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They Are Giving Us a Chance to Get to Know Them
Published: 10:53 AM 12/30/2013

By Diane Tessman

As 2014 dawns, I asked myself from the UFO occupants' points of view, “What is this all about?” Surprisingly, my answer came quickly, “We are giving you humans the chance to know us.”

I am using the plural of “occupants” and “points of view” because I firmly believe there are more than one ET race in our skies. I believe some are not extraterrestrial at all, but are rather from “time.” Our science fiction stories call them “human time travelers” but the real picture is more complicated than that!

However, when I asked UFO occupants, “What is this all about?” they ALL answered in unison, “We are giving you a chance to know us.”

It seems they do this in several different ways: Obviously, they fly over our heads in their many and varied craft. Some seem not to be craft at all but rather glowing, shimmering masses of plasma. I am not looking for scientific answers here, such as, “How can there be plasma life-forms and/or plasma craft?”

Rather, I am searching out their motivations, whoever and whatever they are. And so, yes, they certainly do fly over our heads –A LOT. I believe they are hoping that we notice that their craft do not fire on us – not once. They are hoping we notice they do not land in our backyards and take us hostage in our house.

They are hoping we notice that they do not land on the lawns of our political leaders and wipe them out. They must figure that we do realize they could wipe any and all of us out – just like that. And yet what do they do?

They fly overhead. “Get to know us in this way.” It is safe for us and safe for you.

Yes, they probably do other missions, too, soil samples or pollution readings or something, but every time, it seems the human observer is a part of the mission.

Another way they get to know us, is to somehow become connected to some of us. They do this in a myriad of ways. A man wrote me recently telling of his first sighting of a white orb playing cat and mouse with a jet over the White Sands installation. Since then over the years he has seen many UFOs and, he feels, managed to envision them showing up on at least one occasion – and they did.

Others of us don’t see that many UFOs after initial encounter or encounters, but we are hopelessly fascinated with UFOs and their occupants, and are sometimes used to pass their messages along. This would be me and many others. We also think for ourselves, incidentally.

However, when I pondered, “What is this all about?” I had no intention of writing an article. I was merely preoccupying myself as I cleaned up the kitchen. But, this answer came through so clearly and in unison from the combined voice of all those visiting us, "WE ARE GIVING YOU THE CHANCE TO KNOW US."

I dare say, every UFO researcher, every commenter on a UFO site, has encountered an ET energy which is saying, “Get to know us.” Or at least, “Get to know about us.”

The entanglement of human and ET minds began with the modern UFO Age in 1947. As soon as the flying saucers were spotted (the first way we can get to know them), so did the feelings of mental/spiritual connections with ETs (the second way we get to know them). Of course there is also simple human curiosity – the need to know.

I feel that ETs view curiosity as one of the most advanced qualities of humankind. Our insatiable curiosity indicates a high intelligence, and so it becomes impossible to discern sometimes whether it is our own curiosity or a “get to know you” ET message in our minds; both sources (us and them), make us march onward in our UFO research.

I recently ran into a commenter on Facebook who seems intent on forming a human defense battalion to save us from the ETs. This is perhaps one of the human traits which ETs find really difficult to deal with. They must reason that they fly our overhead on literally millions of missions over these many years, and not once did they fire on the human on the ground, gawking upward. So, a defense battalion?

The same commenter feels the ETs are not “quasi-angels” as some believe. Of course they are not quasi-angels. They are, however, something “completely different,” to quote Monty Python. And they are giving us the chance to know them! Certainly the thing to do is to get to know them back, as much as they will allow.

Are we primitives hiding in the bush with spears ready? Or are we advanced enough to meet others more intelligent than we are? We really do not know how much more intelligent they are: Perhaps they are 100 years more intelligent or perhaps they are 100 million years more intelligent. I suspect BOTH have and are flying around overhead clearly stating, “HERE IS THE CHANCE TO KNOW US.”

“Here is the chance for you humans to be viewed as a race who is ready to meet other advanced species. If you choose the hide in the bushes with your spears, well, we will keep flying overhead and ask you again and again.” If we do not answer their invitation, it is our loss, not theirs.

Our planet and our societies are in a lot of trouble these days. It is healthy and intelligent to look forward to new discoveries, not revert to our base instincts to burn and crucify who and what is different.

Forward into 2014 and Disclosure and then Contact! Let’s signal we are now ready to get to know them. I suspect they already know us better than we know them but, hey, there might be something they don’t know about us which would give them a learning experience too.



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