UFO Photographed over Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
New Mexico-05-31-08-My son, his friend, and I were returning from a trip to Bahia Kino, Mexico and were intending to stop and camp in Truth or Consequences. My son noticed this bright light, and pointed it out to me. I told him to grab the binoculars and look at it because it was not a star.

He told me that it was a cone with lights on the corners. We were about 10 minutes out of Truth or Consequences, so I immediately pulled over and began taking pictures with my Nikon 200mm. The object was north of us close to where we were going to camp so we headed towards it.

About 5 minutes south of town, my son told me it was turning red and beginning to move. I stopped the VW camper and had time to take one picture during the red shift just before it vanished. I did not see it leave as I was trying to get a another shot.

Editor's Note: This object could very well be a balloon, with the white and red colors being from reflected light.

UFO photograph, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

UFO photograph, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

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