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Multiple Triangle Objects Observed over Colorado

Published: 3:38 PM 10/3/2009

Colorado - 10-02-09 My daughter Taja spotted them first as we were headed back from Wal-Mart flying over the mountains between Glenn Haven and Box Prairie. She stated she saw 7 total, but I only saw four by the time I parked he Van.

They were moving slowly from South to North and back. Two broke away and came East over Fort Collins, but returned to meet back with the others. We parked the Van on a remote country road to watch for 30 minutes.

I wish I had brought my camera or zoom binoculars in with me but I did not. With sunset not too far away, an hour or less, we had a great reflection off all objects. These are by far the largest UFOs I have seen to date and remind me of the ones that flew over Tucson, on Feb 15, 2009.

It was my daughters first, so she will remember forever at age 10. I wonder why seeing them from our angle was so easy, yet wonder why something this large cannot be seen from below perspective.

There was a slight haze of pollution in the air, but not enough to mask these objects at that size. I had groceries to get home so we left hoping there would be others reporting on these from other locations. Maybe people just don't look up too often at the sky especially in the day time.

I also noticed we had almost a full moon and wonder if the UFOs leverage this to their advantage on these nights.

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