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UFOs near the Moon? see Photos

I took these pictures on 1/18/2009. I live in Anaheim, California, and wanted to get some pictures of the moon. I used my telescope and my Kodak digital camera to take the shots.

When I viewed the first picture, I saw the objects and thought I had something on the lens of the cameras or on the reflector mirror of my telescope, so I cleaned them with some lens wipes.

Then I took another picture and the objects where still there, and I noticed that they were casting their own shadows on the moon. The time between the pictures were less than 4 minutes apart.

Now here's the best part, I got my camera in better focus and took a third shot and I noticed that the objects had moved positions. I'll leave you to decide what these objects are.

Thanks you for your time

Aaron H.

Anaheim, California

Objects near Moon? Objects near Moon? Objects near Moon?

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UFOs near the Moon? see Video
I live in Birmingham, UK, and on the night of the New Moon (03-11-2009), I was filming it through my telescope and noticed an unknown, dark object cross the face of the moon from left to right.

The telescope is a ETX 90 Meade connected to my computer.

It could be a satellite or just space junk. Please look at the video attached and let me know what you think it could be.



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