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A Reader's Response to Wikileaks Article
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Published: 2:29 PM 12/2/2013

I am writing in response to the article written by Woody Evans, "If UFOs are real where are the Wikileaks?

It sounds as if it is written by a member of today's press with the typical biased opinion of a non-believer unwilling to research their written word. I know journalist fresh from graduating that truly believe it is alright to taint the news if it is for "the better good of the people."

No longer does the press attempt to write an article using research from both views. Then after doing said research write an article reporting the facts with an attempt to be balanced.

Journalist now report news based on their personal feelings on the topic. A perfect example is Obamacare. If America can't get truthful reporting on news that has so much documentation available for research how are we the people going to get our news on secretive topics such as UFOs?

There is so much information that is readily available regarding NASA and UFOs or aliens does there have to be a big government leak to believe in extraterrestrial technology?

Astronauts have come forward with photographs and first-hand information regarding alien contact. Did the article writer hear of Astronaut Gordon Cooper? First hand testimony from our astronaut heros is a very dependable "government leak."

British hacker Gary McKinnon tapped into NASA and went through top secret files and printed some images that have been confirmed by outside sources. It is still unknown as to everything he was able to get however NASA is still very serious in their efforts to detain him.

There has to be a very good reason besides the fact that he "visited."

The Canadian Government's Minister of Defense, the Honorable Paul Hellyer, has given personal information regarding UFO and extraterrestrials.

Nick Pope who ran the British Governments Department investigating UFOs has disclosed information regarding UFOs and how the British Government investigates these files.

There are many dependable reports of UFOs that are extremely large, so large it is highly doubtful the craft was built on earth. These reports come from pilots, police officers, FAA officials, and even politicians of high regard. Let me take part of that back, perhaps a politician isn't such a good example.

My biggest question is "what gives Wikileaks the credibility to be the authority on leaked documents?"

If CNN, NBC or any other major network was given top secret documents regarding UFO or alien documents the documents would be suppressed or the giver of such documents would most likely be ridiculed.

When local citizens give videos to local stations the citizen is at risk of being made to appear crazy. Many times the evening news reports sightings as a novelty to be reported with a smirk. Is this fair to the community they are serving?

The US Government has encouraged this behavior for so long that news agencies do not take reports seriously. Journalist that do investigate are ostracized, terminated and black listed. Bob Lazar came forward with information about Area 51.

He gave journalists the times to stand outside Area 51 so they could observe UFO technology being tested. Not only did he do that he brought evidence. Did the major networks pick it up? Just one local reporter.

It is said the US government destroyed Bob Lazars credentials and in doing so destroyed his credibility. Had anyone researched farther they would have found that all of the evidence about where he had worked or had gone to school wasn't destroyed. The government overlooked key things like the base phone directory, photos, and I believe club membership.

Bob Lazar gave an interview and information to TV journalist George Knapp who proved very courageous in his investigation. George Knapp is one of a handful of journalist that takes the investigation of extraterrestrial visitors and Area 51 very seriously.

One very important method used by the governments of the world to maintain secrecy regarding UFOs is the threat of death. The threat of death to you or your family is a very good intimidator.

Our government has the highest technology and the best security controls in the world, add to that the threat of death to yourself and especially loved ones, it becomes much easier to maintain secrecy.

Events with evidence from over forty years ago are just now becoming available. Why? Very good government secrecy.

Disinformation is also one of the best methods to control secrecy or to cloud the testimony of a whistleblower. Pay attention to what the government says regarding UFO's, they are in a constant state of contradiction.

Moving on to the citizens of the world. I do agree that abduction is very hard to prove and even more so it is easy to explain it away as dreams, insanity and numerous other reasons. I do believe that hard facts are much needed, however, with so many people reporting abductions it must be investigated.

Photographs and videos are some of the best evidence a reporter could want. Photos with eye witness testimony can send a man to death row, however, if the same witness gave UFO testimony he fears being a laughing stock.

There are photos that cannot be explained away. So many "experts" are so anxious to dismiss the photographs they don't take time to study the photograph. I have turned in sightings with supporting photographs to have them immediately dismissed as the sun.

If the person stating it was the sun had studied the photograph he/she would have seen the shadows pointing to the UFO that they were saying was the sun.

The government, in my opinion, has multiple reasons to keep UFOs as secretive as possible. The technology that powers these ships would have to be very high energy generators. Such technology would collapse the petroleum industry.

I know there are many people that would like to see this happen. Actually it wouldn't bother me a bit however if it did happen the economies of the world would collapse.

Such technology would need to be slowly introduced so the economy wouldn't be destroyed. I guarantee the military doesn't want proof of alien technology exposed because they use what they have learned in top secret weapons. Our military needs to keep the upper hand. I learned this when I served on a top secret base. Back when I served the USSR wanted us dead.

The threat still exists but with many more countries and one country that is much larger. Those that think an olive branch will bring peace are blind. Last, does everyone really believe we gave up our superiority in space? Our military wouldn't have let the space shuttles retire without a replacement on hand.

Do I believe in UFOs? I do, but I'm not 100% sure they are all from other worlds. I believe there is high probability the back triangles are ours. And yes, I do believe we were told to leave the moon.

I hope someday the journalist community will take the issue of extraterrestrial visitors very serious. When that finally happens then disclosure will most likely happen. Until our news agencies take a real interest, we will continue to get articles like "If UFO's are real where are the Wikileaks."

In closing I need to give props to men such as BJ Booth and others willing to put themselves out there. Not only does he do so he is willing to print the other side so that he can give readers the opportunity to decide.

I am sure it is difficult for him plus the other websites to publish papers counter to their beliefs. I'm no expert as I am sure an expert can tell by my lack of knowledge, however, I stand on both sides of the fence. I am a Christian that reads the Bible.

The Bible is open for interpretation, even the scholars will argue over the meaning of some words and verses. Is it possible the universe only expands as needed for manís exploration?

I suppose God could do that if he wished, however, why would God limit his abilities to just earth? We are made in his image, I believe that. We blew it once and God has given us the opportunity to redeem ourselves through His Son. Perhaps the others didn't fail Him.

God Bless you all,


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