Bucks "Flapping' over UFO Sightings

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Pennsylvania is “flapping.” And Bucks County is apparently the epicenter.

“Flaps” is the term a national organization that investigates UFO sightings uses to refer to an abundance of supposed close encounters in an area in a short period of time.

The Mutual UFO Network has fielded about 50 UFO reports in the Keystone State in the last two months, and more than two dozen have been in Bucks County, said John Ventre, Pennsylvania and West Virginia director for the Colorado-based nonprofit.

Then on Wednesday, a Plumstead woman told township police that she saw a blinking, triangular shaped unidentified flying object hovering above her neighborhood off Stump Road around 9:45 p.m.

“We have clusters of people all across the state making reports, but mostly in Bucks County,” said Ventre.

“It's the largest wave of UFO reports we've seen in Pennsylvania since Kecksburg,” he added, referring to the December 1965 incident in which a “fireball-like” object purportedly crashed in the woods of the Westmoreland County community.

Ventre was recently in Lower Bucks County interviewing eight people who claim to have witnessed mysterious flying aircraft. A film crew from the Discovery Channel accompanied him to record the interviews, he said.

There appear to be two types of craft that have been consistently described by people, said Ventre.

One type is a high-flying, bright “star-like” object that zips across the sky with great speed, he said. The other is variously described as a low-flying, six-sided or boomerang-shaped object with multi-color lights — from white and red, to green, blue or orange — that silently moves and hovers somewhat like a helicopter, said Ventre.

The latter type is similar to what Diana Bereck, 47, described seeing in Plumstead above her development, Cabin Run, on Wednesday. Bereck, who says she “absolutely” does not believe in aliens or UFOs, was spooked enough by the craft to report it to police.

Bereck said she was driving down Cabin Run Road when her daughter, a passenger, spotted the airborne object hovering at the altitude of a low-flying plane above houses on the other side of the street.

Initially dismissing the sighting as a plane, Bereck became a bit uncomfortable when the craft came closer without making any sound. After parking in her driveway, she got out of her car and stared at the craft as it hovered, noting its triangular shape, bright white light toward the front flanked by dimmer white lights, and two red lights at the back.

“It made no noise whatsoever,” said Bereck. “It wasn't in a hurry to leave...I watched it until it just went off and disappeared over the trees.”

Despite the encounter, Bereck firmly believes it was not a flying saucer.

“It was probably something from a military exercise,” she said. “I'm absolutely positive there is nothing else out there, but I saw something I couldn't identify and I felt that I should report it.”

A police officer discovered nothing out of the ordinary.

In late June, one person claimed to see a UFO “with six lights in the shape of a boomerang” over the Oxford Valley Mall in Middletown.

On Jan. 27, someone called 911 to report an aircraft “hovering like an octopus” over a Mexican restaurant in Falls. A Falls policeman responded to the scene, but found nothing.

Most Mutual UFO Network investigations conclude that the aircraft in question is “something conventional and explainable,” said spokesman Alejandro Rojas. He said the network has investigated around 2,000 sightings per year. To become a “field investigator,” an applicant must study a manual available for $28 and pass a 100-question test.

Ventre is continuing his investigation into the Bucks County incidents.

“Either we're seeing the next generation of military aircraft, or we're looking at extraterrestrials,” he said.

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