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A Strange Object is Spotted in Odessa, New York
UFO Depiction
Published: 3:36 PM 11/10/2013

Odessa, New York - 11-09-13

November 9, 2013 at 4:40 p.m. - from my front window south of Odessa, NY I saw what at first I thought was a flock of gulls in the distance. They were flying from the NW to the SE.

Upon watching them closely, I could see they were definitely not birds, though there was a "flutter" effect, like the tail of a kite trailing a string of aluminum foil squares attached end to end by their corners (with a small space between them - not corner to corner.)

I said to my wife, "thatís weird, what is that?" and ran outside. It was definitely not birds!

I put my hands up to my eyes like binoculars to block out surrounding light. (It was cloudy, though the sun had recently came out in the Southwest and was shining under the clouds quite clear and brightly.)

I had never seen anything like what appeared to be very shiny, reflective objects "fluttering" and undulating like a wave slightly up and down. Thatís what gave the whole sighting the feeling of something perhaps like disposable aluminum pie tins on a string fluttering and spinning about.

I watched it for a while as it flew in the direction of Ithaca/Danby. As it flew, behind it, yet it must have been under the clouds, I could see what looked like a star.

But, no star would have been visible in this rather intense (horizontal) daylight. The "star" did not reflect light, but was giving off its own light.

It remained stationary (NE from my location) as the "two strings of square/diamond-shaped pie tins" passed in front of it. The speed of the strings was constant (though way too fast for a flock of birds) and may have been similar to a typical plane you would see any day.

My mind wanted to interpret the whole thing as a sky-banner, but there was no plane pulling it.

When the double-stringed, sparkly object had gone too far for me to see, I ran in the house and called my son (who lives outside of Ithaca - SW) and told to go out and try to locate them. He went out, but didnít see anything.

Perhaps he was looking in the wrong direction. Or, perhaps they were not at an angle where the horizontal sun would have been reflecting light in his direction.

The double-string shape made it look like a group of reflective objects that were curiously organized. There seemed to be a connective feature mid-way along each string that tied them together. After the unidentified flying stringy-thingy disappeared in the distance, so did the "star-like" object that was seen beyond it.

Iíve never seen anything like it, nor heard of anything with this description. It was not chevron-shaped, because it did not come to a point at one end. It was two parallel strings of reflective objects with an apparent connection between them in the middle.

I sure wish I had had a real pair of binoculars with me!

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