MUFON Investigators Drawn to Bucks, Pennsylvania
MUFON Field Investigator Bob Gardner
[Editor's Note: I was contacted by MUFON Field Investigator Bob Gardner, who sent me information covering the investigation of the Bucks UFO sightings in Pennsylvania-a big thanks to Bob.]


Bucks County Courier Times

July 2, 2008 6:34 AM-The Mutual UFO Network said it will dispatch “field investigators” to Lower Bucks after four reports of strange craft hovering over the county between January and June.

The latest incident was reported Wednesday, when someone saw a craft “with six lights in the shape of a boomerang” over the Oxford Valley Mall in Middletown.

The first sighting was reported Jan. 27, and Falls police officer Jeffrey Omlor was dispatched to Don Pablo's on Route 1 across from the mall. Someone called 911 to report a craft “hovering like an octopus” over the Mexican restaurant. Omlor said he saw nothing strange over the restaurant that night.

But that same day, MUFON said it received a third report from a pizza deliveryman who said he saw an object “over the tree line of Vermillion Hills” that “appeared to be blinking red, white and green lights.”

The fourth report was from Newtown on April 25. Someone claimed to see “an orange fire ball that seemed to be crashing out of the sky.”

Each report filed with MUFON was anonymous. The caller to Falls police also didn't give a name. But that has hardly deterred MUFON.

Field investigator Elise Simon said the group probably would issue a finding in a couple of weeks. She wasn't sure when the investigators would arrive.

“We'll be talking to the local police, the FAA and the local media and any witnesses,” said John Ventre, state director for MUFON, who estimated about 93 percent of UFO reports turn out to be conventional aircraft. “That 7 percent, though, that's the great part, because it really defies explanation,” Ventre said.

MUFON has chapters throughout the world. It's considered one the largest UFO organizations, and claims about 3,000 members.

MUFON was featured in the Fox series “The X-Files.” Members helped FBI special agent Dana Scully, played by Gillian Anderson, locate a microchip planted in her neck.

Visitors to the MUFON Web site — — can search through and review UFO incidents dating to 1938.

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Strange Light Formations Photographed in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania-06-23-08-After taking pictures of "weird" cloud formations and lights in the night sky, the witness downoaded the digital photos to her laptop, and saw the unusual "vortexes."

The vortexes appear to be hovering in the skies. The witness had a feeling of elation and obsession while watching the sky due to several encounters and/or observations with the strange clouds, and lights. Also, black helicopters were seen.

In time, the vortexes moved away.

Strange Lights in Sky Strange Lights in Sky

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MUFON submitter 11304

UFO Sightings in Bucks County
Wednesday, July 02, 2008 | 7:51 PM-Media Top Stories

By John Rawlins

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. - July 2, 2008 (WPVI) -- The truth is out there - in fact, it just might be hovering over Bucks County.

Route 1 as it passes the Oxford Valley Mall is a typical suburban strip, however, the talk of this town is multiple reports of UFO sightings.

There was a split reaction at the Blue Fountain Diner.

"I think I was telling everybody the aliens were coming, and I'm not the crazy one anymore," Yvonne Simpson said.

"No, I think somebody is smoking something funny or imagining things; no, I don't believe in that," Nancy Sdregas said.

UFOs and Bucks County is the stuff of movie fiction in the motion picture Signs released a few years ago. As for the current claims, the first came in January, the police report says someone saw an object that looked like an octopus hovering, but a policeman said the object appeared to be a star.

However, more reports followed of objects near local mall.

"It's definitely something. Could it be military? We're not sure if any military is flying an aircraft out there. It could be extraterrestrial," Bob Gardner, an UFO field investigator, said.

Bob Gardner is a volunteer investigator for the Mutual UFO Network.

He showed Action News images of something from one of his current investigation in Altoona. He will be one of three people looking at the Bucks County claims.

MUFON investigates reports all over the world; saying more than 90 percent of them can be explained as man-made.


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Bucks Co. 'UFO' Sightings Under Investigation
LANGHORNE, Pa. (CBS 3) ? Bucks County residents have their eyes on the sky after several reports of strange flying objects.

Witnesses said they saw a strange ball of light near the Oxford Valley Mall Tuesday.

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) said five or six sightings have been reported in the area since the beginning of the year.

Twin brothers from Morrisville cautiously gazed upon the unidentified flying object Tuesday afternoon.

"It looked like a boomerang and it had red and white flashing lights," Cole Browndorf said.

"The lights would just flash and they would stop for a minute or two and just flash again," Chase Browndorf said.

The twins were skeptical of the strange object until hearing others reported seeing the UFO above the mall.

While some are poking fun at the attention the bizarre lights are getting, Bob Gardner of MUFON said there is reason to 'Believe.'

"We can't be the only planet out there, there's got to be other life on other star systems," he said.

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