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UFOs Seen over Oak Harbor, Washington
UFO Depiction
Published: 6:31 AM 8/6/2013

Oak Harbor, Washington - 08-04-13 I saw something very strange last night. I stepped out onto my front porch which faces west to have a smoke.

I was looking at all the stars, it was a beautiful clear night, and I could see the band of the Milky Way directly overhead. I was facing west when all of a sudden to my right I saw a very bright, white star like (at first I thought it was a shooting star) object high up in the sky, but not so far away going quite fast from west to east/northeast.

I kept watching it thinking it would burn out or something, but it just kept going higher and farther east until it went over the roof line of my house. I then ran inside to the backdoor where we have another porch facing east.

I spotted the same unblinking white light again and watched it as it got farther and farther away, and it then turned into dark orange colored dot. I watched it as long as I could till it disappeared against the back drop of stars.

There were a lot of shooting stars and normal plane traffic that night too. So I decided to go back out to the front porch again to see if I would see something else.

Staring up and out to the right, it seemed like all of a sudden to the left side directly overhead in the sky was another this time even brighter and bigger object: ( I actually have the feeling that these two sightings may involve only 1 object, but I have no way of knowing).

It seemed to be moving slowly at first and it came directly overhead much closer than before and I started to get a really good look at this thing. The light on this was so incredibly bright, it seemed to have a lens flare type of brightness the sun has as it moved overhead.

I had to squint slightly it was so unexpectedly bright, but I kept my eyes peeled as much as possible. Everything happened pretty fast. Inside this light was a tiny little dark dot in the center.

The light looked like it was coming from the "bottom" and this light became an intense ultraviolet white-blue, while it seemed to puff up a little almost like a beam. The dot then looked like it changed into a small outline of an elongated hexagon shape with the light all around and in it.

The light source abruptly seemed to flip to the top and it illuminated the night sky right above itself and around itself a brilliant, golden-colored bright blue sky like you would see in the daytime, but it had a golden unearthly spherical transparent quality to it.

Then the dot in the center was back with the white/blue light all around it and this object started moving faster out toward the northwest. It kept going out and up into the sky horizon becoming dimmer and then just abruptly became a tiny orange dot that kept following the same direction.

I watched this one also "disappear" till it was no longer visible to the naked eye. During these events there were no sounds being emitted by these lights/crafts.

I believe whatever these things were, possibly disturbed a large pack of coyotes, because they were howling together to the west much louder than normal shortly before I saw these lights.

I have lived near heavy air traffic areas most of my life, and am pretty familiar with what is 'normal.'

I am right next to a military base, and my father was a jet pilot for the Navy for 20 years, and my grandparents worked in the airline industry. Planes have been a big part of my life.

I have never ever seen anything like this before. I have been racking my brain for an explanation, and I really donít have one. At first I was in total awe, but the more I think about it or try to understand it, the more I find it kind of disturbing rather than exciting.

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