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Have The WikiLeaks Documents Exposed The Government Alien UFO Cover-Up?

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Published: 2:25 PM 12/22/2014

If Julian Assange really does have a spaceship in a hangar smoking gun, it could be his ultimate get out of jail free card.© Wikipedia

By: David Soffer

Leaked documents reveal extraterrestrial information.

Pretty much everyone knows what a ‘UFO’ is and we’ve all seen the countless videos out there and in the media. Whether it’s a shorter video showing orb-like aircraft with lights hovering, or whether it’s a longer video of ‘hovering coloured lights,’ there is a massive lack of certainty surrounding this subject.

There’s nothing new about this though. For decades, there have been both recorded and unrecorded sightings of UFOs and even of the extra-terrestrial beings who supposedly pilot them.

One of the biggest problems though, is filtering the nonsense and the attention seekers from those who are telling the truth and are genuine.

More recently though, it has become clear that in some of the released cables from WikiLeaks, which have caused much dispute and commotion the world over, there are some nuggets of information regarding UFOs and extra-terrestrial encounters.

However, there is very little if any information provided by these cables which could be described as sensational. But, the very presence of references to UFOs and the like, in what were until quite recently, confidential government documents surely adds just a little bit of credence to those arguing that we are closer than we think to the wider universe and its inhabitants.

There are a few interesting points to be found in this particular cable, courtesy of WikiLeaks. For example high ranking officials, such as the Chief Cabinet Secretary of the Japanese government was not happy that his government’s official statements regarding UFOs, flatly denied their existence.

Additionally, he is quoted as saying regarding his government’s UFO policies: “I am sure that unidentified flying objects exist, otherwise it is impossible to explain the Nazca Lines (In Peru), isn’t it?”

Speaking to Neon Nettle ex MoD Nick Pope said; "So far, the UFO-related material on WikiLeaks has been low-level diplomatic chatter, but if Julian Assange really does have a spaceship in a hangar smoking gun, it could be his ultimate get out of jail free card."

Any genuine document confirming an extraterrestrial presence would be the ultimate game-changer. It could bring down any government implicated in a cover-up, and would literally change the world." Looking at the subject logically, it is totally feasible that there could be sustainable life beyond our planet.

There are countless other planet systems, constellations and even galaxies that we have never even ventured close to. Whether you look at space and the universe from a purely scientific viewpoint or a religious one, it is very hard to deny that life beyond planet Earth is more than likely.

The Bible, in its opening verse talks about the “…creation of Heaven and Earth” and it isn’t totally clear what exactly ‘heaven’ refers to in its entirety.

Additionally, from a scientific view, we have for thousands of years been fascinated by the sun, moon, stars and other planets out there and we have gazed upon them time and time again.

We’ve been to the moon and back more than once and we have sent missions (not human yet) to Mars. We are justifiably amazed by space and what it may hold.Every few months there are sensationalised stories about people who claim to have met ‘aliens’ or even have been abducted by them and experimented upon.

Recently here in the UK there was Samantha McDonald, who claimed to have been repeatedly abducted by aliens. However, like most that make falsified such claims, she says she can't remember anything about the supposed encounters.

There are whistle-blowers who have told us that governments themselves believe strongly in UFOs and extra-terrestrials. © Wikipedia

UFO DepictionIt’s a huge shame because if there were fewer attention grabbers out there, vying for a story in the press about how they claim to have been abducted and probed by aliens, we would be more inclined to look into such claims when they do arise. Whether admitted or not, most governments in the world have some form of department whose job it is to look into and examine claims of UFO sightings and extra-terrestrial contacts.

And then there’s the greatly contested point of whether the extra-terrestrials that are supposedly out there are what are known as ‘reptilians’ or whether they are the rarely tall ‘greys’ which we all recognise from animations, drawings and movies. To be honest, either is as feasible as each other.

Why would it be crazy to say that out of the thousands of planets out there, there are others, as well as Earth, which harbour civilisations?There are other problems too that arise when looking a little deeper into this area. Most sightings seem to occur during the hours of darkness, which means that any footage recorded or captured, is typically unclear and obscured.

Also, sceptics of UFOs’ credibility do have a point when they bring up the argument that in this day and age; the 21st century, why has nobody captured compelling proof of even just a single UFO or extra-terrestrial being?

Most of us have smartphones with extremely powerful and impressively clear cameras. If you or I were to try and take a photo of an aeroplane or a helicopter, it wouldn’t be all that difficult. So why are pictures and videos of UFOs so damn unclear?

Just one crystal clear picture or video could blow the debate wide open and could really shed some important light on what is a wonderfully interesting topic. Space missions sent into our galaxy and to other planets, such as the recently docked Curiosity rover which has landed on Mars tend to find signs that life may well have been existent and sustainable on these planets once upon a time.

For example, a meteorite named Tissint, which landed in the Moroccan desert in 2011, contained a carbon chemical compound which is consistent with harbouring life.

It also showed chemical evidence that it may have held water at one point in time or another.

Also found on Mars more recently by NASA’s rover, was the chemical compound Methane, which is a tell-tale sign of the existence of microbes, another form of life.

There are whistle-blowers who have told us that governments themselves believe strongly in UFOs and extra-terrestrials. That if nothing else then should be a small piece of comfort in a very complicated subject.

Whether or not you are a fan of the government of the country in which you live, at least they seem to be taking the matter of UFOs and extra-terrestrial life a bit more seriously than in times gone by.

The only problem is that while there are those out there who are genuinely trying to uncover the truth and something new on this subject, there are also abundances of the other type of enthusiast; you know the type.

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