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Published: 10:26 AM 11/14/2013

by Diane Tessman

Psychic and paranormal events have been with us throughout human history but they are often dismissed as illegitimate events which are either faked or misunderstood; however, with advancements in quantum research, it is becoming clear that psi phenomena are a real part of our perception and our reality.

There are indeed moments of precognition. There is indeed telepathy between two people who are many miles apart. These and other psi events happen. They are judged wrongly all too often, mostly because they do not happen with consistency; that is, an individual might know that her son is in trouble many miles away but when this individual is asked in a laboratory situation to read a casual acquaintance’s thoughts, she cannot.

Perhaps she is asked to identify the symbol on the card that another person is holding; this is a common psi experiment. It is emotionless and does not engage the deeper quantum levels of the human mind and so, this person’s knowledge that her son is in trouble is not capable of being duplicated in a laboratory.

Or, someone might know a huge earthquake is going to happen somewhere in the world but then he cannot continue to be an accurate monitor for general quake activity. All of this has caused science to judge psi events as non-existent.

Graphic Picture: The sub-atomic particles of 2 diamonds have been entangled

However, quantum scientists are beginning to realize that psi events happen in a quantum universe which is ever-active, ever-changing.

Sometimes, quantum conditions are just right and something astounding happens within a human mind; this human helps these quantum conditions along (or even creates them), by focusing and being highly involved in the psi event.

Example: a parent being highly involved in why her son has not phoned home.

A quick general look at quantum physics: Objects are not as separate as they seem. On a quantum level, separateness dissolves. We are one with each other, with the animals, the trees, the planets, the stars, and the universe. No, this is not just Hindu, Buddhist, or New Age spirituality; it is cutting edge quantum research. Some physicists now propose that the entire universe is a single, self-entangled object.

Albert Einstein referred to this quantum connectedness of objects (including people), as “spooky action from a distance.” Erwin Schrodinger dubbed entanglement as THE characteristic trait of quantum truth rather than just one of many traits of quantum science.

Neils Bohr said, “If you do not get schwindlig (dizzy) when you think about these things (meaning quantum theory), you have not really understood it.”

Physicists have confirmed in multiple experiments that sub-atomic quantum entanglements indeed do “scale up” to the macroscopic world we perceive. For years, it was thought that crazy “unbelievable” quantum events occurred only in elementary particles: in a famous experiment, a quantum wave turns into 2 particles when there is an observer. It was assumed that this was only in the sub-atomic quantum world but now we know that the fact we are observing an object, changes its reality.

Quantum physicists tell us that two objects, once entangled, can be many miles apart – but possess mutual (entangled) subatomic particles. If a pair of dice is entangled, and you roll a “4” on one die, the other die will roll a “4” although thousands of miles away.

Yes, this is hard to believe but we are beginning to realize that reality is perception, not physical at all. After all, our consciousness is how we perceive – and consciousness is a quantum phenomenon.

Our view of nature and ecosystems is radically changing. How do young swallows know to follow the adult swallow as migration begins? Why don’t the young swallows just figure the adult it flying a bit farther off to find a new patch of mosquitoes? Swallows zoom through the air, dancing with each other, but never collide. Swallows have an entanglement of mind; they seem to be one mind in many ways and yet they are individuals.

How do ecosystems stay in balance? How do sharks know not to gorge on cod fish because the cod will grow scarce? Usually in nature, predators eat only enough to keep healthy and functioning. It takes humankind to be greedy and throw the entire ecosystem into disarray.

There seems to be evidence that nature itself is an “aware consciousness,” not just randomly composed of physical clues or necessities.

Consciousness it what psi research is all about too. Our minds have electromagnetic circuitry with neuron receptors. The quantum world inhabits our mind – it IS our mind. The quantum world (morphic field), also stretches throughout the universe. Our inner mind is simply an extension of the outer morphic field.

The collective human consciousness makes us human and yet is unseen. The collective shark consciousness makes sharks behave as they do, and yet is unseen. In other words, there is unseen communication, unseen sharing, unseen knowledge which is there. It is not done through verbal communication, repetitive teaching or repeated physical actions.

Rupert Sheldrake’s work deals with morphic resonance between two minds; in this case, it is between human and her best friend, the dog. Experiments with strict scientific controls have been done at random times during the day; some dogs just know when their human in headed home, regardless of “when.”

Over time as the dog and human grow to love each other, the dog’s mind becomes one with the human mind on this particular topic or level. The human thinks, “I’m going home now,” and the dog thinks it too, “Human coming home now!” That’s quantum entanglement!

The dog does not understand the human’s work on the computer or why the human is celebrating the 4th of July or paying taxes. Here again is the fact that we are wrong to expect the entire mind to be omniscient when it experiences a psi event; one small level or neuron of the quantum mind is involved in an entanglement with another being. Thus, the dog has his certain “coming home” knowledge and the parent who knows her son is in trouble, has that particular entanglement experience, but cannot recreate psi events in a laboratory.

The entire universe seems to be entangled with itself. If you pull on one loose thread of the fabric, it moves a thread which is perhaps far distant. For an average human, this truth manifests when he or she knows when the phone is going to ring.

This all sounds very complicated but actually, it might not be. We can get some idea of how a human singularity with computers might be when we think of it as having access to the Internet on steroids, right within our minds – no computer before us on the desk. This would be done by inserting a chip into the human skull.

Achieving quantum entanglement between two organic minds would be similar in concept but it would be probably less extreme in result. Specific levels in both minds would be reached, and quantumly linked so that each has the same unique quantum signature. This amounts to telepathy between the two minds, no matter how far apart they are in physical distance. It might be accomplished naturally if the beings were advanced enough, or it could be done through advanced technology.

However, “telepathy” is not an accurate word because it really is the same thought being generated by both minds which are one mind – within a specific level or neuron(s). Perhaps UFO research has not really understood how UFO occupants use quantum entanglement.

How often does the observer on the ground feel that the UFO is communicating with him individually? How often has someone who had an encounter feel a lingering presence or an entanglement with UFO occupants? How often has someone received “a message” from aliens? But as with psi events between two humans, accuracy cannot be maintained with clockwork precision.

Certainly advanced beings have knowledge of the quantum world and how neurons in different minds, can be entangled to have the same quantum signature. The paranormal, the psi world, UFOs and their occupants: All are within the realm of reality as quantum particles and waves vibrate. This is our universe!


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