UFO or Just a Len's Flare in Photograph?
This image of a UFO was sent to us by Brian Rust from South Cockerington in response to recent reports of orange light UFOs seen over the Louth area.
Published Date: 11 September 2008

By Gemma Gadd

Is this a UFO?

EVIDENCE of alien visitations or a trick of the light produced by the camera's lens?

The photograph was taken on a Polaroid camera from Mr Rust's garden back in May last year but he is only now revealing it to the press.

He said: "It was around 8.30pm in the evening and I saw this beautiful rainbow outside so I went to the garage to get my camera and took several photographs of it.

"But it wasn't until I looked at the developed pictures that I saw this strange saucer-shaped light. It even appears to have light trails coming off the back of it.

"I obviously didn't see any lights or flying saucers with my own eyes but the camera obviously saw something."

When asked whether he thought it was a sign aliens had been visiting Louth, Mr Rust concluded: "Well, I like to keep an open mind."

* What do you think the light could be? Have you witnessed any 'paranormal' activity around Louth or Mablethorpe? Email gemma.gadd@jpress.co.uk

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