UFOs Videotaped, San Jose Bay, CA
San Jose Bay Area, CA-04-26-08

I filmed this with my Canon night shot in the middle of the day with an infrared lens 1000 while using night shot as well. Me and the person I was with both could not see anything in the clear PM daylight blue sky with a tiny cloud that was focused on when I saw them through the LCD on the camera but not in the sky.

After putting the camera down for a few seconds maybe ten or 20, I tried filming what was there but couldn't find anything for the next ten minutes anywhere in the sky.

Filmed on 4/26/08 at around 3:00 PM with mostly clear sky and a gentle breeze occasionally.

Neither of us need glasses and neither of us could see anything in the sky. There were no sounds coming from them as far as I could hear. No unusual smells, and no other planes fly in that part of the sky normally, just helicopters and maybe 2 at most. I hope I answered most of the questions you would like to know.

The witness is sending me a first generation copy of the original footage via snail mail.

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