Reader Recounts Encounter in Quapaw, Oklahoma
It was a warm evening, just past twilight, in the late 1960's and my boy friend and I were at a stop sign positioned at the edge of Highway 69 Alt. We were heading south on a gravel road that came out of the residential area in the small town of Quapaw, OK., readying to go west on the highway to take me home.

Just across Highway 69 Alt. there is a farm owned by the Keith's. Their driveway is almost directly across from the stop sign. The large farm house sat on a hill 500 feet or so off the highway. The land behind it slopes down into fields. That is where the craft was located.

As soon as we came to a stop at the end of the road, we noticed a bright glowing light that appeared behind the house in the lower portion of the field. The light immediately grew in intensity and size as bright white as a welding torch, and as large as the rising sun. Out of the brightness a craft slowly rose out of the field--literally filling the horizon. It was huge. As it rose we saw the domed top and then the bright white light disappeared.

That was sufficient enough to cause my boyfriend to drive quickly from the location where we were stopped. We turned east, rather than west, a direction that would take us back into the populated area of this small town rather than be on the 10 miles or so of open stretches of Highway 69 Alt. that would lead back to Picher, Oklahoma where I lived.

The fear that gripped us was indescribable...we were nothing less than terror stricken.

He drove and I watched the large craft move directly over the highway and turn to move toward us as we went east, as if it were in pursuit.

I kept watching out the back window of the car from my place in the passenger's seat trying to not miss a single thing, .

The craft then moved quickly, keeping up with the car as he accelerated. The car, that was drag raced on weekends, was moving at well over 115 mph. in an attempt to stay away from the craft and get into town where we hoped we would be safe.

It kept pace exactly. As if to taunt us.

There is a railroad overpass and a dip in the highway between the turn onto 69 Alt. and the curve back into Quapaw. We drove under the railroad overpass, losing sight of the craft for a second, then when we emerged the other side, the craft had lowered significantly and was literally hovering close enough that I could have reached out of the car and touched it. It was on top of us.

We were afraid we were going to die... or worse.

The lower portion of the sphere had three large, strong, streaming lights coming out of openings in the bottom half of the ship's sphere... red, blue, & yellow. They were very intense and they seemed to have many individual single rays of light creating a column of colored light. I looked up into them as they moved with the lower half of the sphere portion. I could not tell if the openings went into the craft itself or were only external lights recessed into it. They seemed to come from far within.

I saw no form or entities.

The bottom of the ship was turning fast in a circular motion. The top portion of the sphere didn't seem to be moving. The wide shelf-like ring that circled it entirely, appeared to be silver metallic in color, while the rest of the craft was a darker gray, charcoal or gun metal gray. I watched as the nearly blinding beams of colored lights flooded into the car--one color at a time as it quickly revolved. The size of the craft was much wider than the highway. I would cautiously estimate that the car looked more like a matchbox miniature in comparison to the size. The sphere was easily 8 lanes wide. The wide flat ring that extended out in a complete circle around it far surpassed the size of the sphere itself.


[Map Notes: 66 is now decommissioned and the road is 69 Alt. I changed the text to show that. Note the first south bound thin lined road west of the curved 69 Alt. going into Quapaw, OK. The UFO lifted up out of a field directly across the highway in the field. Also note the road that goes straight east at the curve into town and reference to it in the text.]

He began to panic as it closed in on us and cried out in a strained voice, that at the speed we were going, we could not make the curve into Quapaw that we were approaching without crashing the car... neither could we go straight on the gravel road that ran straight east as the paved road curved without rolling the car.

I began to pray out loud as I looked at the ship.

Then suddenly the craft shot backwards. I remember my eyes popped wide open with amazement when it began to withdraw. It moved at what can only be explained as warp speed, not unlike what you see in television programs like Star Trek. I kept my eyes glued to the movement, never losing sight of it.

I was astonished that in a matter of 4 or 5 seconds it had moved so far away that it was only visible as a white light no larger than a star.

He slowed the car down enough to keep on the road and make the curve. We went into town and drove on into Kansas to his parent's house 20 miles away. We were very shaken as we related the story to them. I am not sure we were believed... I know we were afraid to get back on the highway again. I was frightened for weeks and unable to sleep for fear it would return. I am still frightened today when I hear reports of increased activity. It truly was traumatizing.

A few days after this occurred, my Mother read an article in the local paper citing that a large round scorched circle had been found in the Keith's field that was unexplainable. A piece of metal had also been found and according to the paper, taken to the local college where metallurgists could not determine the metal content of the scrap found in the scorched place in the earth. It was not a known substance.

Throughout Oklahoma in the late 1960's you could hear of sightings on a regular basis, and read of them occurring over Oklahoma and Texas with frequency. Some nights you could literally look out the window late at night and see erratic movements of bright lights in formation in the sky. Too erratic for airplanes. Especially, since we were 100 miles from the nearest large airport in Tulsa.

I have not related this story to anyone until now. There is no way anyone will ever convince me that they do not exist. And they are not here for our well being.

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