Indiana-Strange Experience-Metallic Object
Strange Experience, Indiana, 2001
My three brothers and I were outside in the yard. It was a very clear and warm day. Something above me caught my attention. When I looked up I saw an object that looked like an overturned cereal bowl.

It looked to be made of something similar to polished aluminum and it glinted in the sunlight. I told my two youngest brothers to look up. Then we turned around to tell my oldest brother to look, but when we turned back the object was gone.

This "craft" was maybe 100 ft. east of us and approximately 100 to 200 ft. off the ground. From where we stood, we could see at least 3 miles in all directions. We were all stunned by the experience and were unable to explain it away.

Something else came to my attention just a few days ago. Someone with no prior knowledge of my sighting related to me another sighting in the 1950's. The strange part is it happened in the exact same area and the witness was my great grandfather.

He never reported the incident for fear of ridicule. His grandson (my uncle) is the only person he confided in. Also, I had another experience two in a half years prior to this. I believe that on January 1, 1999 I sighted an extraterrestrial being, which I believe may have abducted me. It was a very traumatic chapter of my life filled with nightmares. I had to undergo treatment because nobody believed me, and they perceived this or these beings or beings as a vivid hallucination.

MUFON Submitter 9970

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