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Reader Submits Video/Still Frames from Orchard Park, New York
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Published: 1:30 PM 3/24/2013

Orchard Park NY 14127 USA Erie County - Nov 10, 2011 Approx. 2 pm

When I first took this and realized what it was, I wanted to remain anonymous, but at this point I just donít care anymore.

About anonymity. Iíll stand behind this. It doesnít harm my credibility, even in the field of work I am in.

Yes I shot this video, yes there is something that caught my eye; no I do not know what it is, that is as far as I can go right now without some further input and insight from those who study this type of phenomenon.

I am willing to keep an open mind as to what it is, but I DO know what it is NOT. It is NOT a balloon, NOT a luminary, NOT a bird, NOT an airplane of any size, NOT a helicopter, and NOT a plastic bag.

Plastic bags do not alter their trajectory to avoid collisions as the anomaly between 13 and 15 seconds did.

Shape, Size, and Color of UFO?

Hard to say. Sort of like a top hat

Name of other Witnesses?

Anyone who watches the video, really none in particular though.

Did you see or hear any airplanes or helicopters?

Yeah, actually it is in the same form as a moving commercial airliner as I was filming a chemtrail formation at the time for a friend's documentary.

He asked me to obtain some video footage of heavy trail days. I did not even see these with my naked eye at the time, but I was not exactly watching that closely and it happened very fast on both occasions.

The first instance, you can actually see the object alter it's trajectory to avoid collision!

Weather conditions at time of sighting?

Light clouds, most of the "clouds" in the sky on this day are not exactly "clouds," they are a conglomeration of the day's trails.

Were there any unusual smells associated with the sighting?

Now that you mention it the air smelled really fresh. I used to have this little air purifier/ozone generator.

Not exactly sure how the thing worked, but it made the air smell really fresh, kind of like after a thunderstorm. I havenít had that thing in years, but I remember the air smelled fresh like that.

I didnít even consider the smell if this question hadn't been here. Were there any electromagnetic effects, like engine stalling, etc.?

None that I am aware of.

Did you experience any "missing time?"

HAHA, no, only if you count the time I wasted by reporting this to MUFON, who has not even responded to my inquiry about this.

Honestly I initially wanted to remain anonymous, but I thought that there would be at least some interest in this considering the quality of the video and quality of the still images taken from the video.

Were there any pictures or videos taken of the object/s?

Yes: See video located at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8l_hKS6VB6M

This is the ORIGINAL UNEDITED SOURCE VIDEO. It is from this video which the still images I have were captured. I have zero knowledge of editing video, and only a basic ability to enhance still images using the basic functions of brightness gamma brightness and sharpening.

I have no skill whatsoever in manipulating graphics. This is important because I could not have faked this, I just do not have the technical capability, anyway, I am certain that any and all video tests will confirm that it has not been altered.

Please give all details of the sighting that you can recall.

The details have been given. The video and stills really tell the whole story. because you can compare the still images to the video and the level of zoom with focus the "anomalous object" is in a perfect position for comparison of size via scale with respect to the plane in the same frame as the object.

It appears that the entire object is roughly 3 times the size of the cockpit of the plane, but is also more round appearing to have some "wake" beneath it that appears somewhat distorted is the best way to describe it. kind of like the way you see waves of heat rising off of the hood of a black car on a hot sunny day.

I have been studying and examining these images and this video since I shot it back in 2011, and I have reported this and provided images and the video link to more than one reporting center, never having asked them for even any credit for having shot the video.

Please just watch the video in full screen, pay specific attention to the 2 segments noted 13 - 15 seconds and 36 to 39.

Feel free to take your own still images off of the video and enhance them however you see fit to clear them up. I feel I did a very good job of sharpening the images and brightening them up a little bit, while leaving the original source video unedited for anyone to make the same alterations to or as they see fit to glean more understanding.

Thanks to Robert Johnson for his submission.

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Orchard Park, 2011
Orchard Park, 2011

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