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Lenoir, North Carolina UFO Sightings

Published: 6:35 PM 12/9/2009

Connelly Springs Road, Lenoir, North Carolina, USA

Multiple occurrences over several weeks. Recorded sightings were around 3 PM on November 25, 2009, and around 7-9 PM on November 28 and December 7, 2009. Other two sightings were around 8-10 PM.

Most eye catching sightings were fairly large orangish-yellow orbs. There appeared to be a dark top over the glowing orbs, but all these sightings were at night so we couldn't tell for sure. All sightings with these there were two orbs.

One moved very quickly, and the other remained in the same spot. However, both witnesses watched them disappear and reappear. One of the witnesses saw a helicopter a few hours after one of the sightings.

Other sightings included a smaller, fast-moving, red light (one of the witnesses later heard a helicopter close by), and a blinking, red light that moved back and forth in a swaying motion and then disappeared.

As for the November 25 sighting, there was a grayish, unlit object moving quickly which vanished. It was the only sighting that didn't look round in shape, but it was faint and hard to make out.

It appeared somewhat "translucent." There was a helicopter very nearby. We've also been seeing small, unmoving, blinking lights all over the night sky. They appear to be triangular in shape, with a white light on the top point, and two red lights on the base points. -All sightings were under fairly clear weather conditions.

-No unusual smells, sounds, or electromagnetic effects were detected.

-We did not experience "missing time."

-Witnesses were sisters Caitlin Haigler, 17, student, and Jessica Brakefield, 25, teacher, on all sightings. On November 25, four children also witnessed the sighting, and Benny Earp, 69, retired, and Michael Brakefield, 27, metal engineer, also witnessed the orangish-yellow orbs.

-All objects were heading standstill in the northwest or heading from there, southeast. They definitely appear to be much lower than planes.

-The area is a small, rural town. The closest airport is about 30 minutes away, and there are no military bases nearby. There is average airplane activity over this area, but it is rare that you see a helicopter.

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