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UFO Photographed over Singapore City, Singapore

Published: 10:41 AM 7/19/2009

Singapore City, Singapore - 07-08-09

It was around 11:30 AM on 07/08/09 (Odd date right?) on the outskirt of Singapore city. I was in a friend's house taking photos out of the window facing away from the city when I zoomed in on a gliding bird.

I saw a glint of metal, and panned to see a large disk that looked about 35 feet in diameter descending very rapidly. Almost as a reflex I snapped the shot attached.

I looked up in disbelief and it was gone. I had my laptop with me and I immediately uploaded it to take a better look. I believe in life on other planets, but I never expected to personally see anything that instantly made me think "UFO" or "Alien".

At the time of the photo I only saw the UFO in the center of the picture, but after the upload I saw the spherical UFO in the corner, and a streak in front of the center UFO that lead me to believe that a third UFO was leading the other two.

I was skeptical at first, thinking up all sorts of strange excuses, and after I eliminated all possible causes I decided to report it somewhere. I tried at MUFON, but I was very reluctant to give out any personal information, so I found your site.

As far as I know I was the only witness, there were no unusual smells, no human aircraft, no electromagnetic effects that I remember (unless the radio going to white noise for a second or two after the UFO was gone), I didn't experience missing time.

The weather was clear and bright, but the sky looked weird to me that day. The UFO was in the north.

The UFO moved very quickly in a kind of a swoop, and I suspect it went back up into the sky before I looked up from my picture. I don't know how far or exactly how fast, but it was easily moving 5 x as fast as a normal airplane.

It was really close I think, and very high above the ground, There was no noise, and the picture shows the appearance. I was near an airport (everywhere in Singapore is, it is a very small island), but neither UFO looked human to me.

As I said before, I want to remain anonymous as to avoid anything this report can cause to happen in my life. Fee free to post this report anywhere you see fit, on your site or others.

Taken with NIKON Coolpix L-2 Thank You,

Singapore, Japan - 07-08-09

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