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Series of June Sightings in Oregon
Published: 10:32 AM 7/24/2013

My husband and I were camped in the very center of Oregon, near Paulina, in a remote rock hunting area called Congleton Hollow. This is a small valley wound through by a branch of the Crooked River.

It’s all high desert juniper country, with the tallest trees reaching about forty feet, averaging twenty feet or less in height. Our vantage was to the due south, looking out upon an open meadow on the valley floor, and the surrounding hills beyond.

Little Rattlesnake Butte rises from the valley floor about a mile from our location. It can be seen at the right edge of the photograph.

Night one, 6/26/13:

My husband and I had arrived that day, and there were only two other groups camped in the entire valley, one near us, another within sightline. All were settled in for the night as far as we could tell by the time the sun had fully set.

As the stars came out my husband spotted a white light moving vertically which got suddenly bright and then vanished. There was no further action as the sky darkened, so around ten I went into the RV to bed, admonishing him to get me if he saw another UFO.

I had read for a short time when he came in and said “You wanted me to get you. There’s a UFO out here.” He was excited and tried to describe a bright orange light as I hastened to get dressed. He said it had gotten dim then but was still moving west.

1) My husband was excitedly trying to describe the bright object as it had initially appeared. He said it was like a football lying on its side, a deep orange color. It appeared, rose slowly, zigzagged side to side, then went up slightly and vanished, reappearing as a small orange light beside its original location. It began traveling slowly west above the ridge line.

I stepped out and saw something moving west across the southern skyline. It was faint. Then I lost track of it and fixated on a star. Having lost the object I asked if it had stopped, and where he was looking. He indicated further west toward the butte and said “It has stopped. Now it’s two!” Then I saw the two small reddish-orange lights just left of and higher than the top of the butte. They moved deliberately off in different directions, one west and one east, eventually fading out.

2, 3) Then I got my first glimpse of one fully lit. The first one appeared just to the east of the butte, clearly above the horizon but below the height of the butte. A second one appeared to the west of it shortly afterward. These, like all of the following ones the next night were in a vertical position.

Only my husband saw one on its side. Upright they struck us as more of a bullet shape, slightly flattened on the bottom. They were a bright orange, but the bottom third deepened into more of a red. They appeared like a light bulb coming on and quickly then faded out after about four to six seconds.

However, they glowed with a steady, even light. They did not flicker, nor did they behave in any way like flares or fireworks or Chinese lanterns. Some would move slowly and deliberately, independent of the wind direction which was generally from the west and independently of one another as well.

The notable exception to this description was the first one my husband saw on its side, which glowed for much longer a time than the others before reducing in size and traveling west, then separating into two lights going opposite directions. It appeared to be a solid orange to him.

4, 5, 6, 7) this was the most amazing display. Within a few minutes, four appeared further east on the horizon. They were perfectly synchronized and appeared on a slightly diagonal line parallel to the ridgeline. The first came on and glowed for a few seconds, then the second came on beside it, moving left to right.

The third one came on as the first one faded out, then the fourth one came on as the second faded. Still synchronized, the third one faded out and the fourth one glowed for a few seconds longer. They were so perfectly synchronized, coordinated, and aligned that I wondered if they were on an invisible structure.

It was exciting to watch. It reminded me of something you’d see in Las Vegas or Time’s Square. The coordination was perfect. This was the only time that we ever saw more than one lit at once.

8, 9) within just a few minutes, two more appeared further west in close succession, with a few moments in between. As the second one faded out, my husband and I both clearly saw it reduce to a small reddish-orange light which traveled east for a short distance before it faded out altogether.

At that point we began to surmise that the bright objects likely diminished into the small red and white lights that would move about with deliberation, fading in and out throughout the displays. We and our witnesses would occasionally observe the large lights fading down into small, inconspicuous red or white lights, as well as divide into separate small lights which moved with purpose and control.

At least the large lights all blinked on, we never noticed with the small lights. But all of the lights faded out of view, quickly or slowly, which is when we could trace their movement. None of them blinked off. The first night the display lasted for perhaps 10 to 15 minutes.

It’s hard to gauge time when you are seeing this kind of sporadic activity, but this is the witness consensus for duration of activity on both nights. I finally ran to grab the video camera when things slowed down the first night, but by then it was over. I wasn’t about to miss the show by running back into the RV. The appearances were too brief.

Night 2, 6/27/13:

By the second night we had been joined by a fellow retiree and a younger friend in his mid-thirties. We told them about our encounters the night before. As the night settled in and got dark we again saw a few odd little lights, nothing spectacular.

I again told them that I was going to bed around ten, but to get me if the UFOs came back. I went in and puttered a bit before thinking of something outside that I wanted. Just as I opened the door, one of the bright UFOs appeared over the horizon toward the east. I said “UFO!” an instant before the others said it.

1) This object alone appeared slightly different than the others, a difference noted by all. Instead of appearing as a solid light, it had slightly separated into three staggered lights, the bottom being the deepest orange. They are variously described as three bars of light, three orbs of light or three discs of light, staggered somewhat as my husband has illustrated.

All others sighted appeared as one object, or a cohesive light. This one had the same dimensions but appeared stacked. It was rising slowly towards the west before quickly fading out.

2, 3) the retiree went to his car for binoculars, turning his back and missing two more appearing in succession beside one another to the west. Usually when two appeared close together it was with less than a minute between them, maybe only seconds. They would appear in short succession, and usually glow for about the same amount of time. Sometimes they could be seen slowly moving in various directions.

4, 5) the final two appeared in short succession in the eastern portion of the skyline. The retiree had finally gotten his binoculars, noting a small white light in the vicinity, which he described as initially coming toward him as the objects appeared, then made a quick turn and went back toward the east.

He states now that he viewed only one of the large objects, and observed it through his binoculars as being bands of light. However, he is a poor historian, because he saw the first banded one and commented on it, causing him to go for his binoculars. By the time he got them he was focused on the small white light, commenting upon it having no form. If he only saw only one it was the first.

My husband and our young friend clearly observed the final one appear as normal in appearance at first, then it dimmed down and reduced in size, seeming to stretch out into three additional smaller objects to the west of it, which finally became a small red light that rose to the west then turned back east, fading into a small white light that finally disappeared. I believe this is the light observed by the retiree.

The first night had been silent, but on this night there was a rumble of distant thunder, not uncommon under clear skies in Central Oregon. Some cumulus clouds had rolled through earlier. Our retiree friend was so focused on proving this was some explainable military activity that he missed most of the show, and remembers it poorly. He insisted the thunder was jet engines.

However, I paid close attention to the thunder from the start, and am confident that’s what it was. It was present before and after the display. It could have masked the sound of jet engines, true, but the previous night’s display had been completely silent.

After he found the binoculars he started looking at the atlas for military instillations nearby. I also checked later. There are none in the area we were observing, although there is ample activity east of our location, half a state a way on the Idaho border. There was a lot of big open country to the south and east of us, so one couldn’t rule out the area for testing.

If this was testing, I’d sure like to know what technology was involved and for what purpose. It certainly seemed like it could have been staged for us, so perfect was our view from around the campfire. Who knows? That’s why they’re Unidentified Flying Objects.

Neither my husband nor I were surprised to see UFOs. We’ve been expecting them. As soon as we both start looking for them they start appearing. The Observer Created Reality? Perhaps.

That’s what seems to happen with them at least. Seek and you shall find. Would the military accommodate that, or are we just lucky? We can’t say what they were, only that they were unlike anything any of us had seen before, and we could not figure out their MO.

Neither were we surprised when they showed up the next night. I was thrilled that the old skeptic was there to see it. But he was so sure that this had to be some explainable military exercise, of some unknown technological means, that he said, rather superciliously, that he bet they showed up the next night too. Neither my husband nor I expected them to show again however. We just didn’t feel it.

Our young friend is no skeptic. He was thrilled to see UFOs with us, having heard all of our stories. He’d already seen a UFO in Korea in the service.

The next night there were a few interesting small lights moving about, and sheet lightning to the east without thunder, also not uncommon under the clear desert sky. But only one larger round orange light stood out spotted by my hubby and our young friend much later into the night, which they said was much higher in the sky.

It’s been hard to put this together in a cohesive form, but I figured this is one sighting I should submit. So here it is: several objects of light obviously under intelligent control. Any ideas or similar sightings?

Oregon, June 2013
Oregon, June 2013
Oregon, June 2013

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