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Published: 1:18 PM 5/7/2013

by Bill Wickersham

Testimony of numerous witnesses, including astronauts, generals, admirals, law enforcement officials, military and civilian pilots, and many highly respected scientists have confirmed the following:

- Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) that appear to be under intelligent control, and which are capable of speeds, maneuverability and luminosity far beyond known human technology have been sighted by millions of people throughout the world.

- UFO events, including very close contacts, are causing worldwide aviation hazards, and raise serious concerns regarding national and international security issues, especially the safeguarding of nuclear weapons laboratories and missile sites here and abroad (see: www.ufohastings.com/).

- The U.S. government, unlike France, Britain, Brazil, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and other countries, has systematically suppressed reports of UFO sightings and aviation problems, and has implemented a CIA plan of implied threat, ridicule and disinformation aimed at very credible witnesses who have called for U.S. UFO disclosure and open government research regarding the problem.

The hypothesis that UFOs are of Extraterrestrial (ET) origin is accepted at the 90 percent statistical level of confidence as reported by the high level French COMETA - UFO investigative panel (www.ufoevidence.org/topics/cometa.htm).

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth U.S. astronaut to step on the Moon believes the level of confidence to be even higher. Mitchell has stated: "Yes there have been ET visitations. There have been crashed craft. There have been material and bodies recovered. And, there is some group of people somewhere that may or may not be associated with the government at this point, but certainly were at one time, that have this knowledge. They have been attempting to conceal this knowledge - or not permit it to be widely disseminated."

Mitchell further states: "I cannot swear who these people are. But there is a lot of evidence that points to what I call a clandestine group - people who have some quasi affiliation with government and certain government facilities, but operate in a very stealth and secret way that is not generally under high level government control as far as I can tell.

From what I know, yes, there has been ET visitation and may continue to be. There have been craft recovered. There has been a certain amount of reverse engineering that has allowed some of these craft, or some components, to be duplicated. And, there are Earthlings who are utilizing some of this equipment in certain ways."

(See: www.educatinghumanity.com/2013/03/UFO-Disclosure-Interview-EdgarMitchell-available-by-James-Fox.html)

If Dr. Mitchell is correct that UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin, that is clearly one of the most, if not THE most important discoveries in human history. Thus, this meeting of cosmic cultures will inevitably affect every segment of civilization, including religion, political sovereignty, government, economics, war, peace, alternative energy, communication, transportation, astronomy, human identity, education, etc., and the complete spectrum of human life will likely be challenged by confirmation of the larger reality.

Contemplation of the effects of this reality on various Earth cultures and the probable and preferred responses from those cultures is a critical research/education project for the best minds willing to undertake the challenge. However, experience indicates that very few college and university professors have accepted the challenge.

And, while several world class scholars have done so, most academics have not seriously applied their research and teaching skills to the search for truth regarding UFO/ET issues.

One prominent scientist who is the exception is Peter Sturrock, Professor Emeritus of applied physics at Stanford University, who has said: "The definitive resolution of the UFO enigma will not come about unless and until the problem is subject to open and extensive scientific study by the normal procedures of established science and administration in universities."

According to retired U.S. naval intelligence officer Dr. Scott Jones: "Small parts of the global academic community have awakened. An Australian University recently awarded a Ph.D. in UFO studies, and the University of Hong Kong is offering a credit course on the subject."

The fact is that any fair-minded professor who is willing to do even minimal reading of the UFO studies conducted by both academic and non-academic researchers will be hard pressed to deny that the UFO/ET phenomenon is a highly important research topic.

(see: www.ufoevidence.org/documents/doc1260.htm).

In the near future, as additional, daily UFO/ET phenomena surface, there will be increasing pressure on every segment of the academic community to focus attention on the problem.

As Dr. Jones suggests: "Full UFO/ET disclosure will likely change everything currently being taught in colleges and universities. Every global institution, political, economic, cultural and religious will be affected.

Some institutions will survive the shock of disclosure and contact, and others will not. The survivors will be forever changed. Thus, there are two basic options:

(1) Keep minds closed and try to ride out the input when disclosure happens; or,

(2) Get involved now, create a dialogue, use the huge amount of information already known and work to influence the disclosure underway. The overarching goal of academic institutions throughout the world is the search for the true, the good, the just and the beautiful. When unbiased, unfettered inquiry, powered by intellectual might is focused on an issue, we can expect that civilization will probably be well served by such research.

The UFO/ET problem is indeed perplexing and for some, frightening. As such, it certainly qualifies as a problem for which the truth needs to be sought.

Bill Wickersham is an Adjunct Professor of Peace Studies, University of Missouri - Columbia (USA)

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Submitted to www.ufocasebook.com by Bill Wickersham

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