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Unidentified Objects Reported over Hampton, Pennsylvania
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:57 PM 3/20/2013

Hampton, Pennsylvania - 03-16-13

Iím reporting this sighting for my friend Mike. He says he went outside to grab a smoke and was casually looking around when he noticed a bright object in the western sky.

With the unaided eye, it appeared to be oval and was much too large to be a star or planet. Upon scanning the sky for other such objects, he saw there were several - stretching from horizon to horizon - with one, directly overheard.

He watched them for several minutes and noted that they tended to cluster in groups of three, but they would occasionally separate, one or two moving off to join others - always traveling in a straight line.

Some, however, appeared to remain stationary, but once in a while, one would simply disappear - then reappear, some distance off.

When he was confident the sighting was lasting and not going to end abruptly, he went inside to tell other members of his family about what was happening and to grab a small pair of binoculars he had handy. He says he also had a disconcerting feeling (like he was being watched) and, although he was fascinated by the sighting, he felt a bit anxious and didnít want to be alone.

He returned outside with his family members who also witnessed the objects. "M" says he looked at the one directly above them with the binoculars and was astonished by what he saw! It was apparent these objects were at a very high altitude, but the one he was observing still filled the binoculars entire field of view. They were gigantic.

He could now see the objects were, in fact, not oval - but, more triangular in shape, with rounded corners (they were so high up, however, he couldnít be sure the exact shape of the entire object. Although he believed he was looking at the underside of the objects).

The surface of the object was visible only with magnification and each seemed to be made up of hundreds of "panels" with no visible, physical, means of connection or reinforcement, holding them together.

The panels had no visible "borders" and seemed to butt right up against each-other. The objects pulsated and were surrounded or encased by a light green glow.

The panels making up the surface changed color somehow, too - seemingly "by themselves" as nothing else was visible to cast light upon them. I guess you could say they appeared translucent, but the source of the panel-light is a mystery (internal vs. external).

"M" struggled to describe the lights on the objects surface, saying there were multiple "lines of rainbow-colors" which would sweep across the crafts surface... of various colors, which would repeat.

He thought the frequency at which the colors rotated to be about once around the craft per second repeating again and again, throughout the sightings duration. Because of the colors, the craft gave the appearance of "pulsating" and the green glow surrounding the craft was visible over the rainbow colors.

"M" and his family viewed the objects for around two hours, and then retired for the night. He says, however, that the lights have been present every night since - at least, when clouds didnít obscure his vision (as they have, most nights since). He says he saw them again, just last night.

I should add that, at my request, Mike has called me the last two times (he says) theyíve been present. I have far superior binoculars and even an amateur astronomer telescope, but I havenít been able to see them, due to heavy cloud cover (I live near Gettysburg & we are about 12 miles apart).

Our current weather forecasts are discouraging, unfortunately. Today is Monday, March 18th (2013) and were not expected to have clear skies until the weekend! Unfortunately, my digital camcorder recently broke, but if/when I see them, I will make a report as well.

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