Argentina: UFO Photographed over La Pampa
Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

By Quique Mario, CEUFO

March 12, 2008-Apparitions of strange flying objects in the skies over La Pampa are no longer a novelty. What is startling is that for some time now, their maneuvers are taking place in broad daylight, with the possibility to photograph them and film them with the quantity of technical elements available to us today.

This increase in activity lacks a given schedule or timetable, allowing for a number of interpretations. One of them leads us to suppose that "something" is being sought by our alleged, unknown visitors aboard those strange craft. Readers can make their own interpretation, since by now, all Pampeans who are familiarzied with the phenomenon to such an extent that those of us at CEUFO insist that the phenomenon is indeed "out there".

This illustration shows us the classic "flying saucer". It was taken by Luis Jerez in a neighborhood to the south of the city of Santa Rosa. What is important about this is that we are seeing the classic image of something that ufology believed to be "old fashioned."

Another important detail about this photo is that its author did not notice it until he downloaded his pictures to the PC a few days after taking it during a lightning storm over Santa Rosa in early February.

What is surprising about apparitions of this sort is that they have become common amid storms, which speaks to the ability of these UFOs to traverse an environment that may be considered, a priori, to be hostile. Thre is no doubt that they are in possession of an alternative technology.

(Translation (c) 2008. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Quique Mario and Guillermo Gimenez)


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