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The REAL Men In Black

Published: 1:03 PM 2/7/2010

The first time I saw men in black was on TV... In 1997 a movie was made with Will Smith, and Tommy Lee Jones. It’s about government agents who dress in black, and they interview eye witnesses. These witnesses claim to have had an alien, or UFO encounter.

The men in black talk to the eye witness, and decide if it’s a true story, or one the witness made up.

Has anyone seen it?here’s also a part two to the movie. I prefer the first movie, but I think Will Smith does a great job in this film. My first thought was, “What a cool entertaing movie!” Little did I know, that there really are Men In Black…

Meet The REAL Men In Black

Men In Black or MIBs, as they sometimes called themselves, are dressed in black suits, with black sunglasses, and some can wear black hats also.

They are deeply connected to UFOs, and alien encounters. There’s more to it than that, because we do not know the whole story with these men.

When a person witnesses an alien, or UFO, these men in black are sent to interview the witness. Some people have said that they were harrassed, or even threatened by these men. It seems one of the goals of the men in black is to keep the witness quiet about what they’ve seen.

There have been thoughts about whether these men come from a government agency, but some people also believe that they are aliens, maybe sent here to protect secrets that we don’t know of yet.

The phenomenon was initially started in the 1950’s. There was a report in 1953 of someone that discovered a secret about flying saucers. He was harrassed and threatened by 3 men, all dressed in black suits.

According to the people who have encountered these men in black.

– They always have detailed information about the witness.

– They are not familar with everyday items, such as pens, eating utensils, or food.

– They claim to be from an agency that collects information about unexplainable phenomenon.

– In some cases they use a strange object, hoping to wipe the memory of the witness clean. These do not work, because the witness still has their memory of the encounter, and of this strange object being used.

– In other accounts the men in black try to suppress information by trying to convince the witness that nothing happened. Hoping the witness will acknowledge not seeing a ufo, or alien..

– They show the witness their government identities. But when the witness tries to verify this afterwards, they are told that these men don’t exist, or that these men died many years ago, or that these men do exist, but have different ranks.

– They will try to take away any physical proof of the encounter, like photos, audio, or video recordings.

– The voices are monotone, and their faces show no emotion.

Looking on the internet, I have found a few articles that claim the existance of these men in black. I personally have never had a meeting with them, so I have no proof, but… just because we can’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t there, right?

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