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2001 Close Encounter in North Dakota
UFO Depiction
Published: 5:46 PM 1/7/2013

Rapid City, North Dakota - 08-15-01

As we were driving, my husband noticed a light in the sky, showed it to me and told me "that star is really bright."

I looked at the "star," but told him "No, that's not a star, itís in the wrong position, there are no stars, especially bright ones, in that direction."

The reason I knew this was because, like my husband, I had grown up in the area and my Grandpa used to show me the different constellations and tell me Native American stories about them.

I noticed this "star" was flashing red then blue, then red, then blue.

My husband then said, "I think itís an airplane, maybe flight-for-life (medical plane/helicopter)" (I was thinking flight-for-life helicopter).

After both of us looked at it closely we realized, it was not a flight-for-life because at night, usually the plane has two distinct separate lights, white on the tail, red on the wing, sometimes green on the other wing, as does the helicopter).

My husband and I, at the time, both worked for Public Safety, so we were familiar with different medical vehicles. These lights were not like that;they were flashing like they were in the same place, not separate.

As I'm driving, we are discussing the light/star at this time, it was as high as a small airplane would be in the sky to us, and it seemed to be coming closer to us, like it was going to go over us.

Than all of a sudden it comes straight out of the sky toward us, like the light just got bigger, which makes me slam on my brakes. This thing is right in front of my car, this "light" has somehow turned into an orb; a round metallic looking (like molten silver or gold, but reflective) orb with spinning rings going around it (it looks like the planet Saturn) and these rings, which are not rings, are sparking blue than red (like static electricity), and I get the impression that this is what is powering this "vehicle."

I don't know why I think that, but I do. I am so scared, and my husband is yelling (I have never ever heard my husband yell that way), I want to look at my husband, but I am too scared to take my eyes off this object.

Itís like everything in my life; spiritual, mental, physical, instincts, has all turned upside down, because I cannot believe what I am seeing or thinking, I'm numb.

This orb then comes to the driverís side, probably about 50 feet away, itís on the other side of the road and itís in the ditch hovering, slowly moving north, just hovering, and I remember seeing the reflection of the light poles, the sky, the ground, the fence and the road as it goes by, then I see my van in its reflection, and I see the reflection of me and my husband (my husband is ducking back into the van), and it made no sound as it went by, but I remember thinking "it just wants to see who we are, its curious."

Everything seemed to slow down, as its going by, then sound and sensation seems to come back to me. I hear my husband hollering "I'm going to shoot it!" and I can hear him rummaging under the seat for his safety box where his gun is stored.

I'm still staring at this orb, watching the lights as they circled the circumference of this orb, and I realize I'm crying and whimpering. I have passed beyond being stunned or scared and I don't remember doing these things; I just know that my face is wet and I feel like my heart is going to burst.

I then look away to see what my husband is doing, and he has his gun out, and ducks back out of the car, my husband looks back in the car at me and says it was there, then when he went back out of the vehicle, it was gone.

I am so upset that my husband takes over the driving and the whole time during the drive, we don't say a word to each other and I cry all the way back home (you have to understand, I don't easily cry, I grew up with 7 brothers and a bunch of boy cousins, I'm pretty tough, but this, this one night has changed how I look at the world).

You would think that after seeing something that extraordinary, you would be talking, excitedly, but it was like we were drained.

We haven't been able to tell anyone, even our kids, what happened that night; this is the first time "talking" about it.

Ken Pfeifer, World UFO Photos

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