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UFO: Military-like Jets Pursue Flying Entity over Ontario
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Published: 12:58 AM 3/21/2013


An ex-Canadian Military Recon Paratrooper have reported sighting a UFO being chased by military jets over Grafton, Ontario on 9 March, 2013 at 12:00 AM.

This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

The witness begins the report by describing the location and time of the sighting.

“I was on Lake Ontario south of the Village of Grafton on the shoreline. At 10:30pm EST.”

The witness then describes the number of objects that he saw. He also talks about their direction, altitude, shape and position.

“I noticed 3 lights over the Lake due west about 5-8 miles out in a line formation but at different levels. The light on the left was the lowest then the middle light was higher and the far right was the highest. They seem to form at perfect line.”

The witness further describes his connection with the military and talks about his interest in aircrafts and flying.

He also analyzes the lights emitted by these objects and based on that he concludes that they were not aircrafts.

“I’m an ex Canadian Military Recon Paratrooper and I try to learn everything I can about aircraft and flying. So at first what I saw almost looked like para-flares dropped from an aircraft.

At this point I noticed that the lights were not descending at all. I also noticed that the lights were changing colors from blue to blue-green to red to turquoise. I know para-flares are orange”

He then talks about the duration for which he was able to view them. He also talks about fast changes in altitude and direction of those objects, during that time.

“I continued to watch them for about 3-5 minutes. Then I noticed the far left light increased it altitude about 1000- 2500(10 degrees) feet within a matter of 2 seconds.

"At the same time the far right descended altitude about 500-1000(5 degrees) feet. The center light did not move it during this.”

The witness then tells us how the lights remained in the same formation for a while and then disappeared. “So now the lights still are just as bright but the far left is the highest and center and far right are at the same level. The light stayed at this formation for about another 8-10 minutes then disappeared. It’s not like the lights burned out.”

The witness further talks about the speed at which they disappeared. He also talks about the appearance of fighter jets.

“When I lost sight of them it was like they were moving away at a high rate of speed. About 45-60 minutes later around 11:00pm EST, I heard fighter jets.”

The witness tells us about what he was doing when he saw the jets and also talks about their direction and altitude.

“I was still outside and looked again to the west and saw 2 fighter jets around the same altitude in full after burner flying CAP (Combat Air Patrol).”

He also provides us with a description of the military jets and tells us that they were probably Canadian F/A-18 fighters.

“The after burners came and when. The aircraft had no navigation, landing or strobe lights. A few times I have seen the Green formation combat light during one of their turns. The Military Fighter Jets had twin engines that I could see while they were in afterburner power. I assume they were Canadian F/A-18 fighters.”

The witness further describes why the appearance of fighter jets puzzled him.

“The only issue is that I am about 50km from Canadian Forces Air Force Base Trenton. This base does not have fighters stationed there. It’s an air lift wing using C-17s,C-130s,Airbus A319s and twin engine hueys for the search and rescue. The closest Canadian Air Base that has fighter aircraft is about 500km away.”

The witness then tells us about the duration for which the fighter jets remained at that location and describes how they disappeared. He also tells us how the public relations denied the presence of military aircrafts in that region, when contacted.

“The Fighter aircraft stayed in that area only for about 10 minutes then climbed to a higher altitude and headed due west. I contacted the Public Relations Office at CFB Trenton and asked about military aircraft flying in that area.

He reported that no military aircraft were flying that night over the lake. Only military aircraft was a C-130 about 80 miles north of me around 8 pm EST.”

The witness finally tells us how he is certain that the objects that he saw initially were not aircrafts.

“I know what I saw was not an aircraft of any sort. I have been around a lot of civilian and military aircraft my whole life so I can say I know what I am looking at was not aircraft.”

The above quotes were edited for clarity.

MUFON requests the readers to keep in mind that many reports of UFO sightings can be explained scientifically as natural phenomenon.

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