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Reasons for Not Perceiving UFO Abductions Myopically
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Published: 10:13 AM 2/10/2013

By Diane Tessman

Abductions by UFO occupants must be taken seriously. After abductions, the abductees should be given counseling or at least a chance to freely express themselves amongst empathetic equals. The opinions and conclusions of abductees must be welcomed into the general discussion on what and who is in our skies. They have an invaluable contribution to make. In fact, many of “them” is “us” who have become over the years, UFOlogists.

I am sure Chris Holly and I agree on the paragraph above, but we diverge on a number of abduction issues. I had understood that Ms. Holly had ended the “real time abduction” articles, but since the subject is back, I wish to comment as I did when these articles of Ms. Holly’s were published in previous years.

My biggest concern is that Ms. Holly presents a group of six people as the ultimate abductees and perhaps the only legitimate abductees. Perhaps she would say there are more legitimate abductees somewhere, but she excludes any of us who do not remember exactly the moment we encountered the aliens but rather have undergone hypnotic regression.

In my own case, I do consciously remember the most important aspect of my encounter but I remembered surrounding details during hypnotic regression. There are all sorts of variations, of course, depending on the individual abductee. However, Ms. Holly excludes all of us as legitimate abductees because of her definition of “real-time” as being all-important. This simply means her abductee friends claim to remember the moment they were abducted consciously. This is slim criteria for excluding thousands of us.

It concerns me that Ms. Holly claims to have specific, authoritative information on abductions and aliens as if a careful, reasonably large scientific study had been done when in fact, there were not hundreds of abductees in her group, there was no control group, it was not a scientific study. There were six people in the real-time abduction social circle. She had stated previously that originally there were twelve, but six people dropped out of the group.

Ms. Holly is the only one who decided these six cases are valid abductions, if I understand it correctly. No going through the wall when asleep allowed, no altered-state encounters, just “real-time.” This definition in itself is myopic; the phenomenon is much more complicated than defining what time is “real” and what time is “not real.”

“Real-time” narrows the perimeters in a very reactionary way. Even human military people can easily drug someone they are abducting.

Ms. Holly writes, “The first thing this group talked about was how shocked they were when they looked at how the subject of aliens were (sic) handled among the many internet sites, forums and radio shows that discuss the topic. The Real Time Abductees thought that at this point in time people understood that aliens came in many forms and from many different places.”

In fact, for all the static on the Internet and radio, there is no shortage of theories of “aliens coming in many shapes and forms.” I do not comprehend this point which Ms. Holly has repeated over and over. To paraphrase her, “The rest of you people just do not know the Unknown like the Real-Time Abductees and I know it.”

Is there proof that these real-time abductions happened since they are presented as a defining and scientific landmark in UFOlogy? Do they have unexplained scars? (Some of us do who are not in the real-time group). Present us with physical evidence if you expect us to accept that these six people are the ultimate legitimate abductees.

Otherwise, they are in the same boat as the rest of us. Also, Ms. Holly states some parts of their abductions are not remembered cleared by them; I just don’t see why they are different from other abductees!

Ms. Holly’s six friends really dislike, almost as a mass mind, “those who lie about abductions.” Who made them experts? I’m not being rude; I sincerely would like to hear details on their opinions since Ms. Holly has once again presented the real-time subject.

Is it wise to put all our abduction eggs in the baskets of six people, accepting their abductions as absolutely valid simply on the word of one writer – even as they judge “those who lie” without examining each individual case? What were Ms. Holly’s specific criteria for judging these six as unquestioningly valid?

Is it wise to say with absoluteness, “These six are frightened, they seem traumatized, they say they had real-time abductions, so therefore they are valid,” but then to say, “This other person says he was frightened but he remembered this abduction only under hypnosis (an honest statement, perhaps), and therefore he is lying. Invalid! Liar!

UFO Depiction Why cast stones at others who are also deeply involved in the UFO phenomenon while presenting no actual evidence on any aspect?

I am trying to understand why these six are a lot more pivotal, valid, and important, than hundreds of other possible abductees, maybe thousands of others.

“Real time” can be lied about too, or exaggerated, or even hallucinated. They do not want attention, yet, they are receiving attention. However, I am not attacking these six. Certainly opinion presented as fact by a writer can and should be questioned.

I sincerely want to benefit from full understanding of “real time abductions,” but it is presented as absolute truth gathered from research. I know it is certainly heartfelt, sincere hard work, social meetings, discussions, emotional release, but maybe not totally objective, all the while being judgmental. However, it still has worth and can benefit us. The “judgmental of the rest of us” is that to which I truly object!

“Not totally objective” is fine. None of us are absolutely objective; that’s my point. There should not be “judgment of others” (other abductees), when we all are subjective.

One more question: Are the aliens after the Irish? Originally, Ms. Holly indicated the six real-timers are completely Irish. However, she has now amended this to “having Irish blood.” Many Americans have Irish blood, especially on the east coast.

Could this opinion that aliens are after the Irish, irresponsibly begin an urban legend with racial or national implications which was never valid?

I lived in Ireland for 5 years, and was amazed that in the early 1990s, most of the Irish were disinterested in UFOs but some were very accepting of ghosts and fairies. I am sure they are more intrigued with UFOs today, but wouldn’t Ireland have had thousands of UFO abductions throughout the years if indeed the aliens want the Irish?

In fact, Ireland has no record of more abductions than any other country. The implication of Ms. Holly’s article, as with all her articles, is fear. Be very afraid.

I don’t want to be told that I don’t know what the unknown is. No one does. I want to work with many other human beings to figure out if these UFOs are a threat or possibly, something hopeful and helpful. I want to hear theories as to whether they are neutral or uncaring as to our plights. I want to hear other opinions, and they don’t have to be those of abductees, or those who claim they were abducted. After all, we are taking their word for it in every case.

I do accept that real-time abductees were abducted, I take word their word for it even if they rudely do not respect my experiences; however, I will not limit my thinking to six abductees’ opinions. They cannot give me the final word on the unknown, so that I will be able to grasp it. No thank you! We need all the ideas of everyone to solve this enigma!

We humans cannot play the victims here; that we are victims is what Ms. Holly’s main point seems to be. Some of us humans have been abducted and are not hopelessly traumatized or lifelong victims. Ms. Holly says the information abductees can give has been laughed at and excluded, but she herself seems to exclude all but “real-timers.”

If I gave my encounter information, it would strange but positive and it changed my life – for the better.

It is the entire human species which is being visited, we will all speculate and theorize, and therefore we will get a handle on this great unknown eventually. We will meet it face to face and present ourselves as a worthy species. Perhaps this is what the aliens are hoping we will do.

When we meet a new tribe in the Amazon jungle, do we tend to respect them more if they run and hide, or if they stand together and meet us, as equals? We should respect them either way, and we have no reason to think the aliens will take our world away as civilized man has done to Amazon natives. After all, the aliens have been overhead for many years and we are still here.

However, it is best to be curious, to use your mind, and to figure this out as a species, together. Join Diane in her free newsletter Exo-Trekking! info@earthchangepredictions.com

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