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Human No More? Or, More Human Than Ever?

Published: 4:20 PM 5/13/2014

By Diane Tessman

What will the human race be in 50 years? Will we have artificial enhancements which change the very basis of what it means to be human? Will it be a good or bad thing if the definition of “human” is irrevocably changed? Will we finally see the end to the folly and tragedy of war? Will we perceive with logic and love that our planet needs to be cherished and nurtured, not plundered with mindless greed?

Or, in negative terms, will we lose our human soul? Will we lose the community and family closeness which is already damaged by social networking and other technological inventions?

I am not offering the answers to any of these questions but I do offer a look into the origin of some UFO occupants. I base my conclusions on the scientific innovations featured in this article.

So, is it time we evolve not only on nature's terms but also on our own terms because of our new, advanced scientific discoveries? If you think the battle between the God-folk and the Evolution-folk is at a fever-pitch now, wait until two artificial DNA letters, X and Y, are added to our DNA helix! Every life-form on Earth since life began, has a DNA code written in four letters, G,T, C, and A. These are the molecules which pair up within the DNA helix.

G-C pair up and T-A pair up. These base pairs are used to make genes. Genes are then used by cells as the templates for making of amino acids which then form proteins. These two pairs of DNA letters form the matrix or base for 20 amino acids which create the proteins of life itself. However, synthetic biologist Dr. Floyd Romesberg has just developed two artificial DNA letters and, a revolutionary event transpired: The artificial DNA letters X-Y paired up!

So now we have 172 amino acids, the building blocks of life, instead of 20. We stand on a scientific threshold of the like never seen before!


In our future, the definition for “Nature:” Nature - A semi-synthetic organism with an expanded genetic alphabet.

"Most people thought this wasn't possible," said biochemist Steven Benner at the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution in Gainesville, Florida. Many scientists assumed that a normal cell would ignore any imitation DNA. Dr. Romesberg has gone inside a cell and gotten it to work with synthetic DNA and that is a shock," said Dr. Benner.

“Shock” is a vast understatement! This accomplishment is an incredible innovation (or threat, depends on your opinion), to our evolution as a species. This is huge! Many call this the God Code.

Higgs boson is the God Particle (God Field, as it turns out) and this is the God Code according to informed scientists! In recent years and with rapidly developing expertise, scientists have been playing with the natural information-storage system that is found inside every cell. Normal DNA is routinely spliced to alter plants, bacteria and animals.

They have used its super-miniature storage to encode books and popular music. They even have programmed DNA to perform computer calculations. However, synthetic biology is the hot new field; scientists are hoping to create and perfect genetic codes with up to twelve characters. This leaves previous strange biological accomplishments in the dust.

Dr. Romesberg is planning to use his expanded genetic alphabet to create designer proteins. The newly expanded genetic alphabet should yield a vast array of diverse proteins with a mind-boggling variety of new chemical functions, such as medicines better able to survive in the body and protein-based materials that assemble themselves. Romesberg says explorations into that new world of proteins are already under way.

This new science can help other life-forms as well as humans. It could help save the planet from what is currently a downward spiral with compromised immune systems in many Earth creatures.


Where will synthetic biology be in 50 years? How about 100 years? Will we create humans who have partially synthetic DNA? Will they look like the “golden humans” whom Travis Walton encountered? I will add here that I also encountered them. Here are two illustrations based on Walton’s description, and they generally agree with my memory also.

Graphic The real impact of what synthetic DNA will do to the human race – how it will change us for good or ill – is not in physical appearance. The physical aspect is only an extension of the concept of designer babies. Do you want a baby with amber translucent eyes instead of plain old green eyes? No problem with six or even twelve DNA letters instead of our natural four letters.

I can only say that the beings both Travis Walton and I encountered were peaceful, intelligent people. However, I do not claim to know all the intricate behavior patterns of Future Humans. I only know that I have always described the being I met as “somehow enhanced but human.”

Being a stronger organism might help us survive the perils of space and/or time travel. Enhancing our intelligence would also help us develop the technology in less number of years to travel the stars or travel time itself. I wonder why the possibility that at least some UFO occupants are humans who have escaped the bonds of time, is a theory which is not often considered. It is scoffed at more than the ET theory. To me, it is more logical than the ET theory and a lot of evidence points in the human direction.

Graphic I have written several essays on why I feel humans of the future account for many of the occupants in UFOs. When I say, “future,” that is inaccurate because once we escape the bonds of time, we are not “of” any one moment in time. Therefore, it is probably more accurate to think of them as “The Other Humans.” After all, time is the 4th dimension and so these are dimensional travelers, too.

In this article, I am highlighting two scientific revolutions which will forever change the human race. The first is the development of two synthetic DNA letters. The second revolution is referred to as the Singularity, created when humans and computers become one. These two revolutions are not pie in the sky, they are not science speculation, and they are unfolding as we speak.

So, you say that humans will realize we are ethically bound not to link up with computers?

You feel humans will be wise enough not to introduce two synthetic letters into our natural DNA helix to see what kind of human it will create?

Did we stop at splitting the atom? Has the human race ever stopped at any point on the road to a new discovery or do we always take it to the extreme?

Maybe this is a good thing in some cases. I am one who feels the human race needs an upgrade if we are to survive, and I believe we are ready for a revolutionary step or two in evolution. Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve problems at the level which created them.” However, the implications are enormous.

Looking at the Singularity concept:

The Singularity University is composed of members who wait with techno-utopian bravado, for the coming of the Singularity — a time several decades from now, when superior intelligence will overcome. Life itself will be altered in dynamic ways which we can’t even comprehend in our current limited state.

Indeed, Time magazine predicted that humans will begin to receive computer chips in 2045 which will create the “haves” with linkage and the “have nots” without computer linkage. The “haves” will charge forward into space exploration and quantum revelations which involve manipulating time itself.

Humanity’s greatest challenges will be met and crushed by the “haves.” With the Singularity, human beings and machines will effortlessly merge, destroying diseases, the ravages of old age, and even death itself. A Golden Age of Enhanced Humanity will have begun, and the galaxy will await our arrival and sing our praises.

Some of Silicon Valley’s smartest and wealthiest people have embraced the Singularity. They believe that technology is the only way to solve the world’s myriad of crises and ills while also allowing people to seize control of the natural evolutionary process.


The doors to great knowledge regarding nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, self-sustaining energy, biotechnology, robotics and quantum computing – swing wide open for humans who are one with computer intelligence.

“We will transcend all of the limitations of our biology,” says Raymond Kurzweil, the inventor and businessman who is the Singularity’s longtime visionary and spokesperson. He states that he intends to live for hundreds of years and resurrect the dead, including his own father. “That is what it means to be human — to extend who we are.”

Is this the true definition of human: To always reach beyond?

Of course there are drawbacks and possible horrific scenarios which can be imagined in the Singularity too. Half of the science fiction books written are about the nightmare of computer and human linkage. What of the “have nots” – perhaps people too financially poor to get themselves hooked up? Or perhaps people who object to computer linkage on a moral, spiritual, religious, or ethical basis. “The Singularity is not the great vision for society,” says Andrew Orlowski, a British journalist who has written extensively on techno-elitism. “It is rich people building a lifeboat and getting off the ship.”

This might well be. 2045 is 31 years away. Huge adjustments and vast inequalities will no doubt happen in the early stages of the Singularity. Since we are basically concerned with UFO occupants in this article, let’s think in terms of 100 or 150 years ahead. We can only hope that by this time, the inequalities and nightmares of computer linkage have been solved. Probably all humans will be linked to computers eventually.



I am not saying the Singularity is an unqualified good thing!

However, since it seems very likely to happen, are Future Humans (The Other-Humans) not only enhanced in DNA but also enhanced by computer linkage?

We who have met these “golden humans,” sense they are of human origin but that they have an enhanced persona. We have been told, “We are you.” “We are from your future.” This may also be true of Tall Whites, Nordics, and fetus-type “ETs.”

I am not selling synthetic DNA or computer linkage here, I am asking, do these factors possibly explain some UFO occupants?

However, I admit that I am not as dead-set against either synthetic DNA or the Singularity prospects as I once was. My knee-jerk reaction (and probably yours, too), is that I am a natural human. Nothing is more cherished and I will not bow down before The Machine! Our world has been changed much faster by computers and the Internet than it was changed by electricity, telephones or television. I must face this. I also must face that I enjoy humankind’s innovations, as in – all of the above.

I realize that we left the natural world millennia ago. For whatever crazy reason, we are not like the other animals on this planet. We are what we are. Why do we not dream more of the future? Is it because we know climate change, political upheaval, solar flares, asteroids, and atomic bombs paint a dire future, if there is a future at all?

For all our many questions and hesitancies about them, the Future Humans up there flying around in anti-gravity vehicles, give me great hope – perhaps the greatest hope I can find these days. At least we made it!

Oh, I am sure six DNA letters still don’t make us perfect. I am sure that even with computer enhancement, there are still mysteries in the universe and beings more advanced than us. But I know who I met and I am thinking more kindly about future enhancements these days; thus I am also thinking kindly of the future itself.






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