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2010 - Beam of Red Light Appears in Maryland Canyon
UFO Depiction
Published: 2:29 PM 6/27/2013

Lanacoming, Maryland - 05-28-10

My friend and I were wound up after a long day and needed to get out. When we get together we are normally late night people, so even though we did a lot that day, we werenít very tired.

We went for a late night car ride and wound up at Danís Rock, a fairly close mountaintop view place that some of the kids in town told us about. They said the view would be fabulous, even at night.

After a fairly long hike to the top we took in the view, which was impressive. From where we were standing, which is the very top of the mountain, I could make out tree tops beyond the rocks, at the bottom.

The trees themselves are around 40 ft.tall, so it was easy to judge our elevation at around 1,000 ft. You can see over a very large valley which leads to some homes and business across the other side.

I would have loved to see it in daylight. Although somewhat windy, it was very peaceful up there.

At about 4:15 am, just as I was commenting that we should stay long enough to make the hike back down worth it, I noticed what appeared to be a very bright star.

My friend said "itís an airplane, see its moving." and I agreed; until it stopped movement, hovered in one spot for about 6 seconds, then turn about 40 degrees and sped off in a zigzag manner.

We both thought it was a little weird, and chalked it off to some military plane or something like that.

Only minutes later, we decided to have a cigarette before beginning the climb down, and just after lighting it, I saw a beam of red light all the way at the bottom of the chasm.

The red light appeared just like a 1/2 inch diagonal laser pointer dot that moved from left to right horizontally, approximately 5 inches over 1 1/2 seconds, then disappeared.

I saw it first, all the way at the bottom. Around 10 seconds later, it appeared again, identical in shape and size, about 150 feet higher than the first time. I had no idea what it was.

I called my friends attention to it. He looked over the side of the railing with me and sure enough, the light appeared four more times, rising in elevation 150 or so feet each time, lighting around every 10 seconds in the exact size time and shape as before.

It definitely changed path a couple of time on the way up, but was essentially a vertical ascent. The light finally appeared at eye level, approximately 20 feet in front of us hanging directly over the chasm.

There was absolutely no noise, no outline of any kind, only the light.

We both got spooked, and just as I said "maybe we should get out of here," the light reappeared from eye level 20 feet away to eye level about 10 feet away. We made our way out of there with due haste, and never saw it again.

I have been bugged by this over the last several years, and my friend and I always discuss our theories, but in all my research over that time I have never found a similar incident reported.

Some say it was some joker with a laser pen on a balloon. That would be easier to accept if it wasnít so windy and four oíclock in the morning.

Really, would someone be out there at that hour, at the bottom of Danís Rock just waiting for someone to show up so they can play a trick?

I just donít know. But I would love to. Please advise if you have ever heard of a similar incident.

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