Clear Video of UFO over Milpitas, California
UFO-Milpitas, CA-03-13-08 Having just purchased a new Canon PowerShot A650 IS digital camera, I stepped outside at work to photograph the moon and skywatch for UFOs. Yes, I actively search for UFOs (have had several sightings)- and within 5 minutes of stepping out, I spotted an object in the distance.

I had to switch to video mode before I pointed my camera to locate the object on the screen. I lost precious seconds - seconds when the object was traveling in the clear. I started shooting as soon as I saw the object on the screen. I zoomed in at the maximum optical zoom of 6X. It traveled clear skies for a few seconds before entering the clouds where it disappeared and reappeared about three times at cloud breaks.

The event date is 03/13/2008. The time was 1854 (6:54 PM)

Please watch the attached video. If you have any comments or questions feel free to email me at

Thank you.


My location was: 37 deg 24'37.29N - 121 deg 54'49.42W. I was looking east.

The object appears to have three sections, compartments, or elements. Not sure what to make of it in regards to the overall shape and structure. All comments welcomed.

Download Windows Video- 1.85-00:19

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