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Do Aliens Really Patrol our Skies?

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Published: 2:04 PM 9/19/2014

I have learnt that it can be unwise to dismiss any explanation as too far-fetched prematurely.

ALIENS TO BLAME? down the years many aircraft have gone missing, never to be found.


Several years ago a reader sent me a story about the mysterious disappearance of a light aircraft over the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Whispers at the time suggested that the plane had been destroyed by “aliens” as a strange, blue light had been seen hovering near the aircraft shortly before it was last seen.

I’m not sure about the aliens, but I checked with the relevant officials on the islands and, sure enough, the plane really had disappeared.

My memory was jogged about this incident some time later when I stumbled across a report of a strange object that had been seen flying at terrific speed over Washington DC.

Two USAF F-15 fighters were scrambled to intercept this UFO – again, reported to be a blue light – but, in the words of one witness, ‘it left them for dust’.

Fortunately, this time, no planes went missing – but others have not been so lucky. In the 1970s a number of passenger transport planes mysteriously disappeared over South America.

Once again UFOs were suggested as the culprits, although some investigators proposed a far more conventional – but equally sinister – explanation.

Private aircraft are extremely useful pieces of kit for international drug cartels. Some official sources believed that the planes had been hijacked for trafficking purposes.

But not all disappearances can be explained away in this manner. A number of aircraft – like the one which vanished over the Turks and Caicos Islands – have sometimes disappeared, quite literally, out of the sky.

One famous incident involved a Chilean Air Force fighter which, according to witnesses on the ground, was seen to circle a stationary UFO hovering in the sky.

Suddenly the plane was dragged, as if by some invisible force, to the center of the UFO. Then it disappeared, followed seconds later by the UFO itself.

Allegedly neither the plane nor its pilot or were ever seen again, although on this occasion I was unable to verify the story.

Aircraft are like ships in one respect; they have a romantic ambience which lends itself to superstition and mystery.

In my archives of aircraft-related stories are newspaper cuttings with headlines such as ‘The Flight That Never Came Back’, ‘Mystery Deepens Over Lost Aircraft’ and ‘Pilot Goes Missing After UFO Mystery’.

Personally, I believe that the vast majority of aircraft disappearances have prosaic explanations which do not involve UFOs.

However, they may involve other types of paranormal phenomena which are equally as strange.

Could some missing aircraft – those which suddenly disappeared, as if plucked out of the sky – have unwittingly flown through a portal into another dimension, leaving their baffled pilots and passengers to inhabit a world far different from the one they left behind?

A physicist I spoke to recently said that changes in our understanding of how the universe works have made such an explanation, bizarre though it sounds, more – not less – likely.

It may seem fanciful, but over the years I have learnt that it can be unwise to dismiss any explanation as too far-fetched prematurely.

I do indeed believe in UFOs, although I am not of the opinion that they are spacecraft journeying here from other planets within or without our solar system, or that the strange creatures which pilot them are “alien life-forms” in the sense most researchers would understand the term.

I think the most likely explanation is that some of the missing aircraft were vaporized by an advanced form of weaponry, the existence of which has not yet been disclosed to the general public.

If this is indeed the case, I think such weapons will turn out to have a distinctly earthly origin as opposed to an extra-terrestrial one.

Who might be discharging such weapons, and why those specific aircraft were targeted, is another mystery in itself.

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