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Who Is In Our Skies? We Are! By Diane Tessman
UFO Depiction
Published: 5:30 AM 4/14/2014

A few more days now until the John Burroughs, Jim Penniston, Nick Pope book of “Encounter in Rendlesham Forest” is available to all of us. Most of us are aware that the concept of human time travelers might be involved in the book since several of those who experienced "Rendlesham" have written on this before.

"Future humans" have been my personal theory for many years and in 1979, I wrote a featured article in the MUFON Journal explaining why I believe this. Underpinning my reasoning as to why this might be so, is indeed my personal experience as a child when I was taken aboard a craft and sat about 1.5 feet away from a human-like man who told me, "We are humans from your future."

I was four years old but a smart kid and I understood "from your future," kept it with me, and have researched it for many years. I always strive for logical arguments as to why time travelers are involved in the UFO phenomenon. I'd never just say, "Well, because he told me so. End of argument."

"Future" of course becomes a moot point because once we have time travel, we can go back to where-ever we want and in fact would one would become a human from "nowhere" and "everywhere." Or more accurately, we would be citizens of "no-when" and "every-when." Human time travelers are in a sense the ultimate practical argument because true ETs would have to have somehow traversed the incredible distances and barriers (like super-high radiation) in outer space, found Earth, chosen Earth, and decided to hang around Earth for probably millennia, or at least from, say, 1947.

There is that enticing idea with some evidence that "they" have been here since humans emerged on Earth (whoever "they" is), so if the visitors are true ETs, they must have had the ability to travel the vast distances in space for millions of years. This gives rise to the possibility that Earth is a colony, for better or worse, of ETs. There might well be truth in this.

UFO Depiction The human time traveler concept presents a more practical picture. Humans are all over Mother Earth in every layer of time which is laid down. First, the cave men layer is still right here, in the same exact spot - Planet Earth. To the cave men, it was the Eternal Now, just as it is to us today. We never are in the past, we never are in the future, and we only are in "the now."

So, the Eternal Now is a crowded place! The next layer which is laid down upon this infinite moment in time, is the layer of ancient times as humankind began to use our intelligence to expand, invent; always, curiosity and survival drove us on, and drives us on even today. Layer after layer is laid upon the same spot: Planet Earth, and by the same race of beings: Humans.

What if, with advanced (most likely) quantum technology, humans in the future find a way to drill down through those layers of time, never needing to travel the vast distances of space, and always with inherent passion and "ownership" of their Mother Earth. It is more than an interest; future humans with quantum equipment feel they have the right to Earth too. And they do! Visualize this one spot - Planet Earth - with all her layers of human civilization, all layered on top of each other. Space does not separate us, only the small matter of time.

Then one day, in maybe 2350 or 2900, we find the technology to transport/travel through to those other layers. "Time is simultaneous" and "All time happens at once" becomes absolute truth, not just the ranting of a genius. Do we of the future suddenly realize that we have done this every "time" before? Do we realize that we have seeded ourselves, perhaps endlessly, throughout time? This is one step farther still and I am not embracing this as any kind of fact.

UFO Depiction However, the concept that time travelers are visiting us is as valid a discussion as the concept that ETs are visiting us. Yet it seems to be dismissed with the usual "If you visit your grandfather, bad things will happen" boogeyman. To me, this is like saying, "If you sail over the edge, you will fall off Earth."

And I believe the powers that be worry most of all about this time traveler truth, and so they try to create an even bigger boogeyman. I figure the time travelers have dealt with all the "can't meet your grandfather" questions, have found some of these questions are silly, but have planned it out so that the valid paradoxes and problems are "handled adequately." To be frank, we in 2014 are not at the stage of having to worry about specific time traveling problems; we are at the stage of trying to figure out who the hell is in our skies. To me, the answer comes loud and clear, "We are!"

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