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Saucer Lands, Three Beings Appear near Temple, Texas, March, 2009
UFO Depiction

Edited by B J Booth

The following apparent UFO and alien sighting took place at night, near Temple, Texas, on March 22, 2009.

The main witness and his wife were heading southbound on I-35 from Waco, when his wife pointed to a strange light in the sky moving at incredible speed. It suddenly stopped on a dime over a field about a mile or so off the highway.

He pulled his car over to the shoulder of the road as they wondered what it was.

Suddenly it appeared to land in the field, and when it did, they could make out a disk shape but due to the darkness, it was hard to tell the exact shape of the object. It was a cloudy night.

He pulled his binoculars out of the back seat and when he focused in, he saw what did indeed appear to be a saucer-like object on the ground.

At first he dismissed it as a feeder for livestock due to the poor visibility, but soon realized this object had what appeared to be a door of some sort that opened up. From the interior of the craft, a reddish-orange light could be seen.

Then suddenly, 3 men (beings?) walked out of the craft and the door shut.

After about 3 minutes, the craft rose upward, hovered for a brief time, and then took off northbound at a very high rate of speed and the witnesses lost sight of it.

He then refocused on the field to see if he could see anyone or anything in the field, but visibility was very poor. He did note that the men appeared to have been walking in the direction of a rest stop that was just off of the field near the highway.

He wanted to make a turn, go northbound, and stop at the rest stop, but his wife would not let him; she was getting concerned that the men could in fact, be “aliens.”

He never regained sight of the three figures.

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