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UFO in Eugene Oregon Seen By Multiple People on April 25
UFO Depiction
Published: 2:50 PM 4/26/2013

City, State, Country of sighting?

Eugene, Oregon 97402

Date and Time of Sighting?

4/25/2013 10:54 pm thru 11:20 pm

Shape, Size, and Color of UFO?

String of lights 1 to 2 football fields in length, white blinking lights

Name of other Witnesses?

Apryl S, my wife

Did you see or hear any airplanes or helicopters?

No planes or helicopters seen during sighting.

Weather conditions at time of sighting?

Mostly clear night sky

Were there any pictures or videos taken of the object/s?

My wife tried to take Iphone video, but didn't think anything showed up. Will download later and look on my computer to see if anything is viewable.

Please give all details of the sighting that you can recall.

My wife and I were driving on the Beltline which runs east-west approaching River Road when I saw a long string of blinking lights.

This immediately caught my attention since I had not seen anything like this before, and I consistently look up in the sky for anything unusual.

At first I thought I was looking at a incredibly large single object, and made sure my wife was seeing the same thing I was. I pulled off on the side of the road to observe.

The lights were about as bright as airplane lights, but only blinking white, and not in any discernible pattern.

There were a total of 9 lights in a horizontal line running from north to south. I counted the lights several times.

Some of the lights like the top one and bottom one were stationary. As I observed them, some of the lights in the formation were moving left to right, or appearing to wiggle in approximately the same area and others were stationary.

I was fascinated by the movement of some of the lights within the line.

I had never seen anything move back and forth so quickly in the same space of sky. It was like it was confined to maybe a 50 foot section of the area of sky and kept racing back and forth without stopping for the entire time we observed them.

When I say fast, I mean I was paying more attention to the third one from the bottom/farthest away- It would move right left right left in the space of 1 and a half seconds, continuously zipping back and forth non-stop.

Some lights moved a lot, some moved a little, and some stayed stationary up in the sky.

Around 11:12 to 11:15 or so, one of the lights appeared to drop from the line down towards the earth and appeared to blink a red/blue color on the way down.

It took approximately 7 to 10 seconds to go out of sight. I definitely got the impression though that this light was going straight down.

At about 11:18, it started moving Northwesternly direction and was out of site by 11:20.

I could tell that it was stationary and when it started to move because there was a telephone pole across the highway from us and we were pulled off and stationary.

It stayed in the same section of sky up until 11:18. I took note of the times on my car clock when we started watching and when it started moving.

It could have been one massive object high up in the sky because although some of the light were moving slightly left and right (horizontally), they all stayed in the same positions relative to each other vertically, both when hovering and when it moved off to the northwest.

The lights were quite bright at times, and appeared to blink, but not in a pattern like a strobe light. Sometimes they would blink from top to bottom in sequence, but not very often.

Other than hover in relative close proximity to each other, and the oddity of some of the lights racing left and right within the line, there were no other strange maneuvers made by the object.

I do not believe that this was a string of lights attached to a balloon because of the height, the brightness of the lights and the strange maneuvering of some of the lights within the line while the first and last two in line appeared to remain stationary, along with one or two in the middle.

It was difficult to determine just how high up these lights were. They were lower in the sky than jets fly; maybe about the height that a Cessna would fly over town. They were definitely higher than I've seen helicopters fly around here before.

Whether this was a single massive object or a tightly coordinated group of objects, this was by far the most interesting UFO I have seen in the last ten years.

I had my wife look up KVAL news and call them. She handed me the phone and I spoke with someone there while I was observing, and the person there told me several people had called in reporting the lights, so I know there were multiple observers, and I'm sure you can confirm this by calling them as well.

This is the first UFO report I have sent in, although this is not the only time in my life that I have seen a UFO.

I do internet work and my wife manages a group of medical clinics. We are in our 40s, are of sound mind and did not drink or have anything in our system that would hinder our judgment.

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