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Three Different Flying Objects Seen near Stephenville, TX

Published: 5:57 PM 1/4/2010

north of Stephenville, Texas, - 01-02-10

We saw 3 different objects tonight (1/2/2010) on I-20 north of Stephenville, TX. I caught two of them on video.

My family was traveling eastbound on I-20 on the evening of 1/2/2010. It was approximately 7:40 when I noticed a very bright object towards the south.

I kept traveling east bound and watching the object at our 1:00 position. It was producing red, green, and white lights and was pulsating. I told my wife to look out the window and watch this light.

As we continued down the road the object moved towards our 2:00 position. After watching it for five or so minutes, my wife decided she didn't know what it was and nor did I.

I decided at this time to pull over at a rest stop at Exit 390. My wife kept an eye on the object and it was now at our 3:00 position. We stopped the car near the entry of the rest stop. My still camera and video camera were packed in the back so I jumped out.

As I got out of the car my wife said that it disappeared, but she was able to get a great visual of this object. I was disappointed, but for some reason I still scanned the skies and as I looked towards my 11:00 (northerly) I saw an object coming straight overhead.

It had red and green lights on the tips and a white light in the middle. I waited a second because I thought it was an airplane that might be headed in the direction of the light we saw, but as it came closer I saw that it was a triangular craft. It was flying between 200-300 ft.

I immediately jumped to the back of my car and grabbed my still camera and took two shots- one without the flash and one with. The object went directly over my head. The best shape I can describe it as is the shape of your typical triangle highlighter. The edges were very rounded.

The tips of each end was a light. One side was solid green and the other side solid red. The front was a solid white. The white light was not very bright and I could see the contours of all the lights very clearly. It was not your typical bulb lights, but a solid and smooth light that was actually the ends of the triangle. Each corner of the triangle was a contoured light.

However, the white light in the front of the craft did not cover the entire nose. I did not hear a single engine sound out of the object. The highway could not have drowned out any normal aircraft since it was not that high. The object absolutely displayed it's lights like a normal airplane to anyone casually looking, but I was able to get such a good look at it there is no way it was anything "known."

I checked my still camera and the pictures were horrible. I then scrambled to retrieve my mini-hd sony camcorder out of the back of the van. By the time I got to it the object was just over the small tree line out of my site. I jumped back in and drove up to the exit of the rest stop.

I jumped back out and walked south (which would be my 3:00 position originally). I stopped near the access road and was still able to get some footage of the craft which now looked like a pulsating light. I've posted all the videos I shot of this object here. You can view them in HD, but they don't compare to the object as it flew over me.


I was still kicking myself because I didn't pull out the video camera first so I decided to see if I could head back west and catch up to the object since it was not moving that fast. I drove approximately 3 miles west on the access round south of I-20 and then turned south towards Stephenville.

I was 1 mile south of I-20 when I stopped and got back out of the car. It was very dark since the moon was just starting to come up. I looked West, but could not see the object any longer. As I looked around I saw the moon rising and I then noticed another flashing light south of me.

This starlike object was moving very slowly at first heading in a north east direction. It quickly picked up speed. A tree line was blocking my view, but it's trajectory should have allowed it to come through the other side of the tree line. It never did. That video is posted here:


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