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Unusual UFO Sighting in Ontario, Canada
UFO Depiction
Published: 2:18 AM 5/26/2014

Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 05-24-14

I was on my rooftop patio, in the 11 o'clock hour. I came outside to cool off from a very heavy meal (I didn't want to catch the "it is" so early in the night). Lying down, the sky was clear and one of the "dipper" constellations was slightly to the north of me.

The first object I noticed, seemed like a very slow moving meteor to me. It moved from south to north, through the "scoop" portion of the "dipper."

It gained magnitude as it moved: from faint green, to intense, bright green; it was faster than a plane, slower than a satellite. Much, much slower than any meteor I've seen. Very high altitude.

I felt like it was just one of those once-in-a-lifetime, beautiful, natural anomalies. It had me supposing that friction could happen, at such a low speed.

I invited my lady outside to come see the lovely night sky.

Within 5 minutes the next object, had my full attention. Approximately 500 meters to the east, at approximately 300-500 feet altitude. travelling south to north. It appeared as 2 lights within 100 feet of each other, in formation.

The left light, was slightly ahead of the right. They moved rapidly; much faster than an F-18, a little slower than a satellite. Absolute silence. That is when we noticed there was no more air traffic overhead, just circling in the distance.

We are on a takeoff/ landing path east of Pearson International Airport (hereafter: PIA). I felt focused and alert, at this point. I felt kind of envious, towards whoever may be piloting (up there, free as a bird, pushing a vehicle I could only dream about). I pondered what type of propulsion it had. My girlfriend could corroborate the visual, however, had a different perception.

Within 5 minutes, a similar 2 lights flew directly overhead at the same 300-500 foot altitude. Same south to north trajectory, through the mid-point of the "dipper." There was the same silence. A little slower than the previous, yet still very fast. The right light was slightly ahead of the left.

As it passed under a small cloud, I could see that the lights were joined by a body. Could have been cylinder, could have been a rectangle. I felt inspired by my curiosity, at this point. My lady's observation and perception, were very similar to mine.

Within 30 seconds to a minute of that, a 2 engine (under wing) jetliner passed directly overhead. Same path as the previous object, however moving north to south. Normal jetliner speed. Under 1000 feet in altitude. I felt curious as to why that was the only plane in the sky. Why did it fly that low? Why did it take that trajectory?

Was that plane special; were the previous sightings a security escort? Again I felt envy for the flight crew: they had a better vantage point, therefore understanding of the situation.

At this point, I wanted to see more. I could feel the "show" wasn't over. It was still too quiet. I stood up and took a 360 eyeball.

Immediately, I saw a very bright light, to the south west. Yellow-orange, slowly pulsating in intensity. Far too bright, for jetliner high-beams on direct approach. Held position far too long, for a normal direct approach. I asked my girlfriend to keep an eye on it, while I retrieved binoculars.

Through a pair of 10 x 50 binoculars with a 5 degree field, I could make out that the light was cycling the colours of the spectrum. Not a linear cycle, but opposites on the colour wheel (i.e.: film correction colour wheel). It was hovering. I could not see a body/ frame, just lights. I estimate this light source to have been less than 1000 feet in altitude.

Possibly over south Mississauga or the north end of Lake Ontario. As one of the jetliners in the holding pattern in the distance approached that position: the light source faded, and travelled north. At this point, I had no emotions. I was in strict observation mode. My girlfriend was slightly more emotional, trying to rationalize what she saw.

Within 10 minutes, another similar light source appeared. Under 1000 feet in altitude. I would estimate the light source was over the west side of Mississauga, definitely east of the Niagara Escarptment (where planes were circling in the distance). Stationary position. Same colour cycling. Same fade as a plane approached. Same northern trajectory, on departure.

At this point, I assume that NORAD is cool with what's going on. They know there is a halt to takeoffs/ landings at PIA. They have multiple eyes on the situation. I assume flight crews in the distance are making observations (even if not reported).

Within another 5 minutes, I see what I assume to be a satellite. Travelling south to north, through the "dipper". Usual satellite speed & altitude. I felt very confident at this point. We now had known vehicles, to reference what we were observing. I was curious, if it was a "bird" positioned to record this event's data, or not.

Within another 5 minutes, another bright cycling light source appeared directly to the west of us. I would place this source directly over midtown Mississauga, south of PIA. Hovering. Same light cycle. Same intensity. Same fade behavior as a plane approached. Same departure direction. I asked my girlfriend to use her phone, to document the event.

She took several photos and a video. The images look like any other light source in the sky. At least they can corroborate time, colours and position. I felt satisfied at this point, that this event would not involve me, or progress any further. So, I went inside.

Within another 5 minutes, my girlfriend reported seeing another similar light source. I was only half interested. At this point, my thoughts were selfish. I'm a stereographer, and I didn't even have a Bloggie 3D at my disposal to document it. Now I know what my next purchase will be.

Overall my end feelings, were as of those in the beginning. Last night was just one of those beautiful little curveballs life throws at you.

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