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UFO Reported over Arlington, Texas
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:27 AM 2/23/2013

Arlington, Texas - 02-21-13 I saw one very bright, very vivid object maneuvering like nothing Iíve ever seen before. Best approximation is that it was 1000-2000 feet off the ground, though could be as much as a mile.

This approximation is based on scrutiny against fixed ground objects as well as my inability to focus on any sharp edges of the object.

Size of the object from my perspective, if height estimations are correct, is at least as big as a large commercial airliner. I was driving alone when I first saw it, but there were other cars on the road.

I saw at least one person slow down almost to a stop to look at it, but they did not stop, so I cannot speak for them.

As I was traveling east, the object came into view from my left (north) and accelerated to my right (south). I have never seen an object like this in the sky before, so I had no idea what it was. It was a definite acceleration from left to right.

It was nothing like Iíve ever seen an airplane do, and I have been traveling right next to DFW airport for work for many years.

It decelerated even more quickly and hovered to my right for many tens of seconds. I parked my car and got out. Though I was moving about a bit in excitement, I could tell it was spending some time in its position in a stationary hold, and would also "bob" a bit as well.

Then it started moving back toward the north. It didnít follow a perfectly horizontal trajectory. It seemed to bob up and down ever so slightly as it traveled north.

It exhibited a few other small momentary stops, starts, and non-linear movements, though I do not remember them precisely.

When it got back to approximately the same location as where I first saw it (from left to right and back, Iíd say the span equaled about 90 to 100 degrees in my best estimation, with an elevation of approximately 70 to 80-degrees off the horizon), it again very quickly decelerated and stopped.

It hovered there for what seemed to be more tens of seconds, and then quickly ascended vertically. It stopped again and then descended vertically below the tree line. I ran back to my car to try to find it again, but could not.

I have video as well. It is not extremely high quality, but I made sure to rest my phone against a light pole to minimize camera shake and did my best to align the focus point with the object. Unfortunately, in my excitement, I did not pay attention to the orientation of my phone, so the original videos are upside-down.

I have two clips of the object (about five minutes total).

The object was a very vivid configuration of red and blue lights. It was blue (almost violet) in the middle, with red affects surrounding the blue. It appeared to change angles as I watched it, but it seemed to be a somewhat flat disc configuration with the blue in the middle.

The colors did not pulse, nor did they seem to change in wavelength. They were much, much larger than any of the blue and red beacon lights Iíve ever seen on an airplane.

The lights seemed to fill the span of the object with very little space between them. It also did not make any sound that I could hear.

I do not rule out the possibility of my estimations of its elevations being incorrect and it being a police drone, but it is VERY difficult for me to believe that is the case due to its quite apparent size given my very careful (as well as I could) approximation of its elevation.

It would have to be one huge drone that moved very, very quickly.

Given the sizes of drones Iíve seen, it would have to be much, much lower in the sky than this object appeared to be as big as it was from my point of view.

I was very excited when I saw the object. I hear people talk about "UFOs" a lot and am quite fascinated with the phenomenon myself, but I have never actually seen anything that made me think something extraordinary was happening.

I have a very specific list of criteria I require before Iíll believe something is truly a "UFO" and not something mundane. This object passed muster by a long shot.

Its erratic and extremely unusual flight characteristics were undeniable, as were its supposed speeds and accelerate/decelerate capabilities from my perspective. I was very excited during the experience and still am.

I would be happy to share the video files. They are quite large and are upside-down though. I will attempt to compress them and rotate them, but will also happily share the unedited originals if required/helpful.

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