Bonnybridge UFO Claim-Another Strange UFO
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Location: Falkirk-Published Date: 20 March 2008-Local residents contacted The Falkirk Herald to provide eyewitness accounts of a mysterious flying object last Thursday night. It is the latest unexplained sighting in the village, which has become known as Scotland's 'UFO capital.'

Colin Doyle, (28), from Hallglen, said: "My colleague and I were just coming back from a job in Bonnybridge about half past 9 and we saw this object with flashing lights in the sky.

"By the shape of it there was no way it was a plane. It looked oval shaped with flashing lights all around it, so we got out the van to have a look. After hovering for a while, it then just shot up into the sky and the speed it was going was phenomenal."

He added: "Before I just didn't believe these stories, but now I can safely say I do believe there must be something."

Gary Harkins (28), from Bonnybridge, said: "I was out walking my dog along the canal at Bonnybridge around about half 9 and saw this object in the sky and there was no way it was an aircraft. It was kind of saucer-shaped and was hovering above the ground around the height of high-rise flats and had flashing lights. The object continued to hover about for a few minutes and then just shot away at unbelievable speed."

"Seeing something like that just takes your breath away," he added.

Bonnybridge councillor Billy Buchanan, said: "These sightings highlight that the phenomenon is still ongoing, as people are still seeing something which has no rational explanation."

"The more people come forward and report these incidents and put them on record, the greater the credibility.

"If people see something they should report it to the Police and then contact The Falkirk Herald," he added.

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