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Multiple Witnesses Spot Unidentified Object over Western States

Multiple Witnesses Spot Unknown Object in Western States
Published: 11:20 AM 9/13/2014

Bright Light Appears in Sky over Contra Costa County

See video at end of article with some of the photos and video of the object.

(Editor's Note: This object has received much speculation, and it may have a simple explanation. Some say this is part of the recent solar flare, some claim it is a meteorite that burned up in earth's atmosphere. Some say the object is of a more sinister nature; a UFO.

The reports below are only part of the mass amount of coverage this event is getting. Rest assured as more witnesses come forward, more info will be available to researchers.)

KTVU.com - CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, Calif. — Both KTVU and our affiliate station in Sacramento received multiple calls about a bright light streaming across the sky around 6 a.m.

Police at multiple stations in Contra Costa County tell KTVU they also received calls.

KTVU checked in with the Vandenberg Air Force Base and FAA who both said they aren't aware of what may have caused the bright light.

There's a strong solar storm scheduled to hit earth beginning Friday morning, and experts say the light could be tied to the storm.

At this point, additional details have not been released.

original source: http://www.ktvu.com/news/news/local/bright-light-appears-sky-over-contra-costa-county/nhLfc/

Mammoth Lakes, California - 09-08-14

My friend and I headed to Wild Willy's Hot Spring just outside Mammoth Lakes at 5:30 am before the sunrise.

Shortly after arriving, at about 5:45 am, he said he saw a strange shooting star to the west. I looked but did not see anything at that time.

About 10 to 15 minutes later, I saw a sphere or disc of light as bright as the moon appear about 20 degrees above the horizon to the West.

Although I first thought it was a searchlight of some aircraft, it was clearly too large to belong to any aircraft. There was no sound at all.

A trail formed to the left of the object, and it ascended and appeared to head directly toward us, increasing in size. It started to descend, having formed a noticeable arc, then the light started to dim, and disappeared altogether.

I grabbed my cell phone and shot two photos of it, the latter photo included the moon to the upper left of the object for comparison.

You can see the trail and it shows that the object arched upwards and then descended, bearing the trail above it as it came toward us.

source: www.mufon.com

Las Vegas, Nevada - 09-12-14

Woke up around 5:30 am, went to the kitchen, as I was walking back to my bedroom I noticed a round ball in the sky that looked similar to the moon, but it had rays of light beaming down from the object.

One of the rays blinked and that is what caught my attention. I thought it was a plane, but then noticed something unusual.

I ran to get my phone to record, but by the time I got back to the object, the light was slow ascending into the object while both light and object simultaneously disappeared.

source: www.mufon.com

San Jose, California - 09-12-14

Approximately 5:55 am: entire crew witnessed a bright light appearing near, but below the moon in the southwestern sky.

The light appeared at first to be aircraft landing lights as though shining through a fog, but remained somewhat stationary and the direction the light shine did not change much as an aircraft's landing lights would if it were turning.

The light originated from a bright point and fanned out. It reminded me of the spiral light above Norway a few years ago.

The bright original light separated from the fan-shaped tail and quickly faded out. The fan-shaped tail or cloud was still visible for a short time after the origin light had faded.

I've attached two digital photos, one by me and one by a co-worker who photographed it from a different location.

source: www.mufon.com

Warrenton, Oregon - 09-13-14

I was outside observing morning stars; looking north I observed what looked like an erratic star. Initially thought it might be a satellite but it moved in a very brief straight line, then abruptly shifted back.

Then in the blink of an eye had moved a good distance to the side. Appeared to split into two objects; lost sighting as it jumped to lower elevation behind tree line obstructing view.

source: www.mufon.com

Crow, Oregon - 09-12-14

We went out in the pasture at about 6:00 AM to walk the pups in the pre-dawn moon light before going to work.

Looked south to see a white, fan-shaped cloud emitting from an object that wasn't really very visible heading upward and to the west, then arcing and descending just a little and apparently fizzling out rather quickly.

The scene covered a small portion of the sky, but was striking and memorable. I was delighted to see that apparently it was visible in California and Nevada as reported by others earlier. I want to more about it.

source: www.mufon.com

Incline Village, Nevada - 09-12-14

My work partner and I were making rounds at 6 am in our truck; I was a passenger. I noticed a small red dot in the sky over Lake Tahoe to the south.

It was like a burning ember color rather than a light. It suddenly changed to a white comet shape, similar to the Hale Boppe comet a few years back.

By now my partner was watching it too. It changed once more, like a spotlight shining down into smoke.

Then while emitting a misty cloud around it, it became a large moon-like white shape shrouded by mist.

The mist thickened; the moon shape faded and seemed to move to the southwest, faded more and vanished, leaving the mist for a short time before it faded away.

source: www.mufon.com

Note: Here is info to clear up some misconceptions between heavenly bodies:

Although there can sometimes be a blurry line between categories the following definitions should help you understand the difference between comets and asteroids, why Halley’s Comet is not a meteorite and more.

Comet - A comet is a relatively small solar system body that orbits the Sun. When close enough to the Sun they display a visible coma (a fuzzy outline or atmosphere due to solar radiation) and sometimes a tail.

Asteroid - Asteroids are small solar system bodies that orbit the Sun. Made of rock and metal, they can also contain organic compounds. Asteroids are similar to comets but do not have a visible coma (fuzzy outline and tail) like comets do.

Meteoroid - A meteoroid is a small rock or particle of debris in our solar system. They range in size from dust to around 10 metres in diameter (larger objects are usually referred to as asteroids).

Meteor - A meteoroid that burns up as it passes through the Earth’s atmosphere is known as a meteor. If you’ve ever looked up at the sky at night and seen a streak of light or ‘shooting star’ what you are actually seeing is a meteor.

Meteorite - A meteoroid that survives falling through the Earth’s atmosphere and colliding with the Earth’s surface is known as a meteorite.

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