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MUFON Case of the Month from Ontario, Canada
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Published: 11:00 AM 3/27/2014

MUFON Case #50042 - Kitchener, Ontario Canada - August 20, 2013

The following is what the witness originally reported to MUFON. He made his report one day after the incident. This case has been investigated by MUFON and found to be a true Unknown. Note that the object appears to have affected several witnessesí cell phones.

"August 20th, 2013, in the area of Old Carriage Drive and Homer Watson Blvd. in Kitchener Ontario. It was approximately 21:45, and I was driving home Northwest on Homer Watson Blvd. coming from Cambridge. After passing the traffic lights at Doon South Drive I noticed what looked like a very slow moving glowing orange/yellow light ahead of me passing over Homer Watson, coming from Old Carriage Drive. It was barely moving at all; really just a very slow drift.

Its position was roughly 30 to 35 feet above the utility poles and the object itself was also round/spherical and 30 feet in diameter. At first when I saw it I immediately thought it was a Chinese Lantern because of the soft glow and slow movement that you see in them, but I quickly realized the size of it and the shape was spherical. Also, it did not flicker as it would from a flame.

The glow was solid and did not pulsate or change at all. The object itself appeared to be solid with no features visible. I was in the left lane with a vehicle in front of me who quickly braked and I braked as well. The three vehicles in the lane to my right also braked and we all came to a stop on the road to observe this object.

I did not take note of the lanes on the other side to see if anyone had stopped as I was watching the object intensely. I exited my car, along with the person in front and the person in the car to my right. I took out my cell phone to get a video as did the person in the vehicle beside mine. I could not access the camera or any other function of my phone.

The person beside me said his phone was now dead and would not come back on, even though it was working just a moment before. We observed the object for another 30 to 45 seconds. In that time it came to a brief stop (5-6 seconds) over the wooded area that lies between Homer Watson and Mill Park Drive.

It just hung in the air, completely motionless; the treetops were illuminated very softly. Then the object resumed its very slow pace continuing in the same direction heading north. The objects movement was slow, deliberate and did not waver or indicate that it was affected by wind. It appeared to be controlled and very smooth in its motion.

The person in the vehicle ahead of mine said he wanted to leave and was going to call the police when he got home. The person beside me said he wanted to leave now and got into his car and left. We did not communicate during the event except to say that our phones were not functioning.

The traffic behind us had started to accumulate and cars were honking so I left and turned onto Old Carriage Drive. I turned my vehicle around to face the wooded area to see if I could still see the object but it was out of sight at this point. I called the police when I got home who said no one had reported any such thing and the dispatch operator didn't seem interested in my call.

I called the Breslau airport later that night and the person who took my call got the information from me and said that there were other calls about the same object but closer to the airport.

They wouldn't provide me any other information so I ended the call. I can't say with any certainty what I saw, but I'll sum up the characteristics below; - orange/yellow soft glowing light approx. 30 feet in diameter - very slow moving, able to stop briefly then resume its course, indicating it was a controlled object and not a natural phenomenon - completely silent - no blinking lights or any other signals to indicate it was an airplane or helicopter - was approximately 70 to 90 feet above the ground.

Thatís what I saw and Iím still puzzled today. I wasn't frightened by the event, but I did feel unsettled and still do today. It just left me feeling very strange."

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