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Reader Shares Her Experience of Seeing UFO in Chilhowie
UFO Depiction
Published: 7:30 AM 9/3/2013

Robert "Rocky" Cahill/Columnist

Are you with me on being truly sick and tired of cloudy, rainy weather? It seems like it's been months since we have had a stretch of sunny days with nice temperatures and bright blue skies all day long.

I am a fair-weather person. I don't like it cold. I don't like rainy weather. I hate snowy weather. I'm happiest when it’s warm and sunny with blue skies.

I think it goes back to my teen-age years when I was a newspaper carrier.

Back then carriers delivered either on bicycle or foot. In addition, you didn't use boxes by the roadside. Instead, you placed it wherever the customer wished. If they lived way off the road at the top of a hill and wanted their paper on the porch or behind their storm-door that's where they got it.

As I said, I think the years my brother Rusty and I spent delivering the paper is one of the main reasons I strongly dislike rainy or snowy weather. While it has not actually been months since a sunny day, here, near South Holston Lake in Washington County, it has been rainy and cool for a majority of the days in the last month or so.

Enough so, that as I said earlier, I am truly sick and tired of it.

This week, a kind lady, Margaret Wagner Allen, sent me a wonderful note that cheered me up from the wet-weather blues for the first time in many days. Ms. Allen is an area native who attended Emory & Henry College. It was there that she met her late husband.

Both graduated from E&H in the mid-1950s. Their son also attended and graduated from E&H in 1980. Ms. Allen is a Washington County native, growing up in the Kelly's Chapel area. Her family owned a farm on Rt. 762 (Love's Mill Road), and she attended elementary school at Barrack Elementary, which was near her family's farm.

After her graduation from college, she served for seven years as a classroom teacher and librarian at Meadowview Elementary. Eventually, both her late husband and mother began suffering the maladies common to many people as they reach advanced age. Both ended up in the nursing home where my wife, Terry, worked for many years in Abingdon. It was there that Ms. Allen got to know Terry. She said she recalled when Terry and I married.

However, none of this was the primary reason for her writing. After the death of her parents and her husband, she moved to northern Kentucky to be near her son, an attorney.

She still subscribes to both the Smyth County News & Messenger and the Washington County News in order to keep up with her family and friends in this area. She had read my recent column on UFOs that my brothers and I had seen over many years.

In 1968 and 1969, she and her family lived on state Route 762, south of Chilhowie between the road and the river, just across from Scenic View Golf Course. Ms. Allen was standing in her kitchen one night when she happened to look out the window in her door. She noticed what she described as "a very bright light."

She kept watching and after a few minutes, the light began moving slowly toward her home, traveling from east to west.

She called her husband and son, who were watching a football game on TV. Her son William came in the kitchen and walked outside with her, standing in their driveway. Allen said the brightly lit object stopped almost directly above them.

She described the object as being round with lights spaced around its bottom. She said she and her son stood still, amazed and a little afraid. Then they heard an airplane coming.

The UFO quickly rose in the air and rapidly flew off, passing over the river bluff behind their home. Her son drew a picture of what they saw. She said she still regrets not calling her neighbors out to see the UFO.

She is not alone. My brothers and I have seen UFOs on more than one occasion. In truth, most folks have seen a UFO at some time. After all, the letters UFO stand for Unidentified Flying Object. Most of us have looked up into the night sky and seen something flying across, something that we could not see well enough to say for sure exactly what it was.

I remember once seeing a large green cylindrical-shaped object coming down at an angle while driving through Saltville late one night. It came down over the ridge known as Mill Cliff. Once it was fairly close, it began settling by sliding slowly back and forth much like a sheet of paper will do if accidentally dropped to the floor from above.

Now, I didn't see it well enough to say it was full of aliens or anything else for that matter, but I darn sure don't know exactly what it was. So by technical description, it was an Unidentified Flying Object.

A freelance journalist, Robert “Rocky” Cahill writes regularly for the News & Messenger. His Possum Philosophy column appears in each Saturday edition.

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