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If UFOs are Real, Where are the WikiLeaks?
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Published: 12:12 PM 11/24/2013

UFO believers are convinced that a “disclosure event” is just around the corner. But what does it say that in an age when information just can’t stay hidden, there are no leaked documents about UFOs?

In the age of WikiLeaks, why are there no leaks about UFOs? Is it because UFOs don’t exist—or because they’re far stranger than we think?

There are no leaked documents from any Edward Snowdens or Chelsea Mannings. We have nothing published through WikiLeaks about “disclosure.” The Guardian... suspiciously mum on the subject.

Isn’t it reasonable to think that if there were any indisputable documents related to government or corporate knowledge of extraterrestrial entities, they would have been leaked already?

What about all those Department of Defense contractors who must have seen something at some point? For all the whoop over the coming “disclosure” of contact with aliens in the 20th and early 21st centuries... there’s still no news.

Seven years after the founding of WikiLeaks, and there’s no torsion field schematics, no leaked photos of gray alien bodies, no new MJ-12 materials.

Maybe there’s no disclosure, no leaks, no nothing, because the nature of contact with whatever-they-are isn’t of a physical or documentary nature.

The non-event of disclosure gives us a moment to pause and look at the two main rival camps in UFOlogy—opinion is heavily split among UFO researchers as to exactly what UFOs and aliens are... and the second one has a narrative that “explains” why there wouldn’t be any physical evidence.

1. They’re Extraterrestrial Beings.

This camp is heavily concerned with the “ships”— the flying hardware and its pilots. UFOs, for these folks, aren’t “unidentified” anymore, because they’ve labeled them as the means of conveyance for extraterrestrials. UFOs are believed to be devices for getting around the galaxy, and the pilots are people from other stars.

They point to (sometimes dubious) documents that were leaked by our grandfathers. Yes, the contactee or “abduction” experience is a strange one and full of weird psychic effects, but it remains, in essence, an alien abduction—and Boeing keeps UFO tech at the Skunkworks. Notables: Stanton Friedman, Stephen Bassett, Budd Hopkins, and Steven Greer.

2. They’re Supernatural, Not Extraterrestrial.

They’re fairies. Or ghosts. Or the dead. Or (maybe even) aliens from parsecs away. But some UFOlogists, and many people who have claimed to have had personal contact with UFOs and associated beings, remain doubtful that the UFO phenomenon is merely nuts-and-bolts, warp-drive driven or hardware-and-laserbeams in nature. They point out parallels to angelic and demonic contact in our folklore.

For those in what we could call the “fairies” camp, the experience remains so ambiguous, so fraught with paradox and mystery, that it’s foolish to label UFOs simply as exotic machines. Notable personalities: Whitley Strieber, Jacques Vallee, Carl Jung and Tau Allen Greenfield.

Some of this, of course, comes down to editing and prerogative. If The Guardian or CNN did have leaked documents related to recovered extraterrestrial artifacts, would they publish them? Or might they hold back on that for another generation or so, out of fear of ridicule and losing their credibility?

At this point, we simply don’t know. Until we have a body of falsifiable evidence, broadly open and available to the general scientific community, the “creatures in ships” camp just won’t be on the same planet as the rest of us.

But many people have had night terrors, sleep paralysis and experiences of leaving our physical bodies—which might tie UFOs and “abduction” to the world of hallucination and mythos. With a dearth of documents and artifacts, especially in this age of the easy leak, it seems that the bulk of us will have to remain firmly in the “supernatural/Jungian archetype” camp for some time to come.

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