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Video - NASA's Strike on Moon
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Published: 1:59 PM 10/10/2009

NASA's Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS), which uses an empty fuel tank to kick up a plume in order to measure the amount of water ice on the moon, is no more.

Early this morning the two-spacecraft combo careened into a crater, the first (called Centaur) serving as the impactor and the second (the Shepherding Spacecraft) measuring the plume on its own way to the surface.

The NASA video, taken by the craft itself, chronicles the end of the mission. The science and analysis is just starting. NASA has to sift through data from 9 onboard sensors as well as information from space-based and terrestrial telescopes.

Let's hope those craters have waterówithout it, you can forget about permanent moon bases.

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