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Encountering Hive Minds

By Diane Tessman

Published: 2:08 PM 10/28/2014

We humans share collective consciousness, we are not parrots...

Do UFO occupants “read” our collective human consciousness instead of reading our individual minds when trying to establish contact with us? Are ETs individual minds or do they function as one unit – a hive mind?

Examining their behavior over the years, we know they are highly intelligent as we glimpse the technology of their craft. Yet, when it comes to interaction with humans, they seem so near and yet so far from establishing a link with which we can feel at ease, have little fear, and to which we can respond.

Could their basic form of existence be the problem? Yet, all the while they would be as much a part of nature’s paradigm for life as we are. I do not think all ET races are hive minds but I feel it possible several species visiting Earth are indeed many units (many cells) of ONE Intelligence and ONE life form.

If you were to attempt to communicate with one cell of a hive mind, you likely would not hit “pay dirt” which most of us rely on to relate to other humans. We humans share collective consciousness, we are not parrots, we are not lions, we are humans. Yet, when we try to communicate with another human, we rely on “hitting pay dirt” with that individual. If we hit it, we relate to him.

If we do not, then he will likely not ever be a friend despite collective consciousness. Perhaps abductees feel such mindless, primal fear around some races of ETs because there is the presence of one superior mind which dwells within each ET cell – each individual little grey being. Maybe medical exams become nightmares as several “cells” of this overwhelmingly huge and alien mind do the exam.

ETs with hive minds must know we vary dramatically as individuals – something they are not used to; while some of us would accept them peacefully, other humans would form militias and kill them. ETs may well ask themselves, “How do we relate to different humans” They are chaotic, irrational, emotional, and unpredictable – all in a slightly different way! Some have IQs of 70 while others have IQs of 170!”

Extraterrestrials who travel to many different planets or who travel through time, probably study the collective consciousness of a planet’s dominant species. This would be a starting point and a major part of the exploration. Otherwise, how can explorers have any idea who or what is down there? What kind of beings inhabit this planet which is about to be explored?

And so, the hive mind (probably all with the same IQ), from let’s say, Proxima Centauri arrives in Earth skies. Many living components have worked as ONE in order to travel through the dangers of space/time. It (the hive mind) has used its astounding advanced technology to arrive here. It is ready to explore as one multi-component being which scratches its head over the individualistic humans below.

Graphic Picture: Proxima Centauri

Meanwhile, we humans do not really think about our collective consciousness unless we are reading an essay about Karl Jung or Jacques Vallee. Some people do not realize our collective consciousness as a species even exists.

However, we do have a weak hive mind called “collective consciousness” – it simply has not evolved in the direction of a strong hive mind. Apes are tribal and communal, but are not a mass mind.

On Earth, bees and ants function through their overwhelming collective consciousness which is indeed the mass mind or hive mind; the individual bee or ant’s thoughts and behavior seem to be non-existent.

This form of consciousness is as much a part of nature as our individual minds are. Birds, like starlings, geese, and swallows, have a hive mind when flying as a unit and migrating; theirs is a mix of individual and mass mind.

All migratory birds seem to have a strong collective link as they make their incredible journeys as one unit.

Other birds such as cardinals and blue jays, which do not migrate, seem to be more outstanding individuals, not as linked into the collective whole of the species.

So, let’s say a human has just been caught like a fish on a hook in the Proxima Mind’s catch and release program to get to know Homo sapiens. The policy is to throw-back the human, no kill, no hurt, except for the trauma of the human’s medical exam and fear.

This freaked out individual human is something Proxima Mind cannot understand or predict unless Proxima Mind does a lot of surveillance beforehand of the individual. And do they feel they are wrong to catch and release, even if the individual human freaks out? Probably not.

Graphic However, hive mind ETs like Proxima Mind, do know (by now) something about items understood by the collective human consciousness; they have studied it well.

And so, they have a general idea how to act, how to be rather like a doctor’s office, how to give a brief tour of part of the ship, how to assure some of their “catches” that the universe is out there and that they come in peace.

Their humanoid form is presented to the abductee but we do not know if Proxima Mind is humanoid at all.

And so, in an encounter, we have some combination of the following:

1) The individual human mind
2) The collective human consciousness within the individual, with which ETs try to interact
3) The individual ET mind – if each ET has an individual beinghood.
4) The collective ET mind and if this particular ET species is a hive mind, we have One Big Mind with no individuals but only cells of the Big Mind.

It seems the UFO field retreads the same old material over and over. Perhaps if we could get our minds in gear and move forward on our own preparation for meeting galactic life, hive and individual ET minds alike might be willing to meet us. “Hello, Proxima Mind, how are YOU today? Don’t you find my Planet Earth very beautiful too?”

And we are very anxious to meet them, aren’t we?! Whether they are a mass mind or individual minds, we want to ask them where they are from (or have they always been here)?

We want to ask how their trip was; I suspect they take big risks as they grapple with worm holes, space warp, high radiation, and other features of space/time travel.

We want to know if the Hive’s Queen Mother back home on Proxima Centauri hatched them or if they were born to an individual mother or if they were created in another way – or what! It seems we all have much to learn, human and ET alike, individual mind and mass mind. Let us begin.

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