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UFO Depiction
Unidentified Lights Videotaped over Sao Paulo, Brazil

09-16-14 - Just five days after being posted, this video has had well over 15,000 views, with about 80% positive reaction. The daylight footage is quite clear and shows a mass of white lights over the city proper. Some commenters believe the lights may make up a single craft, while others believe the lights are multiple, small objects. No opinion has yet been offered by any 'official' sources, so the lights remain a mystery; at least for now. Some believe the footage is created via computer as the lights continously appear then disappear.

UFO Depiction
2014 - Three Triangle UFOs over Lake Ontario

09-16-14 - On 25 August, little did Gordon realize that a routine chore with his dogs would lead to a sighting of three triangles over Lake Ontario. It was quarter past ten on a clear night in Rochester, NY. Gordon had just let his dogs out for a run in the backyard. His attention was immediately drawn to a bright object in the western sky about 20 degree above the horizon. While it had a flickering quality, Gordon knew it wasn’t a star. He got his binoculars and took a closer look. What he saw had flashing lights, red, white and an occasional blue or green.

UFO Depiction
A Brass-colored Disc over Lake Erie - 1957

09-16-14 - A high school student witnesses a brass colored disc over Lake Erie but it would be 57 years before we would know the depth of his sighting. On the afternoon of September 20th 1957 in Buffalo, NY a Northbound Niagara Street bus had just dropped Steven at this corner on his way home from high school. As he started to walk the short block to his house on Prospect, something blinking caught his attention. “My first fleeting thought was a yellow Piper Cub airplane.”

UFO Depiction
Video - Amazing UFO Activity - Fleet Controls Chemtrails

09-15-14 - I was on a yacht with a friend. We were sailing together, enjoying the beautiful blue sky in Normandy. I was watching a huge chemtrail and some nice clouds while taking a sunbath when my attention got turned away by something else (I don't remember). I stopped watching the sky for some minutes. When I stared at the sky again, I slowly noticed some strange little dots of light near the huge chemtrail. As always, I had my iPhone in my pocket. So I immediately took it and recorded what I could.

UFO Depiction
UFO Sightings in Ojai Valley, California

09-15-14 - My location started at the east end of downtown Ojai. There were no visual obstructions in my view. I am a person with 20/20 vision. The approximate location of UFO was above and possibly slightly behind a mountain ridge of Northeast Ojai valley. The distance between the object and myself, judging east downtown Ojai to the mountain ridge it hovered above, is approximately 2 to 2.5 miles. The objects size from my perspective could have been from 100 ft. long and 20 ft. tall to 300 ft. long and 60ft tall. It appeared to...

UFO Depiction
Lighted Triangle Witnessed over Lewistown, Pennsylvania

09-15-14 - On Aug. 25, 2014 at around 11:15 p.m., the wife and I went out on our deck to look at the stars which we do now and then if it's not too cool outside. This night we didn't go out till late being we were watching TV and getting ready for bed when I went to shut the back door, looked out and saw it was a clear night and the stars were out bright. I asked the wife if she wanted to go out and look at the stars and drink a coffee/tea before going to bed, which we did. We did see a few falling stars and only one airplane, which we thought was strange...

UFO Depiction
Multiple Witnesses Spot Unidentified Object over Western States

09-14-14 - See video at end of article with some of the photos and video of the object. (Editor's Note: This object has received much speculation, and it may have a simple explanation. Some say this is part of the recent solar flare, some claim it is a meteorite that burned up in earth's atmosphere. Some say the object is of a more sinister nature; a UFO. The reports below are only part of the mass amount of coverage this event is getting. Rest assured as more witnesses come forward, more info will be available to researchers.)

UFO Depiction
Unknown Flying Object Caught on Photo in Sayreville, New Jersey

09-14-14 - On the morning of August 29 2014, I went out my sliding glass door to let my dog go to the bathroom.

While I was standing there watching her do her business I looked towards the NE-E sky in between trees that are visible in my yard and saw what I thought at first was some kind of drone or someone playing with a remote control aircraft. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that its way too early on a work day for someone to be playing with a toy.

UFO Depiction
National Geographic Channel to Investigate the World of UFOs

09-14-14 - Many UFO sightings have been dismissed as the products of unreliable witnesses or hoaxes. But a few are harder to explain. UFO Alien Invasion retells and reconstructs incidents from all over the world in a series which begins next month on the National Geographic Channel. With the help of a panel of experts, all the evidence is tested as the show unlocks the mysteries of our skies that defy understanding. We also question do the governments of the world know more than they ever reveal to us?

UFO Depiction
Alien Abductions Occur to Create Alien/Human Hybrids (off-site)

09-14-14 - The psychic nature of these entities is most uncannily canny, and most who experience an abduction, will not recall being inside an alien craft , and will dismiss any vivid flashbacks, as dreams. My only clue, was awakening with the joy of recalling a dream about an intricate gorgeous wood inlayed staircase that had brought me a sweet rapture. Unfurling backwards, and forwards the events around that joy, at an ornate wood staircase revealed that my 'rapture', had been an alien telepathic ploy to erase my joyous memory...

UFO Depiction
Video - Unknown Object over Owensville, Ohio

09-13-14 - I was taking a walk with my family at our local park when my daughter noticed something in the sky which she said was an airplane. When I first saw it my first thought was this was NOT an airplane. It made no noise, had a very shinny glow to it (almost white), and seemed like it was just gliding through the air. It had a contrast to the sky that really made it stand out compared to any airplane I have seem. There was absolutely no engine trail either. I did not think much of it at first, but then I decided to take a picture and video of it.

UFO Depiction
Border Zone UFO Festival Celebrates 3rd year, 40 Years after Coyame Incident

09-13-14 - PRESIDIO – It has been 40 years since eyewitnesses first reported seeing a fireball fall from the sky about 50 miles west of Presidio over the Mexican state of Chihuahua near the village of Coyame. See the UFO Casebook case file, Coyame, Chihuahua, Mexico - Disk Crashes. The 40th year of the incident, known throughout the UFO world as “the Roswell of Mexico,” also marks the 3rd year of the Border Zone UFO Festival in Presidio.

UFO Depiction
Flat Triangle Reported over West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

09-13-14 - This is my second sighting. My first sighting occurred approximately 3 months ago in this same location, with a witness. The object appeared to be a flat triangular shape. It almost appeared transparent, but we could see very faint round lights along the margin of the object, giving hint to its shape. Absolutely no sound came from it. It travelled rather slowly, approximately 100 feet up from where we were standing. First sighting, it lasted maybe 5 seconds; second sighting last night approximately 10 seconds.

UFO Depiction
UFO Sightings on the Rise in August

09-13-14 - Have we been seeing more visits from extraterrestrial visitors, or are more people just letting their imaginations run wild? It seems like that’s the question of the day, as UFO sightings were up in some states, with 285 sightings being reported across seven states over just the month of August. The news came to us by way of OpenMinds, which pointed to a new report from the Mutual UFO Network on the number of sightings in August of 2014. The states reporting the highest number of UFOs for August were...

UFO Depiction
Night Vision Video Shows Transparent Object in Sky

09-12-14 - Witness statement: It was, I believe, the night after the full moon in May. I had a small telescope and I was trying to get some good views of the moon. I also had a night vision monocular, a PVS-14 with a 3x magnifier on a tripod with a video camera attached to it and a set of night vision goggles, PVS-7D (Delta's) around my neck. I usually have the goggles with me if it's a clear night out. There were no clouds that night. I was looking through the goggles and noticed a "plane" coming toward me...

UFO Depiction
UFO Documentary to be Filmed in Bridlington

09-12-14 - A UFO investigator is calling for anyone in the Bridlington area who believes they may have seen a UFO, to appear in a new documentary. Russ Kellett, of Filey, is widely regarded as one of Britain’s foremost UFO investigators and has appeared in both national and international media to talk about his encounters of the third kind. Russ said: “I want to speak to anyone who believes they’ve had a genuine encounter of the third kind. “This part of England is a real hot spot for UFOs - I have seen things you wouldn’t believe and plenty of...

UFO Depiction
Unknown Objects Caught on Photo in Oshawa, Ontario

09-12-14 - On Sunday August 10, 2014, while at home in Oshawa, Ontario, I was outside on my driveway washing my car when suddenly I hear this humming sound and look to the north below HWY 2. About a quarter mile north of my position and some thousands of feet up I see three bright red ruby lights maintaining in a triangle formation. Being in a state of awe watching them moving across from the east to west, maybe 30 seconds passed. I then ran into the house for my camera; being once again outside in about 20 seconds.

UFO Depiction
Are Massive Unknown Craft the Leviathans of Space? (off-site)

09-12-14 - We were assured by space writers and science fiction authors that the vastness of interstellar space could only be crossed by mammoth space vehicles – “generation ships,” in the parlance of some spinners of space yarns – crewed by generations of space travelers hoping to reach their destination centuries hence. The concept was ripe for speculation. What if the children of the children of the first crew became a series of stratified societies aboard their vehicle, and had forgotten the purpose of their mission?

UFO Depiction
Dummy-shaped Balloon or UFO? You Decide

09-11-14 - IT looked like our Cinnamon Brow UFO mystery had been solved but now an Australian documentary film maker has cast doubt over theories the objects were dummy-shaped balloons. As reported in last week's Warrington Guardian, reader Mike Mayoux had spotted the unusual white objects in the sky and was curious to know if anyone had any ideas what they were. Lots of you got in touch to say it was a christening balloon but Mark Abriel, from Lightwave Films, believes similar 'light forms' have been spotted on Australia's east coast since 2005.

UFO Depiction
UFO Observed during Thunderstorm in Picture Rocks, Pennsylvania

09-11-14 - I live in a very rural, mountainous, forested area of north central Pennsylvania. There were thunderstorms in the area but not directly overhead during the early evening. As dusk approached I noticed a very white cloud formation to the southeast which did not appear to be very far from my home. The formation was very thick and very white and remained stationary. It was so unique that a friend and I drove my four-wheeler to the top of the field for a better look.

UFO Depiction
UFO Hunter Says Council Should Embrace Aliens

09-11-14 - Over the past century, Scarborough’s tourism trade has been dominated by holidaymakers hell-bent on fish, chips and seafront strolls. But if Scarborough Council wants visitors to keep flocking to the coast, it should put less emphasis on buckets and spades - and instead focus on little green men. That’s at least the view of local alien hunter Russ Kellett, who feels the authority is missing out on the “goldmine” that is UFO tourism. He claims the borough is a hotbed for close encounters...

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