Strange Object in Sky Photographed in Knight's Ferry, CA
Knight's Ferry, CA-04-17-08-I was taking a picture of a man standing next to a big tree on the top of a large hill. I did not notice anything unusual in the sky until I was looking at my pictures days later. While I was at Knight's Ferry Park in Knight's Ferry, CA, I did not see this object with my naked eye, nor did I hear anything unusual. My main interest for taking the photo was the perspective of the man standing next to the tree.

Upon noticing the object in the picture, I enlarged that portion of the picture as much as I could. If you notice, the object does not cast a shadow on the hill below leading me to think it is behind the hill not on top of it. If you look closely, the object appears to be reflecting the sun. The man on the hill did not appear to notice the object as he and his dog continued their walk along the top of the hill.

MUFON submitter 10662

Knight's Ferry, CA-UFO

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MUFON submitter 10662

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