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Mysterious Figure Spotted & Photographed in Qatar
The picture of the strange-looking creature (courtesy: Al Watan)

Published: 10:00 AM 4/23/2009

(Editor's Note: We are publishing this report because we have had a lot of readers ask about it. I would say this is probably a hoax... but I can't prove it without access to the original photograph.)

As reported by the Gulf Times:

A mysterious figure resembling a human being was sighted on the Doha Corniche’s parking lot, according to a report published in a local Arabic daily.

The report is based on the statement of an Arab expatriate lady who said she had seen the strange figure near the Oryx statue while walking in the area.

Quoting the woman, the daily said she took a picture of it in spite of being terribly frightened.

“She was very soon surrounded by a large number of people who also attested to the fact of what she had seen. But it suddenly disappeared out of their sight when they tried to go near it,” the report added.

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