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Did Extra-terrestrials Civilize Man?
Ancient Astronauts
Published: 2:52 PM 5/30/2013

By Leonard Farra

It’s said that the most sensational thing that could happen, in the history of man, would be contact with an extra-terrestrial civilisation. However, the greatest secret of all time is that it may have happened several thousand years ago.

For those who are interested in learning more about this subject, my advice to you is keep an open mind, read the evidence and draw your own conclusions. Erich Von Daniken popularised the Ancient Astronaut theory in the 1970’s and, over the years, other alternative researchers have made their contributions to the subject.

When I began my research, more than 30 years ago, I covered the early religions, legends, traditions, and archaeology of the Ancient Middle East and what I learnt about the ‘sky-gods’ enabled me to decode the secret inner religion, allegorical stories, and the symbolism of Early Egypt. (1)

I was so intrigued with what I found that I continued my research in other parts of Asia, Africa, and in the pre-Christian New World and , to my amazement, wherever I looked, I discovered similar sky-god traditions to those of the Ancient Middle East. (2) My study of the Stone Age also produced some fascinating results (3) including a revolutionary explanation of Stonehenge.

For millions of years, various forms of man lived on this planet as hunter gatherers but, around 5,000 years ago, something very unusual happened. Pyramid building civilisations began to appear on the coasts of Peru and Brazil, and in other countries, Many tribes were on the move settling into new lands and forests were cleared.(4) One possible explanation, for what was happening, comes from the Ancient Sumerians but let’s first see what they said occurred previously because, if it’s true, it was an incredible milestone in the history of man.

The Sumerians said that, when they were living in another land, they were visited by a group of civilising beings who they called the Annunaki. (5) Although other early people didn’t know them by this name, there is evidence to suggest that their leaders were revered as gods, the creators, or sometimes ancestral figures. As we shall see, however, there is evidence to suggest that they were extra-terrestrials and not gods.

One important thing, that Ancient Astronaut theorists overlook, is that if extra-terrestrials visited to our planet, there would have been references to their craft. In fact, early religious symbolism, sacred architecture, rituals, and numerous allegorical stories, suggest that the aliens arrived in a fleet of discs which emerged from a huge mother-ship.(6) It seems likely that when the Ancients saw them descending from the sky, they were so shocked that they thought that the heavens, or maybe mountains, were coming down to Earth.

Five thousand years ago, people began to turn their attention from Earth to the heavens and they started to worship a male sky-god. Who was he? Well, he might have been the civilising deity who the Sumerians called Ea, or Enki, who appears to have been known around the world under a variety of names.

This being was said to have taught people agriculture, and many useful crafts, and in cultures, where there are descriptions of him, we learn that he had the appearance of a tall, white, bearded, man who wore a long white robe and sandals. Some people were so amazed when they saw him that they thought that he came from the Sun. (7) In Egypt, he was known as the civilising god Osiris.

The Egyptians made him their God of the Dead and he played a major role in their religion for thousands of years. I knew that a circular form of symbolism, which was associated with him, was similar to one of Ea’s symbols and when I researched the Americas, one of the fascinating things that I discovered was that this form of circular symbolism was associated with the Incan god Viracocha in Peru and that there are references to it in a North American Native legend.

With regard to the rise of civilisation,5,000 years ago, and the re-settlement of several tribes in new lands, Sumerian, and other sources, say that after the visit of the star beings, some Earth people became wicked and when they learned what was happening, the gods destroyed them with a flood. This story appears to refer to the substantial climate change, that occurred around that time, which was accompanied by extensive flooding in various parts of the world. (8)

Many seas and rivers also reached their present levels. These adverse climatic events seem to have been the subject of hundreds of deluge legends the gist of which was that ‘The Flood’ was caused by a god, or gods, who destroyed an evil people. Many of these tales say that only two people survived and that from them was descended the human race. However, there is no evidence to suggest that the flood covered the whole world and, in any event, this story was clearly allegorical as there appear to have been many survivors.

Nobody knows, for example, the origin of the Sumerians but when they arrived in their new land, in Southern Iraq, ‘5,000 years ago, they settled among the country’s less developed population and their writings say that they arrived from a land called Dilmun. Nobody knows where Dilmun was but the indications are that the Sumerians were some of the survivors of ‘The Flood’. (9)

After they cleansed Earth of its evil people, the star-gods were said to have departed and were never seen again. In the post -deluge era, the Sumerians associated their craft, with destruction (10) and many early people linked them with serpents. A North American Delaware legend, for example, tells of an early conflict with snake people which resulted in a great flood that destroyed mankind. (11)

For thousands of years, throughout the world, snakes were associated with gods, and goddesses, even in countries, or islands, where they didn’t exist. Some of the Romans kept snakes in their homes and this was a popular custom in parts of Northern Europe until a few hundred years ago. Effigies of god-like beings, with serpents, are carved on rocks in Utah (12) and in Scandinavia (13) and serpents featured, prominently, in religious art in pre-Columbian, Central American, temples. There is a famous serpent mound in Ohio, U.S.A. and there is another in the British Isles where religious rituals appear to have been enacted. (14) Many early people also celebrated with serpent dances. Some folk ,such as the North American Hopi, still do.

According to many early traditions, ‘The Flood’ was linked with the star-gods and the Pleiades. These stars were also associated with agriculture and agricultural seasons, and festivals of renewal, commenced with their rising. Some people placed their origin in them (15) or associated them with the Creation. In Babylon, commencing from the reign of Hammurapi, the last month of the calendar was known as Arakh-Sibuti, the month of the Seven Stars or Pleiades (16) and the New Year, which followed, was a re-enactment of the Creation.

In Mexico, the appearance of the Pleiades, at the end of the Aztec 52 year cycle, was a time for celebration as it began a new era. The Pleiades also featured in numerous religious traditions ,and legends, throughout the Americas. (17)

Mountains, and high places, were associated with the gods and so were the huge artificial mountains, (pyramids), which many early people built. These huge structures were made from stone, brick and earth. Some had steps, or pathways, leading to their summits, where religious rituals were enacted. Egyptian pyramids only had internal features but in the South-West United States, the ruling class had their homes on top of huge flat earth mounds which indicated that, like the gods, they were above the common people.

One thing that many conventional scholars do not appreciate is that similar sky-god symbolism was built into pyramids in Babylon, Assyria, Central and South America and into some in Egypt such as the 4,500 year old Great Pyramid. (18)

In its day, this amazing structure was one of the most important religious monuments in the country where it was linked with certain natural, annual, events such as the flooding of the Nile and the appearance of stars which were of special significance in Egyptian religious traditions. This happened around the time of the New Year and together with the Great Pyramid, they were associated with Egypt’s sky-god linked Creation legend. (19)

Easter Island is claimed to be an ‘unsolved’ mystery’. This remote Pacific island was discovered by Jacob Roggeveen on Easter Sunday in 1722 and that’s how it got its name. The island has been studied by several scholars, such as Katherine Routledge, in 1913, the Norwegian Archaeological Expedition in 1955/56, the French ethnologist Francis Maziere who visited it in 1963, William Liller, who was involved in astro-archaeological research in 1989, and archaeologist Jo Anne Van Tilburg who studied the island’s moai (stone statues) .

Easter Island’s most famous visitor was the late explorer,/researcher Thor Heyerdahl, of Kon Tiki fame whose theories about the history of the island are not accepted by the short sighted Establishment but they deserve to be treated seriously because they throw important light on the origin of some of its people. (20)

Some alternative scholars believe that Easter Island’s moai were the work of extra-terrestrials or were made under their guidance. However, it’s generally accepted that the islanders made the statues themselves and then manoeuvred them into position sometimes miles from where they were cut from the rock. What, then, was the religion of the islanders?

Well, the significance that they placed on the Pleiades, their legend of origin, their calendar, and the position of the sites where they placed some of the most import moai, suggest that they followed a version of the same sky-god religion as the Incas, Aztecs, Maya, North American Native peoples, and many other folk in the pre-Christian Old World. As for the island’s ‘bird-man’ cult, that’s another fascinating story.(21)

The inner religion of the Druids is claimed to be another ‘unsolved’ mystery. The Druids, who lived thousands of miles from Easter Island, were a priestly caste in the British Isles, and Western France whose secret traditions were memorised by their bards in the form of thousands of mystical verses. The earliest influence on them dates back thousands of years but their inner beliefs may be reflected in a mystical poem, ‘The Spoils of Annwn’ which is attributed to Taliesin, Britain’s chief 6th century bard.

The fifth stanza in this poem says : ‘they know not the brindled ox with the thick head-band, having seven score knobs in his collar’. (22) This animal, which was ‘reputedly unknown to the public’, was Taurus and the ‘seven score knobs’ are thought to be the Pleiades in its shoulder. The main Celtic festivals were Bel’taine, on 1st May, and Samhain on 1st November. Both were regulated by the appearance of these stars ( a new beginning). The Pleiades linked Bel’taine is the origin of May Day celebrations which are now a time for demonstrations and rioting.

The symbolic layout of a secret underground complex, in Giza, in Egypt, not far from the pyramids, was very similar to that of an Irish Druid sanctuary where secret initiation rites were enacted. (23) It might be thought that this is only a coincidence but there is something much deeper to this story. The plan of these sanctuaries resembles the claimed ‘place of origin’ of the Maya, and other peoples, in Central America. This tradition has mystified scholars because they do not appreciate that it’s allegorical and that it was linked with the Early World star-god religion.

It’s not known if the Druids enacted their sacred rites in stone circles but ,in present times, this is a custom of Welsh Bards. There are stone circles right across the Northern Hemisphere from the British Isles in the West to Japan in the Far East. Some are on South Sea Islands, and in parts of the Americas, and there are also some on Easter Island. There were two sacred areas in the south of England.

One was centred on Stonehenge, the most famous Stone Age structure of the Ancient world, and the other was the huge Avebury Stone Circle complex. Some archaeologists believe that Stonehenge was dedicated to the ancestors but, occasionally, the taboo word ‘gods’ is mentioned. What they do not seem to realise, though, is that there is sky-god symbolism both at Stonehenge and at Avebury (24 ) and this suggests that the sky people, who were revered, at that time, in other parts of the world, were also worshipped at these two ancient English sites.

What archaeologists also tend to overlook, because they only focus their attention on England, is that the first phase of the Stonehenge Circle, and the date accepted as the beginning of Egyptian civilisation, is around 3,100 b.c.e. The Hindu calendar cycle begins in the year 3,102 b.c.e and that of the Maya twelve years earlier and both of them represent the beginning of the present era which followed the previous age that was reputedly destroyed by the ‘sky-gods.’

We have also seen that around this time there was climate change, and substantial flooding, in parts of the world, and that advanced civilisations arose in several countries. The era around 5,000 years ago, it would seem, was the rebirth of civilisation and not its dawn as is generally believed.

Many Early Middle Eastern legends were sky-god linked and so were some of the famous Greek stories. The same comment applies to the Book of Enoch, written about 2300 years ago, and the Book of Revelation, in the New Testament, which dates to about 400 years later. In the 5th and 6th centuries, versions of these legends spread across Europe, and parts of the Middle East, and some were popular during the Middle Ages. Set in a modern context, a few of them are still with us in the themes of certain famous adventure , and musical, films.

The Early World’s sky-god religion was an influence on numerous aspects of human life over the past 5,000 years. Few Egyptologists, for example, realise that the Egyptian Book of the Dead was based on events which, reputedly, occurred in the pre-Deluge era. The sky-god religion was an influence on mystical cults, such as Mithraism, on the astronomical alignments of temples, on star-lore and astrology, and it resulted in numerous legends, traditions and customs, such as serpent dances and May Day celebrations.

It’s reflected in star-lore, numerology, place names, old sayings, and early teachings at Chartres Cathedral in France, which were based upon sky-god linked Greek traditions. Therefore, in my opinion, astronomers involved in the S.E.T.I project, who are searching for evidence of Extra-terrestrial life, will get much quicker results if they take serious notice of what the Ancients said about the subject and they should also listen to North American Native initiates who are awaiting the return of the sky-people.


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