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UFO Depiction
UFO Activity over Riverside, California Caught on Video

04-13-14 - UFO activity spotted and videotaped on March 12, 2014. We saw something that looked weird and filmed it with an Android phone. (Editor's Note: Good videos of possible UFOs have been a little scarce lately, but I thought possibly you might want to check out this one from California. This is not a lot of information given by the posted, but the man who took the video was quite excited by what he was seeing. Could this be nothing more than balloons or lanterns? Maybe. Are the four objects separate entities or part of one craft? Check it out and see what you think.)

UFO Depiction
UFOs Spotted over Whitstable?

04-13-14 - LARGE UFOs resembling brightly colored fireballs have been spotted in the skies over Whitstable. An eyewitness said they saw four "fireball" type UFOs while they were walking along Whitstable seafront just before 8 pm on Sunday. Certain they were not balloons or lanterns in the sky, the witness said: "I was walking along the seafront in Whitstable and noticed hovering over the Swale between Sheppey and Seasalter, four large, bright orange, fireball type UFO vehicles that on closer observation seemed to be octahedron shaped. "These four objects seemed to be hovering... "

UFO Depiction
Witness Draws Sketch of UFO Seen over Ohio

04-13-14 - My wife and I were out back sitting in our hot tub, we were in the tub for 10 minutes or so relaxing and my wife sees a red shooting star over the eastern horizon. if did not see it, but if am a big astronomy buff and we were discussing that we were happy we can see the stars more clearly and couldn’t wait for a meteor shower so that we could watch from our backyard, which is pretty void of too much light pollution. As we were talking, my wife and I saw a satellite very faintly in the eastern portion of almost directly above us and we talked again about how it was nice to not have too much light out by us.

UFO Depiction
UFO Seen in Broad Daylight in Newcastle upon Tyne, Great Britain

04-13-14 - I saw a UFO in broad daylight. Tuesday (25th March). It was a sunny day so I had decided to sit in my garden for a while. I was just relaxing and closing my eyes when I heard a very loud plane. So I opened my eyes and looked up. There were two planes in the sky; one going west and one going east. I was just about to lie back again and close my eyes when I saw the sunlight glinting off something else just below the two planes. Looking closely I could not believe what I was seeing. It was a massive long and slightly curved metallic object in the sky.

UFO Depiction
Stardust Conference Center Roswell, NM

Legendary Clifford Stone will be hosting this event "Paths to Contact" April 25 - 27, 2014 for 3 days and 3 nights! - 11 speakers / Contact Fieldwork. The authors of the book "Paths to Contact' are going to Roswell to share their experiences of Extraterrestrial Contact. These experienced contact workers will also take us under the stars for contact protocols training that once learned you can take them anywhere and practice them for yourselves. For more info and tickets please visit http://stardustconferences.com/ - We really hope we see you there! Don't miss out. Limited seating available. The book is available at www.amazon.com.

UFO Depiction
Alien First Contact

04-12-14 - The impact on human society of First Contact between an extraterrestrial civilization and the planet Earth. Humans join together in a variety of ways. The interactions and inevitable conflicts between those groups are the provenance of sociology. Social structure and individual agency are the principles of the study. While this may seem like a stretch now for consideration in the area of interaction with extraterrestrial intelligence, I think it could become one of the most important areas for study should alien First Contact ever occur.

UFO Depiction
Family Sights UFO near Indianapolis Airport

04-12-14 - I was driving home westbound on I-70 passing near the airport when I noticed something in the sky. We (I was with my 17 and 12 year old daughters) were very near the airport but this wasn't an airplane. As we got closer to it, I asked one of my daughters "what is that?" It was a V-shaped object in the sky but it wasn't moving. It had lights on it around the point of the V or at the point. I was actually severely lacking sleep at the time so I kept asking my daughter what is that? She kept saying she didn't know. The only reason we could see it aside from the lights on the object was because the object was darker in color than the sky.

UFO Depiction
Fleet of Metallic Objects Observed over Binghamton, N.Y.

04-12-14 - My 5-year-old daughter and I observed what at first seemed to be flock of birds moving east to west over the southern end of downtown Binghamton, N.Y. There were 20 to 30 of these objects flying together and repeatedly transitioning from a "v" formation to a "w" then spreading away from each other into a cloud. These objects were metallic and highly reflective against the blue sky. The time was around 4 pm and the sun was low and opposite to the part of the sky the objects were flying in. The individual objects themselves seemed to be like a rounded chevron, with the rounded end facing...

UFO Depiction
March into April and Learn Some More Pagan Home Truths (off-site)

04-0-14 - Easter is a Christian festival that changes each year and is dependent on the lunar cycle. I hear that Easter Sunday is on April 20 this year, so the long bank holiday weekend runs from Friday 18 to Monday 21 April 2014. March however, is named after the Roman god of developing energies and conflict, ‘Mars.’ March was very important to the ancient peoples as it was once deemed the first month of the new season. January and February were originally believed to be rather stagnant months with little importance being fixed to them. The authentic history behind the institution of Easter as a major festival within the contemporary Christian Church.

UFO Depiction
Think You Know the History of Roswell, New Mexico (off-site)

04-12-14 - Since I started doing the Roswell UFO tours and became certified by the State of New Mexico and licensed by the city of Roswell, I have to admit that I have become more educated about this town I live in and its varied history, which for me as a tour guide not only has been educational, but has given me the opportunity to share that information with the visitors I take on tour. Most appreciate the fact that I share a lot more about Roswell then just the UFO Incident, since the UFO Incident is normally why they book the tours in the first place.

UFO Depiction
UFOs Caught on Camera – Cops & UFO Visitations

04-11-14 - This show looks at police reports from Florida and the United Kingdom that involve patrolmen encounters with UFOs. Alan Godfrey is a retired police constable who served with the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police Force. His life and career are notable for having been entangled in some of Britain’s most unusual mysteries, including the Zigmund Adamski case, allegedly connected with the UFO phenomenon. His alleged UFO encounter took place during one of the most active waves of UFO sightings in British history. He is considered by some ufologists to be one of the first alien abductees in Britain.

UFO Depiction
Unknown Object Shoots Multiple Beams over New Jersey

04-11-14 - I woke up this morning (April 10th, 2014) at 3 am. I live in Hewitt NJ (in West Milford). I went downstairs to watch some television. I went outside to catch some fresh air and to look at the stars. To my left in the sky, I saw a very bright object... it looked like two things attached to each other, but I thought it was a result of looking through tree branches. I went upstairs to my outdoor deck where I have a tree free view of the stars. I found the object. It was high in altitude. It was white, with an orange color. It looked like a baseball on top with a golf ball attached on the bottom. It was not the color of the other stars.

UFO Depiction
Bizarre Sightings get Attention of UFO Group

04-11-14 - What exactly it was in the skies over west-central Illinois that cold night several months ago is still uncertain. But it has UFO trackers all abuzz. The Mutual UFO Network, a Newport Beach, Calif.-based network dedicated to the scientific investigation of unidentified flying objects, said there were at least seven reports from Jacksonville and surrounding communities the night of Jan. 7 of unusual triangular-formation lights in the sky. “I noticed a single light that was much brighter than a star and had an orange-yellow color. It faded into sight and after sitting motionless for a couple of minutes, then several more lights appeared, forming a large triangle,” according to an anonymous report.

UFO Depiction
Unknown Craft Makes Incredible Maneuvers in Batesville, Arkansas

04-11-14 - The weather was fair and dry. I was driving south on state highway 69 at the city limits of Batesville. As I was driving down a steep hill, I noticed what I thought was a private jet headed east as it crossed above the highway. I remember thinking that the craft was flying extremely low for a jet plane. It appeared to be somewhere between 500 feet to a mile up. It appeared to be a light color. Once it crossed the highway it suddenly made a sharp turn to the left which would have been difficult for any aircraft to make. I turned off highway 69 and turned left on to highway 25 headed east.

UFO Depiction
NASA Curiosity Rover Captures Mysterious, Bright Light on Mars

04-10-14 - A NASA picture of a mysterious bright light on Mars has sparked the interest of UFO believers. But before we cry extraterrestrial, the bright light may be nothing more than a "glinty rock." 'We think it's either a vent-hole light leak or a glinty rock.' - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineer Justin Maki. "One possibility is that the light is the glint from a rock surface reflecting the sun," NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) lead for the engineering cameras on Curiosity Justin Maki told FoxNews.com. Maki explained that the bright spots appear in single images taken by the Navigation Camera...

UFO Depiction
Video - UFO Moves Through California Trees

04-10-14 - Originally published on Mar 28, 2014 by UFO2014 - (Editor's Note: Here is a recent video with little information, except that it was filmed in California evidently in March, 2014. It shows a dark, disc-like object moving from right to left behind some trees. The video itself is not of the best quality, but the object can be seen very clearly. After the object clears the trees, it moves into an open area which gave the submitter a chance to edit in some close-up footage. We tried to clear up the footage some, and I believe it is good enough to give a view to, so see what you think.)

UFO Depiction
Flight MH370: What May Have Occurred, Conspiracy Theories...

04-10-14 - After Malaysia airline MH370 has gone missing, various conspiracy theories have surfaced. Let's take a look at these various theories. Aliens abducted MH370. The mysterious events, which led to loss of Malaysian Airline Boeing 777, have led to theories that aliens may have abducted the flight. According to a survey conducted by Reason.com, 5 percent of the Americans thought aliens took over the flight. People have also written in their blogs that there have been recent UFO sightings in Malaysia Sky, which was a proof for ET intervention. The Bermuda Triangle theory. This was another theory which wheeled out.

UFO Depiction
Unidentified Objects Seen in Jefferson, Maine Skies

04-10-14 - The time of my sighting began at approximately 14:15 on April 4, 2014. The location is Jefferson, Maine, about 20 miles east of Augusta. I am a frequent watcher of the sky, and as I gazed up at this time toward the north, I saw very high up (several miles) at maybe a 70 degree angle from ground level to directly overhead two white objects that caught my attention. They were drifting, rather than flying in a linear manner as any airplane would normally do. The motion seemed to be analogous to a hawk or eagle looking for prey far below, or perhaps a hang glider. However, these objects were apparently...

UFO Depiction
Another Month, Another Newps' UFO Swarm - Video

04-09-14 - As you know, Orange County has experienced a swarm of earthquakes since Friday night's 5.1 magnitude shaker in La Habra. But did you know the ground is not the only place where local swarmin' has been going on recently? Here is the latest description: "Filmed on March 18 thru March 26, 2014 from my deck in Newport Beach CA. The video covers 20+ UFO captures filmed during the day and night. We highlighted select clips with digital filters to enhance the images. The video features various kinds of Orbs, Rods, Cigar UFOs, a Morphing UFO, an Orb with Forcefield, and a large...

UFO Depiction
Object Seen by U.S. ARMY Personnel while on Porch in New Jersey

04-09-14 - We were celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and all of the people that were there are all military personnel from the ranks of Sgt. to general. After we finished dinner and talking for a while most of the people went outside for a smoke and we all spotted the object moving from the east to the west in a straight line. After that, it broke its flight path and moved to the 1 o'clock position very rapidly and we all saw the movement. I called the nearest Air Force Base here in NJ which is MCGUIRE to see if they had anything on radar.

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