but to be passing between the moon and the Earth."

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