Peru UFO Resembles 2005 Exeter, NH UFO
A UFO Casebook reader sent me an email with graphics, demonstrating the remarkable likeness of a UFO over Peru recently reported on the UFO Casebook, to a 2005 Exeter, NH sighting by a Navy veteran. The reader stated that:

After viewing the video clip from the rock concert in Peru, I realized that the craft was very similar to a UFO that was seen in Exeter, NH, in 2005. What struck me was not only the shape of the craft was similar, but the way the flames came from the underneath in the video is identical to the artist's rendering of the UFO the Navy Veteran saw in NH. I've attached a still from the video and the artist rendering.

A big thanks to our reader for bringing this to our attention. Graphic comparison at bottom of article.

The New Hampshire sighting is described below:

UFO Sighting in Exeter, NH-2005

07.29.05-By Adam Dolge

EXETER - There was something odd in the sky last week, something that caused a Navy veteran with 10,000 hours of flight experience to have his own close encounter.

The former flight engineer, who wished to be identified only as "David," said of the experience, "this was like nothing Iíve ever seen before."

What the retired Navy chief petty officer said he saw last Wednesday could only be classified as a UFO, an unidentified flying object.

It was a bright and sunny afternoon, about 3:15 p.m., and David was outside preparing his lawnmower. He had filled the mower with gas, checked the oil, and took a sip from a glass of water he had poured. When he tilted his head back to get the final sip, through the bottom of the glass he saw a large cigar-shaped object hovering in the sky.

David said windows were equally spaced around the object, however he didnít see anyone or anything inside. The size of the object was enormous. By comparison, he said, consider what an ultralight plane would look like next to a Boeing 747. He said it was about the size of two USS Nimitz aircraft carriers. At first glance, through his empty glass of water he thought it could have been the Hood blimp. "But, the instant I put my glass down, I said, Ďthatís not a blimp.í"

The object moved from west to east, very slowly for something that size, he said. His initial instinct was that the object was moving at about 100 knots, but something that big shouldnít be able to stay in the air if itís going that slow, he said.

The object began changing colors from a bright silver to an orange-ish red. A strange cloud of red and orange flames began surrounding the object, and before he knew it the object stretched out like a rubber band. It grew to about twice its original size, and then it was gone.

The entire incident lasted about 10 minutes, he recalled Monday morning, but he is unaware of the specific time because, "it felt like time stopped."

He went into his house and first thought to call the police. He decided not to because he didnít think theyíd take him seriously. So he went on the Internet and searched for "report UFO," and found the Web site for the Seattle-based National UFO Reporting Center.

Peter Davenport, director of the UFO reporting center, said Davidís report was astonishing because of his history with flight. "I have no question on his reliability."

Artist Depiction of New Hampshire Sighting Frame Capture of Peru UFO

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