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Is That the Human Singularity Overhead?

by Diane Tessman

UFO Depiction
Published: 8:18 AM 11/7/2014

... travelers actually lose the chains of time entirely, so “future” might not be literal

We are told that by 2045, humankind will join in singularity with computer intelligence. Some estimates are later than 2045, others are a few years earlier.

However sooner or later, artificial intelligence will catch up with human intelligence; this moment when computers become consciousness is the Singularity. After that, artificial intelligence will continue to expand – faster than human intelligence.

This Moment of Singularity will be arguably the most important event in human history, which might be why it is usually capitalized. At this moment, humans will have their last chance to join with computer intelligence because after that – the computers will be running the show.

Truth be told, none of us can quite imagine what this joining will be like as we become both artificial and organic intelligence. Will the organic human aspect of us become quickly sublimated, even eliminated, by dazzling, mesmerizing computer intelligence? Today we see humans with heads buried in smart phones, text messaging, and laptops – could it be more extreme? Yes, it could, a lot more extreme.

Will computer chips, once inserted, simply offer us unfathomable mounds of information? Will our organic aspect fail to shine through with compassion, empathy, and caring? Will individuality be lost?

Or will the Singularity manage to stifle our bad emotions such as fear, hatred, and greed? No more war because we are one network, one voice, one entity! We will meet our enemy but he will be us - part of our mind - so will war be forever gone?

I cannot answer these concerns and questions. Many people are dead-set against the Singularity, sighting the sacredness and wonder of being human with our flaws, our laughter, and our raw emotion.

There are others of us, like Ray Kurzweil, who has for years seen the Singularity as the only answer to our many severe problems and crises. For one thing, we are destroying the world we live on through our greed, over-development, wars, and our malignant fear which always turns to hatred.

However, let’s jump beyond all these mind boggling questions and consider the UFO occupants up there in our skies. For over 30 years, I have been a proponent of the theory that some UFO occupants are Future Humans. I will capitalize “Future Humans” also, to express that they possibly represent a new species evolved one level beyond us; when we become cognizant of their presence in our time, it will be another huge event in human history.

Does the coming Singularity, which Time Magazine tells us is a foregone conclusion, support the concept that some UFOs in our skies are Future Humans? I hasten to add that once time travel is achieved, the travelers actually lose the chains of time entirely, so “future” might not be literal.

In fact, the concept that Future Humans will be joined into singularity with computer intelligence solves a number of problems regarding the source of UFO occupants.

In researching the Future Human/UFO theory, two problems are always presented:

Problem #1 has been that humans are a long way from being advanced enough – intelligent enough – to develop time travel. It might involve creating worm holes, or warping space or some quantum manipulation. After all, today we are still debating the basics of quantum mechanics: Is it string theory or loop quantum gravity?

Problem Solved: However, linked into computer intelligence which might well become quantum computer intelligence a few short years after 2045 because quantum computers are now on the way to reality, we can perceive that we humans just might figure out how to traverse time. It might be a matter of sending one’s mind into time rather than one’s body, or it might mean boarding a silver starship and warping so fast that the chronometer goes backward (yes, I am an Original Star Trek fan). Whatever the specifics, enhanced intelligence should open the time travel doors wide!

Problem #2: If traveling time, backward or forward, means doing it by warping space or other incredible means, then humans will not be able to stand the radiation, g-forces, and other hardships. In fact, humans might not be able to go to space much more than they already have, due to the high radiation factor. So those UFO occupants just cannot be Future Humans, so says the argument.

Problem Solved: The Singularity will make us immortal, in the words of Ray Kurzweil. Even if Mr. Kurzweil is optimistic, once linked with computer intelligence we will have beat senility; death itself will be a thing of the past. Our mind can be upgraded at any time, new updates added, a fresh chip inserted.

However, our hips will go bad; our heart will weaken, and so forth. But, we already replace hips with artificial joints, and soon enough, we will have artificial hearts to replace worn out organic hearts. Any organ will soon be replaceable. We will fast become a race of androids, part organic, part artificial, with the organic part fading as we become artificially immortal. And so, of course we will be able to live through the radiation and other rigors of space.

Future humans will be perhaps 500 times smarter and physically/mentally immortal. Alright, that is a bit optimistic, and do we really want to be 500 times smarter? But it gets the idea across.

There is a lot of evidence that some UFO occupants are Future Humans. For one thing, UFO occupants are obviously very interested in Earth and may well have been here for thousands of years. They have certainly been here since 1947, mostly observing, turning off and on a few nuclear missile codes, capturing a few humans in a “catch and release” program, and apparently taking water samples. They have never attacked us, one army to another. In fact, it seems more that they patrol our skies through some hidden agenda to protect Earth.

Future Humans would or should have control of Earth skies. Perhaps they keep less friendly ET races from taking us over? Who would be concerned about Earth herself – humans or ETs?

In 1952, the year of my first encounter aboard some kind of ship, with a man who said he was a Future Human, there was also a UFO landing five miles up the road from my farm where my encounter took place. A farmer was gathering hay when a saucer landed beside the creek; two dwarf-size humans got out and dipped a vessel into the creek, filled it, then walked back to their saucer and took off. This UFO landing was kept a secret for over 60 years because the farmer feared derision from townspeople. I found out about it through his elderly cousin after the farmer died.

Personal knowledge like this as well as over 30 years of research in the UFO field, has convinced me that some UFOs are manned by humans from some other time. How often do we say, “The UFO in this report is almost what our military might have today as an experimental plane but, come on, we don’t have anything like this – that can go this speed and perform these maneuvers, then disappear!”

UFO Depiction Might we have anti-gravity craft like this in 2084, which will be 39 years after the Singularity is initiated? What if we give ourselves 150 years after the Singularity is initiated? Where will we be then, having computer intelligence within us?

The knowledge and abilities of the most genius of geniuses will be in our heads. Sounds ridiculous? Look at the Internet and other computer abilities today with nearly all the world’s information available at the touch of your keyboard.

The idea of transhumanism is disliked by many people. Will we simply become a hive mind? Will there be no more individuality, and who will run this grand computer system? At first there will be elitist “haves” who can afford joining the Singularity, and have-nots – the financially unable.

There are so many unimaginable problems with this future of ours, it seems overwhelming. I am not denying this.

It might be the only future we have, however. And, those beings in unidentified flying objects might well be us.



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